Viberate Redefines Music Biz with Data Access


In the dynamic world of the music industry, the significance of accessible and high-quality information cannot be overstated. Historically, the privilege of accessing top-tier data was confined to the industry’s major players. This landscape is undergoing a radical transformation, thanks to Viberate, a pioneering music data company. They’ve democratized access to advanced data analytics, offering their comprehensive professional suite at a remarkably affordable rate of $19.90 per month.


The value of this development cannot be understated for professionals navigating the music business. It paves the way for more informed and prompt decision-making. Whether it’s identifying emerging talent, managing artist rosters, crafting insightful reports, or evaluating the impact of music releases and tours, the availability of robust data is a game-changer. Big record labels have capitalized on this advantage for years. However, the steep costs associated with high-end data analytics have often been a barrier for many industry players. Viberate is altering this narrative by making advanced music analytics available to all, revolutionizing the industry with data-driven insights. “We’re making cutting-edge music stats accessible to every music industry professional,” asserts Viberate.


In a notable move, Viberate has significantly slashed the price of their professional music insights suite from $129 to just $19.90 per month. This suite is comprehensive, encompassing charts with A&R filters and stats for Spotify, along with TikTok and other channel-specific analytics for every artist.


Comprehensive Music and Social Channel Analytics

Viberate’s approach is holistic: “Our system encapsulates and scrutinizes the full scope of the music industry’s ecosystem – from performers and tunes to celebrations, mixes, and producers – all within one centralized platform. By transforming streaming and social data into actionable insights, we empower professionals to discover new talent, track their roster, plan promotional campaigns, or create business reports more efficiently.” The service tracks over one million artists, providing a unified examination of their statistics across music platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Shazam, Sound Cloud and Apple Music, as well as social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and also encompasses radio airplay. Among their most sought-after features are their in-depth Spotify statistics.


In-Depth Spotify statistics for Every Artist

For those seeking comprehensive stats for Spotify for artists, Viberate delivers. The platform provides in-depth monitoring of Spotify’s monthly listeners, followers, and stream counts, capturing both historical trends and real-time data. It highlights an artist’s top tracks and enables users to evaluate the performance of every song an artist has released on Spotify, all consolidated in a single location. Additionally, it keeps track of every playlist inclusion an artist secures, offering insights into the progression of playlisting and reach over time and pinpointing the tracks and playlists that wield the most significant influence.


Playlist Analyzer: A Deep Dive into 12M+ Spotify Playlists

Viberate’s playlist analyzer extends beyond mere artist-specific stats for Spotify. It features a comprehensive chart encompassing more than 12 million Spotify playlists, organized and ranked according to their popularity. Users can sort these playlists by the number of followers, recent growth, and the number of tracks featured. This tool is invaluable for identifying playlists that match an artist’s genre, aiding in the creation of a targeted shortlist that could potentially amplify the artist’s listenership. The chart can also be filtered by playlist type, including user-generated and editorial playlists, making it an indispensable tool for promoting music releases.


Tailored for Various Industry Profiles

Viberate emphasizes customization and quality: “We provide insights that are not only smart but also beautifully designed. We recognize that A&Rs, label managers, agents, and others use data in their own specific ways, so our platform is highly customizable to any use case.” In addition to their subscription plan, Viberate offers bespoke services such as custom dashboards, database matching, and API access, catering to the diverse needs of the music industry.


In summary, is reshaping the music industry by providing affordable, comprehensive, and customizable music stats. Their reduced pricing model and extensive features, including in-depth spotify statistics and a robust playlist analyzer, offer an unprecedented level of data accessibility to industry professionals. This democratization of data is not just a trend but a transformational shift in the music business, empowering professionals at all levels to make data-driven decisions.


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