Here Are Some Tips For You Before You Rent A Villa

Rent A Villa

The number one thing that most tenants do not do at the beginning and that they regret later is the fact that they do not take photos of the defects, however small they may be, of the rental property, before signing the lease and attach photos to it.

Almost always, and as if it were an unwritten ritual, a future tenant will walk through the property with the owner or property manager before signing the lease. If you are that future tenant who will know the property, take note of any matter that the landlord can take responsibility for when it is time to terminate the contract. There is always something and if you wait until the end it becomes a “he said; she said “as to the fact that it was like that when you rented it.

These are not necessarily things that you expect to be fixed. But you still need to take a picture of them to prove they didn’t happen while you were the tenant. Sometimes the owner will write them down in writing, but take a picture since the owner can say that it is much worse at the end than it was at the beginning and that is why you need a photo.

Attaching a copy of the photos to the lease agreement as part of it is a good way to “date” the photo for future reference.

Some other things you should consider could be:

1. Maintenance of green areas

2. Cost of public services

3. Pets

4. Parking lot

Maintenance of green areas

An advantage of renting a villa in Dubai is that you probably also have a garden. Keep in mind, however, that you may be responsible for the routine maintenance of the lawn and gardening. For example, you can be entrusted with the task of mowing the lawn, pruning the bushes and weeding the gardens or even the owner could accuse you of ruining the green area of the property.

Your contract must specify whether you or the owner is responsible for the maintenance of the garden, and for the costs of maintaining public green areas. The type of maintenance of green areas for which you are responsible may be based on the terms of your lease, as well as current laws.

Cost of public services

While the cost of renting an apartment may include some or all of the public services, home renters may have to establish specific guidelines for utility bills and how those expenses will be covered. It could be that the monthly rent includes the cable or the Internet, or no service at all. The costs of public services may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the home and the use of hot water or air conditioning. Review your lease to make sure you know if you or your landlord will pay the costs of the services and in what amount.


If you have a pet, you will want to make sure the villa for rent in Dubai provides enough space. If your dog is used to having a lot of space, consider whether an apartment will give you enough space to roam. Some apartments do not allow pets, and those that do may charge additional monthly fees or have restrictions based on size and race. A rented villa may have similar restrictions and rates, which may vary by owner. A villa can also offer more space for your pet and even a backyard to play with. Read your contract carefully before signing it to know the terms and conditions regarding pets.

Parking lot

You will also want to know if your possible rental offers space to park your car, how many vehicles you allow and the location of the places. For example, if you rent an apartment, you may have to park on the street or in a parking lot (maybe for an additional fee). Meanwhile, if you rent a single-family villa in the suburbs, it is likely that it will come with an entrance and even a private garage.

You can find a number of differences between renting a villa and renting apartments near Indianapolis, for example, you should consider the privacy that a rented villa can offer.

However it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a space to work, a warm villa, or a place to live, be sure to consider factors such as your overall budget, all hidden expenses, and maintenance of the property before deciding whether to rent a villa It makes sense to you.


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