Unique and Creative First Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas

It seems like you have been blessed with the most precious gift that life can offer someone.

As a parent you undoubtedly desire the best for your bundle of joy; from the cutest little shoes on the rack to the best baby care products and toys you can lay your hands upon. You are certainly not in a mood to make any compromises, are you?

Your priorities may change in favour of that cute rumbling lump of life. And when it comes to the first birthday of your beloved baby, you will most certainly be compelled to make that day a special one.

There are a lot of ways to theme up the blast for your bundle of joy with the help of first birthday party supplies, which guarantees a fun time for you, the baby and the guests who take the effort to make the day memorable for you. Let us consider a few ideas to mark that special day.

Baby Pirates:

Wouldn’t it be so fascinating to watch a cute little baby flaunting a beard as thick as badger fur, and brandishing a toy sword like one pulled out of a Disney movie? I personally find it very cute when kids try to imitate adults in a casual way.

You can call for a pirates theme. All the babies and kids dressed as little ferocious sailors.

You can arrange for beards and some costumes to attire your baby and other guest kids.

An eye patch would further increase the relevance to the theme as well as the baby’s cuteness quotient.

The cake can be customised to look like a pirate ship. You can dress up yourself as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ … Boy, I will so do that when it’s my turn to treat my baby on his or her first.

The Princess Party:

If it’s a baby girl you arranging this party for, you can go for a little princess themed party. All the kids can adorn prince and princess looks with all the cute, pink and frilly you can think of. There are perks for the parents too. You can dress up as king and queen of whichever mystical land you desire

There can be dishes with pink muffins snuggling delicious chocolate syrup all over. Kids love the visual appeal of their dessert. Try to go for bright coloured savouries with a tinge of sparkle wherever deemed fit.

There is a lot of room for experimentation as this theme has a tremendously wide range of ideas that can be implemented.

The cake is the centre of the party and it can be crafted to go perfectly with the theme. You can print a castle on a silhouette of a castle with all the glitter and glam. Even more enticing would be a 3-D castle of cake. You can also consider a princess bed for a cake, loaded with all the princess stuff like wands and whatnot, shaded with light baby colours and sparkle for some razzle-dazzle. The mother can also dress up as a fairy godmother with wings. Just if you’re excited enough.

The Chocolate Factory:

If your little Charlie is into chocolates as most of the other kids, you can convert your room living room into a chocolate factory. Forget the kids, I bet even you would be a lot into chocolates. Who isn’t?

This theme best goes with the traditional theme of the Happy Birthday Meme with some ribbons and balloons strewn around. You can have counters having different types of chocolates and flamboyant looking candies. The kids will go MAD.

 To step it up slightly, you can arrange for a chocolate fountain with circulating magnificently the most tasteful liquid that mankind can be credited for. I myself would find it hard to ignore the sight of that fountain as I helplessly feel pushed towards it by my vigorously tingling taste buds.

Now you can rent one for the occasion of course. There are many places you can easily find one.

You can arrange for a birthday gift basket delivery filled with gourmet treats and baked goods, or you can bake some yourself. Nothing better than a mouth-watering savoury for your kids filled with your warm sentiment of love. Either way, do not and I repeat, Do Not compromise on the chocolate. Your kid would hate that. Just kidding. But try to keep the chocolate quotient high.

You can also get the kids together to play some fun games. Throw in a couple of adults to make the dish even more joyful and engaging. You can even dress up as Willy Wonka if you can carry his wicked personality well with the kids.

With a pinch of creativity and a dash of imagination, you should definitely be able to come up with something pretty awesome and memorable for your darling’s first year in this world.


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