Infinix or Q-Mobile – A Buying Guide


Q-mobile and Infinix, the two reputable brands in Pakistan, hold the stance of providing quality phones at reasonable prices. However, the dense variation in the market often confuses a majority of buyers. If you also are torn between the selection of either Q-mobile or Infinix, then look no further. Read along to unravel a comprehensive compilation of the two brands.

Body & Display

The Infinix is a Chinese brand that incorporates its futuristic approach and innovative technology into smartphones. The body and display of their smartphones get designed to ensure maximum user comfort. Usually, all Infinix smartphones from mid-range to high-end have a thinner, sleeker, and lightweight body. Recently, the Infinix S5 has the dimensions of 164 x 76 x 7.9mm and weight of 178g, which is sufficiently light.

Initially, the Infinix smartphones, such as Infinix Hot S, hosted a 5-5.5 inches screen. However, over time, the brand has upgraded its screen to ultra-wide display sizes ranging from 6 to 6.7-inches. The display resolution is relatively high, with a minimal of 720 x 1328 pixels. Hence, Infinix mobile phones display a detailed and vivid image. The latest release Infinix S5 has an ultra-wide 6.6-inches punch-hole display. Also, the 720 x 1600 resolution showcases a sharp and detailed image.

Comparatively, Q-mobile smartphones have a variety of body design and display. The thinner body of the latest smartphones, such as Q-mobile LT900, is a significant improvement over the previous models. However, the models are not as thin as the Infinix latest releases. As for the weight, then the Q-mobile competes with Infinix smartphones. The Q-s LT900  and  Infinix S5 have an equal weight of 178g.

Moreover, Q-mobile smartphones host a display range of 5-5.5inches. The maximum display presented by Q-mobile in its flagship phone Noir E8 is 6-inches. Also, the display resolution is relatively better, which showcases bright and sufficiently vivid images.

Concisely, Infinix wins over Q-mobile smartphones when it comes to body and display. The Infinix smartphones are more durable with an outstanding body. The display is visibly better than Q-mobile smartphones in terms of size, brightness, and vividness.

The Camera

Despite being younger than QMobile, Infinix has a much more advanced and enhanced vision when it comes to cameras. The Hong-Kong based company aspires to cater to social media, blogging, and most importantly, the Selfie needs of the youth. Thus all of the models manufactured by the company give a tough competition to QMobile’s sharp but low-megapixel cameras.

Most of Infinix’s mid-range phones beat the camera performance of QMobile’s flagship phone, namely Noir E8. The model comes with a 24 megapixel back camera and an 8-megapixel front camera that captures vivid and vibrant images. Both the cameras feature auto-focus, and the rear one can even record with a 4K Resolution and comes with Dual LED flash.

However, a recent release of Infinix, namely Zero 6 Pro, offers the double of Noir E8’s camera performance with 24 megapixels back and a 20-megapixel front camera at the same price. QMobile’s old model may offer a better video quality, but this latest model comes with a Quad-LED system, which gives impressive results with the right angle and skill. Even more, several Infinix models offer high-megapixel front cameras (as high as 32MP in Infinix S4).

All in all, if the camera is your concern, then Infinix is an absolute go-to option in comparison to Qmobile. Infinix will not only offer stable, vibrant, vivid, and high-megapixel cameras but also offers the latest camera tech, including dual and triple camera systems.

The System-Processor, OS, Battery Life

OS refers to the operating system of the smartphone. Considering the brands, both operate on Android, though the editions vary. When comparing Q-mobile’s latest smartphone (LT900) with Infinix’s latest smartphone (S5), one may be amazed to see the difference. While Infinix offers Android’s latest edition Pie, the Q-mobile offers Android 8.1 (Go edition) released in 2017. The functionality of Q-mobile, in OS terms, is far behind of Infinix. It means lesser updates and limited access to the latest applications.

Moreover, the processing of Q-mobile smartphones does not compete for that of Infinix. The Infinix latest smartphone (S5) comes with an Octa-core Helio P22 processor, which provides a swift work performance. In comparison, the latest Q-mobile LT900 comes with a quad-core processor, which is not as good. It may provide you sufficiently good processing but with many disruptions.

The flagship Q-mobile smartphone offers a battery life of up to 3520mAh, whereas the Infinix latest smartphone offers up to 4000mAh. Hence, the Infinix smartphones last longer than Q-mobile.

And the Award Goes To….

Perhaps, by now, you’re very well-aware of the name imprinted on our sheathed winner card. We may not even need to draw it out of its cover to reveal the obvious truth that our winner is none other than Infinix! The brand has not only won the hearts of our camera-loving audience but the masses too, who want an affordable phone with extra-fast processing to cope with the advancing world.


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