How to Feel Better When You are Homesick ?

You are Homesick

Maybe you are entering university, going on a trip, or relocating without your family. After being away from home for a while, it is not unusual to miss home. Homesickness hits everyone in different ways, depending on the person. It is a normal feeling, and it’s something you can’t control. This is because you are moving into a new environment, and you are trying to get used to the changes. Although the feeling can’t be controlled, there are things you can do that can help you cope and feel better. These steps will be discussed in this article and should be followed by anyone feeling homesick.

Things to Do When You are Home Sick 

When feeling homesick, this is not the time to mope around and start feeling sad. Doing this only makes the whole situation worse because it amplifies the negative feelings. You need to take the necessary steps to curb that feeling.

Take a Memento with You 

Having an item that reminds you of home with you is a good way to feel better. You could take your favorite blanket, pillow, or whatever it is that will remind you of home. You could get a map poster of your street in your home and hang it on your wall as a memento to make you feel closer to home. Check out Mapiful’s city map website to discover more posters

Go Out and Meet New People 

When you feel homesick, you need to see some people. Meeting new people and making friends will help get your mind off the feeling, even if there is a physical reaction. It is a good way to distract yourself from how you are feeling. You could meet someone who shares your interest and create a bond with that person.

Relating with people is not just a way to get your mind off what’s troubling you, but it is also healthy for you and can help prevent things from escalating. This is not a time to stay away from other people. Meeting new, seeing friends or participating in community activities will help you people will help you distract yourself from your homesickness and gradually feel better.

Get Acquainted With the New Environment 

Although you may not feel like you need to move out to familiarize yourself with the new location, it is good for you to do so. Staying at home on your own will make you focus more on the negative feelings that come with being homesick. Going out and seeing new things will help you clear your mind and distract you from feeling bad, as you will be focusing on other things and other people.

Put yourself out there to do outdoor activities that will help distract you, keep you busy, and also keep you entertained. You could go see a movie, watch a game, and maybe even pick up a new hobby along the way. Getting out of your comfort zone will go a long way towards making you feel better. Getting to know your new environment helps you feel better and also see new places you can plan visits to.

Communicate Regularly With Your Family 

While trying to get over the feeling of being homesick, it is still important to keep a healthy relationship with the family at home. You should try to create a schedule to communicate with your family. But the communication should be kept moderate and healthy so you don’t feel like going back when you are not ready. This may prevent you from meeting new people, making new friends, or accomplishing your goal for traveling. Communication with loved ones at home is important because it will help you get over being homesick, but it should be regulated and combined with other things on order to maintain a good balance.

Always Keep Busy 

During this period, it is important to keep both your mind and body busy. Yes, you have acknowledged you are homesick, but you don’t need to succumb to it. You need to get up and choose something to do to keep your mind occupied and keep your body active. Keep your mind occupied with positive activities by indulging yourself in the activities that make you happy. Start reading a book of your favorite genre, or watch a movie and invite some friends over or start working out. Organize a party, go to one, have a few drinks, and mingle with people. Doing these things will help distract your mind from the sad feeling of being homesick.


In this article, you have seen different ways or steps to take when you are feeling homesick. It is important to remember that feeling homesick is natural but shouldn’t be dwelled on because that only makes you feel worse. If you follow the tips discussed above, you will feel better.

Taking a memento like a city map poster can help you feel better. Meeting new people with common interests, talking to those you left behind, keeping your yourself busy and learning more about your new environment are also great ways to overcome homesickness. Combine all the tips listed above for best result but don’t force things. With time, you will feel better.


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