Essential Tips to Build Top Scoring E-Commerce Website


Tips to Build Top Scoring E-Commerce Website. You may have also experienced it many times as you click on a link from a search engine which you got through a custom search, landed on a website, but closes it just in a few seconds and browse for more. It may be due to the reason that the web page you landed on was not able to impress you with its content, relevance, or for any other reasons.

So, what makes a visitor held back on the web page which they reach to is the appearance of the site, user-friendliness, convenience to use, and relevance to the topic. Here, we will discuss a few handy tips every designer and site owner need to know while planning to build an e-commerce website. This is not an exhaustive list, but to give an overview of some key features which you shouldn’t miss out on.

Keep search easily accessible:

On any leading e-commerce Webdesign, say for example, you may find the most dominating thing on any given page is the search bar. They had done it with years of experience by knowing the behavior of a consumer coming online with an intention to buy. If a user hits an online store and unable to find exactly what they need or matching to their taste, they may switch away. The first thing, they seek for a search bar in which they can key in the product description as they know it and find the most relevant results. Having a search bar is not enough, you need to ensure that it works near perfect to get results.

Managing filter combinations:

When it comes to a sales website, the products listed may come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and standards. So, if you have a site that is simple and straightforward with appropriate filters, the customers may enjoy lingering around your site for long to find what they need. There are many filtering options and combinations available now, which you can learn from the big consumer product websites online.

In and out of stock:

The next big thing from an SEO point of view, as described by the LasVegasWebDesignCo experts, is to remove products if they are out of stock and add new items immediately once they are in stock. It may seem to be a welcoming idea to display tempting offers just for on search engines and then disappoint the users when they are on the site by showing out of stock and trying to grab their attention to other items. But, the modern-day consumers are also smart not to fall prey to this trap, and this may ultimately end up in higher bounce rates.

Ultimately, it is not the search engine crawlers that bring you money, but only real people. So, trying tricks for traffic may not help you in gaining real results in case of aiming at e-com website administration. To do it successfully, you can create a prominent section to notify the product availability, and if it is out of stock, you can show a tab as to ‘notify me when available”.


Not just in case of an e-com site, but probably there is no one owning a website not knowing the vital role images play in SEO and user admiration. From the UX point of view of e-com, it becomes more relevant. In essence, in online buying, people buy with their eyes, so it is vital to please their eyes with the product images online.

With this need, quality of the product photo, presentation, clarity, detail orientation everything becomes essential. The customers should fee that the product they are looking at is real. It is also essential not to limit yourself to a single picture, many of the websites now even add a 3D video review of the product to give a more realistic view to the buyers.

Easy navigation with breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs are one of the most featured and convenient navigation tools. It allows the web page visitors to navigate easily through the site while they land on it from the search engine results pages (SERPs) by simply two or three-step moves to understand the web page structure and categories. Breadcrumb tools also help reflect the path through which the users had just gone, which makes easy forward and backward switching possible.

A mega menu:

This is now seen on many leading portals. A mega menu is a big flyout menu with all the categories and subcategories listed, which will flow overlying the significant pages in the portal. We can see such a menu on portals like eBay which sells everything under the sun. The Megamenu allows easy navigation even if the catalog structure of your portal is complicated. Even if it is called a mega menu, if done efficiently, it doesn’t take up that much space to roll up. So, if your e-commerce site has various categories and subcategories, this is the ideal approach.

The above discussed is just a starting point when you think of building up a successful e-com site design. You can consult .net development company for your project. We will discuss more in-depth concepts in the forthcoming articles too.

Here, we will discuss a few handy tips every designer and site owner need to know while planning to build an e-commerce website. If you are planning on hiring someone to overhaul your site, read about how auto title loans might be able to help you foot the bill.


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