How to Hire a Plumber in Orland Park, IL


Sooner or later, you will need to hire a plumber. After all, between pipe leakages and blocked sinks, you will find yourself in need of a professional plumber. There is so much you can fix on your own!

If you live in Orlando Park, IL, you are lucky! This is because the area is known for being home to excellent plumbing services. Among the various options, it can get quite challenging to select the right one.

Here is how you should go about hiring a plumber in Orlando Park, IL.

1. Conduct online research

A simple online search will provide you with a list of available Orland park plumbers. Not all of them are good enough to be considered. Generally, the services that organically come up on top positions in the search engine are better than those who don’t.

This is because Google ranks websites that are highly visited by people in top positions. However, don’t just use search engine ranking as your benchmark. Also, consider the services provided by the different companies and see which aligns best with the type of services you need.

2. Read reviews of other customers

No one can tell you better about the quality of a given plumbing service than the people who have actually invested in it. Before you decide to call a plumber from a given firm, begin by reading up online reviews. Here, don’t merely focus on testimonials and reviews on the plumbing service’s site.

Instead, consider independent third-party platforms. This is because the website of the company will be controlled by it. Hence, it is highly likely that they won’t allow negative reviews on your site.

Apart from online reviews from other customers, seek recommendations from your friends and family. They are least likely to misguide you. But, there are various limitations to this approach as well. A plumber can be excellent for one service but not for another.

So, unless your family member or friend had the exact same plumbing need, they might not be able to recommend the best plumber for your house!

Regardless of whether you seek help online or among your friends, make sure that the plumbing services you shortlist do not have a lot of negative reviews.

3. Dig deep to know about the plumber’s license and insurance

In every state of the US, licensing for businesses and professionals are controlled by the state itself. This is excellent news for residents looking to hire a plumber in Orland Park. This is because, in order to validate and confirm the plumber’s license, all you have to do is visit the licensing board of the state.

This will allow you to identify if the plumber you have shortlisted has a valid license or not. A professional who carries a license will also have insurance. This is a mandatory requirement of the state.

Still, it is best to ask the plumber proof of insurance. Also, it is a good idea to opt for plumbers that have a surety bond.

Let’s say that things don’t go to plan, and the plumber you hire does not do a good job at fixing whatever issue you hired him for. A surety bond will allow you to be reimbursed for the expense. If the plumber ended up exacerbating the problem, you would be liable to be paid for all the repair expenses.

So, it is a better idea to check whether the plumber is both bonded as well as insured.

4. Compare cost

Once you have shortlisted plumbers on the basis of recommendations, the services provided, and licenses they have, it is almost time to make a final decision.

This is where you should seek information about the total cost charged by the given services. However, don’t make the decision based on the quotes you receive online or via call. This is because a professional plumber would always want to assess the issue first hand before giving an estimate.

Once you have narrowed down your choices of plumbers to at most three plumbers, ask them for quotes. Ensure that the quotes cover both labor and parts costs.

Also, clarify whether or not the estimate they have given you is a fixed rate or an hourly rate. If it is an hourly rate, ask them upfront how long it takes to finish the task. The chances are that the more experienced the plumber is, the shorter the amount of time he will take, but the higher rate he will charge!

You are Ready!

After you have assessed each of the factors discussed above, you are likely to find at least one plumber that fits perfectly with your needs. Contact the professional and allow him to resolve your plumbing issues.

Make sure to leave reviews about your experience. This way, you will help other customers, just like people helped you!


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