How to Choose the Right Size Bar Refrigerator?

bar refrigerator

Cooling of drinks is necessary not only in the hot season. Bar refrigerator can keep those of your customers who prefer cold drinks all over the year. This necessary and valuable for your business equipment should be in every:

  • bar
  • shop
  • pool
  • dance floor

The selection of a refrigeration unit must be approached carefully. You can buy the unsuitable equipment due to an oversight:

  • if you have a small business and buy a large refrigerator: you will spend extra money on electricity overruns;
  • if there are a lot of drinks on sale, and the refrigerator you bought is insufficient in size: you will have to buy another one;
  • if you need a refrigerator for outdoors, and you bought it for indoor use: it will quickly work out its potential.

What Size Is a Normal Bar Fridge?

Regular universal bar refrigerator size to fit most of the tasks is from 24’’ for the smallest ones to 94’’ in width for the biggest. The depth of the refrigerator must also be taken into account. Consider the features of the space of your premises for its most effective placement. You can find both deep and shallow models.

How Do I Know What Size Bar Refrigerator to Buy?

To determine the size of your future bar refrigerator, do the following:

  • measure the time it takes to chill your drinks in a standard refrigerator
  • count how many chilled drinks are sold during this time

As a result, you require a refrigerator that will hold at least twice as many bottles. While you are selling the first batch, the second is cooling off at this time.

Find the right size and superior quality refrigerator for your business. In this case, your choice will be cost-effective. Your consumers will appreciate the quality of chilled drinks and will always prefer the services of your business!


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