What is the Best Time to Move to a New Rental Property in London


Finding a great and affordable new rental property in London is the dream of many veteran and soon-to-be tenants. 

While this will still be a challenge considering the high demand, in this article, we will offer a few tips to help you better plan and prepare for a rental hunt.

Things to consider before moving out

Before leaving your old rental or own home behind, there are a few things that you should consider to help you narrow down the best rental choice for you.

  1. Can you afford the move to a new property? And this does not come down to just the rent but also bills, tenancy deposit which is usually twice or thrice your rent, and overall cost of living in your target area. Pet fees and car fees can apply if you have any. 
  2. Ensure you have a job lined up, if your current one is not remote, to avoid stressing and rushing into one you don’t really want.
  3. Consider your property needs. Should it have a garage, a yard, or extra rooms? How many bedrooms do you need? Does it have enough parking spots? You can significantly cut costs if you get the right size for your needs.
  4. End-of-tenancy cleaning and moving planning are also important. They are very time-consuming and stressful, and it might be better to relay those to professional property maintenance services.
  5. Last but not least important – location. Even if you are driving, you should consider a place that will be close to your future job, school, or kindergarten if you have children. If you do not drive, ensure your new neighbourhood is connected well to the transport network. Additionally, checking neighbourhood crime rates could give you peace of mind.

Best times to move out and rent a new property

Depending on whether you want more property choices or a good bargain, different yearly timeslots offer you different rental solutions in London. 

January – April is a great period, where the rental market is just picking up after the letting season break. It has a decent amount of property choices and not that many soon-to-be tenants, as everybody is mostly settled in. Rental prices and competition are low, so you could easily get a great deal and place. 

Late October – December is the end of the season for letting properties. While options will be far fewer in this time slot, you will, without a doubt, be able to grab a fantastic offer since landlords prefer to let their properties at a lower price than letting them sit vacant. This is the period when you could strike rental gold in London.

Times to avoid

July, August and September are some of the worst months you could be looking for an affordable new property to rent in London. Property view queues can reach astounding numbers as families and students frantically look for home options before the school year starts. 

Due to the warm weather, it is also a much more welcoming period for life changes overall.

Additionally, the high demand during that time in London drives rental property prices through the roof. For that reason, it is much more likely that you will strike a deal that could have been much more cost-effective if it was signed during another time of the year.

Tips for moving out and moving in

Whenever you are moving out, you should:

  • Check move-out notice requirements in your contract and stick to them.
  • Check regularly at the end of the month for new rentals.
  • Ensure proper property repairs and maintenance at the end of your term to reduce the chance of disputes.

Whenever you are about to move in, you should:

  • Ask tons of questions about what you can or should not do.
  • Make sure to do thorough inventories.
  • Note property condition regularly.
  • Take all manner of photo and video evidence while settling in.
  • Raise concerns and report property problems as soon as you detect them.
  • Offer to help freshen up the place to cut yourself a better deal.

Before that you should consider…

Where to look

Word-of-mouth will be your best friend whenever you are looking for a new rental in London. 

A friend or a friend of theirs will make for a trusty informant for possible great rental properties that you can sweep. In the best case scenario, a person you know will be moving out, and you could settle into the rental they vacated.

Searching the local internet forums of the areas you are interested in can also land you a fantastic new rental.

The discussions there will alarm you of any landlords or agencies you should avoid and point you towards great ones that users have personally experienced and worked with.

They will also educate you on the shortcomings and advantages of a neighbourhood or even a property.

Best neighbourhoods

London features some amazing neighbourhoods, and below we’ll list just a few of them that will surely catch your eye, no matter your rental preferences.

  • Brixton is a safe neighbourhood with many educational options, great nightlife, shopping opportunities and greenery. Close to Central London. It has good transport connections and renting is very affordable.
  • Crystal Palace has a good number of tutoring options and stunning hilltop views. It also features lots of greenery, great residential areas, restaurants and pubs, a cinema, and excellent transport connections. Rentals are at a similar price to those in Brixton.
  • Greenwich is green and peaceful, has many recreational activities, and is located close to Central London. It boasts amazing transport connections too but is slightly more expensive than the other two entries thus far.
  • The City of London needs little introduction – amazing structures, lots of shopping and sightseeing, and fantastic access to the rest of the city. Renting there is relatively pricey, though.
  • Maida Vale is close to amazing greeneries like Regent’s Park and features greenery anywhere you look, including around its very own Little Venice. One of the most serene neighbourhoods this close to Central London and, surprisingly, not all that expensive.

Consider moving and cleaning services

The most important responsibility of a tenant is to leave the property in the condition it was when they moved in. With so much on your plate during your end-of-tenancy month, you will also have to haul your items and clean the property too.

One of the main causes for end-of-tenancy disputes arises over property maintenance. If you have never performed property repairs and maintenance, you should get this task off your hands.

Expert cleaners will thoroughly perform end of tenancy cleaning for you while also taking any responsibility for property damage during clean-up.

You could combine cleaning with a professional moving service that will pack your items with high-quality materials, organise them in advance and safely load and transport them to your new place without lifting a finger.


Planning ahead will allow you more time to get a great new rental in London and take care of the move-out cleaning so you can get a quick release on your security deposit.

If you don’t know how to do end-of-tenancy cleaning, do not hesitate to contact professional cleaning services to enjoy your new place!


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