Details to Include in a Business Postcard


From event invites to new product showcases, business postcards are a great way to engage with your audience. But which elements should you include? Postcards put your message directly in your target prospects’ hands. Getting noticed is the first step to an effective ad campaign, so make sure your postcard design is clear and compelling.


Business postcards are great for various marketing purposes, including promoting an upcoming sale, reminding customers about a product or service, or sending out thank-you notes to existing customers. But what makes a business postcard truly effective is its ability to convey an engaging message. It is important to choose eye-catching images for your postcard. These images should represent your brand and be relevant to the news on the postcard. Utilizing colors that will stand out and be pleasing to the eye is also crucial.

Use real photos or custom illustrations to add a personal touch to your business postcards. These will make the postcards more engaging and memorable to your audience. Postcard printing effectively reaches potential clients through direct mail, a useful tool for businesses. Business postcards can introduce new products, services, or promotions and remind customers about warranty periods for certain products or services. Postcards are also an effective way to promote special offers, sales, and discounts.


Business postcards are an important tool in any marketing strategy. They are a great way to communicate brand awareness, announce a sale, or invite customers to an event. However, they also serve a more personal purpose and provide an opportunity to engage with customers one-on-one. Your business postcard should have a clear and bold headline to grab attention as soon as they are received. The headline should tell the reader what you are offering and why they should respond. The rest of the postcard copy should support the headline and reinforce your offer. For example, if your business is a real estate agency, include a graphic showing the property’s value.

Postcards that include a call to action are a great way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. They should ask the recipient to visit your website, share on social media, or connect with you on other digital channels. They should also provide a contact number that they can use to contact you. It can be especially effective if your business is in the service industry.

Call to Action

If you’re planning to run a business postcard campaign, you should decide what kind of call to action you want to include. For example, you might want to encourage recipients to visit your website, take advantage of a limited-time offer, or join your mailing list. A clear, concise, and compelling call to action will increase the overall response rate of your postcard marketing campaign.

Remember that your customers skim through bills and marketing emails daily when designing your postcard. Use images to grab their attention and make your content more engaging. In addition, don’t overwhelm the postcard with too much text. Postcards are small, and too much information can be overwhelming.

You can also include a scannable QR code on your business postcards to make it easier for your target audience to contact you via social media. It can help your business stand out amongst other brands competing for customers’ attention on various platforms. In addition, you can even include your social media links on your website to boost your reach further.


A postcard can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness, generating leads, and driving online engagement. While great graphics and snazzy fonts are important to any business postcard design, the text ultimately commands your recipients to keep reading. The best postcard designs include a header that is visually set apart from the rest of the card and conveys the purpose of the message. The headline should instantly give what value your business brings to your recipient and inform them just enough to trigger further action.

A postcard’s copy is also incredibly important and acts as your salesperson, technical expert and spokesperson, all in print form. The document must be engaging and answer all of your recipient’s questions. To entice your recipient to read on, you’ll want to incorporate subheadings that lead into your text. It helps to establish a rhythm and encourages the viewer to move down your postcard. Choosing the right color scheme for your business postcard can also help draw in your audience. Bright colors are often effective at removing recipients and grabbing their attention.


Postcards are a great way to reach your target audience. They’re often personalized and can make people feel special, an important part of the customer journey. 80% of consumers say they have more positive feelings towards brands that personalize their marketing messages. The main text on your business postcard should command attention and inspire recipients to continue reading. It should also highlight a benefit that will draw the reader in. Some examples include offering a limited-time discount, creating suspense, asking a question, or expressing a need for the product.

Unlike brochures, catalogs, and other print media, business postcards can have a back, which is perfect for a call to action or more details about the offer. While the back of a business postcard is less prominent than the front, it should still be considered when creating your design. Incorporate your company logo, contact information, and any relevant benefits you want to emphasize in your copy.


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