How to Choose Bedroom Lighting?

Choose Bedroom Lighting

To choose your Bedroom lighting seems to be the simplest, without any special features. It’s a place to sleep. But it seems so only at first glance. It can be used to create a comfortable and harmonious environment where you can easily relax and unwind. It is also necessary to take into account the stylistic solution of the room. Don’t forget about the size of the room and choose your bedroom lighting.

How to choose bedroom lighting to adequately emphasize the interior and fill the room with an atmosphere of comfort? When choosing to light for a bedroom, the scope for imagination is almost unlimited.

All types of lighting are used in this room: general, local, work, and decorative. The only thing to consider when choosing lamps: they must create a uniform, soft, diffuse light. At the same time, it is critical to pick up lamps not only according to the degree of intensity but also harmoniously combined with the furniture and color scheme of the bedroom. Otherwise, you can spoil your eyesight and leave a note of incompleteness in the interior. In the order to get an amazing lamp, you can visit the Room Service 360.

4 Rules to Correctly Place the Source of Lighting

  1. Protect yourself from direct light. A bright chandelier with an open shade, a floor lamp, a light that hits your eyes when you are lying in bed, and other mistakes will ruin the atmosphere in the bedroom. Therefore, we recommend models with closed matte shades and glare-free surfaces. The place of installation must be chosen so that its rays do not interfere when you are standing, sitting, or lying.
  2. Remember comfort and safety. Light sources must not obstruct movement. It is also important that the switches are conveniently located.
  3. Take care of autonomous lighting. If the bedroom has a desk, wardrobe, or spaces with other functions, the lamps in these areas should be independent of the main light. It will allow you to do business and not wake loved ones.
  4. Combine different models. Sources of general, local or decorative lighting have their advantages and disadvantages. Combine them to place your fixtures correctly and achieve the perfect light in your bedroom.

General Lighting for the Bedroom

The choice of a lamp for general overhead lighting in the bedroom depends on the taste of the owners and the design of the room. The most popular option is a graceful ceiling lamp or chandelier. A small ceiling lamp does not take up much space and looks impressive in a small bedroom, especially with a low ceiling. In a spacious bedroom, lighting designers allow the installation of a bulky chandelier, with a variety of crystal, glass, and other decorative elements.

A chandelier with crystal trimmings will look great in any bedroom. Crystal chandeliers are classics that will never go out of style.

A bedroom with a false ceiling can be fitted with halogen spotlights. They provide pleasant, uniform illumination and have movable fittings, with which the light can be directed to specific areas of the room. An excellent choice for a bedroom is ceiling lamps in the form of hemispheres or balls. A closed ceiling creates diffused light, which designs a feeling of warmth and comfort – exactly what is needed for the most intimate room of the house.

Local Lighting for the Bedroom

It is impossible to imagine a cozy bedroom without a lamp by the bed. Sometimes this kind of lighting is needed more than an overhead light. For those who like to read before bedtime, a table lamp that can be positioned on the bedside table is an excellent option. The design of such a light depends entirely on the interior of the bedroom.

It is crucial to consider that the light from the lamp illuminates the edge of the bed. Therefore, the luminaire should not be positioned too low. The touch desk lamp is friendly and convenient – by touching it, you can not only turn on the light but also quickly adjust its brightness without wasting time looking for the switch in the dark.

For those who cannot or do not like to sleep in the dark, a night lamp or night light is necessary. Modern designers offer many options for such lamps, different in shape and color so that in the daytime the night lamp will serve as a decoration for the bedroom.


Decorative Lighting for the Bedroom

Decorative lamps for the bedroom are designed to give originality to the interior and complement the design and style of the room. For example, an illuminated picture or a decorative fountain, built-in stained glass panel – diode lamps will add a zest to any interior solution. You can use decorative lighting in place of a night light.

Working Lighting in the Bedroom

In the bedroom, a person doesn’t rest only. Usually, there is a mirror in this room, near which you put yourself in order before leaving the house. If the apartment doesn’t have a dressing room or the hallway area doesn’t allow placing a closet in it, the owners store their clothes and dress in the bedroom too. For such places, it is necessary to have special functional lighting. Near the mirror, the lamps are placed symmetrically on both sides or above the mirror, but the light should not sharply illuminate the person’s face.

If the closet – compartment or wardrobe is not equipped with built-in lighting, they must also be illuminated. It is best to use swivel lights for this.

We hope you will use our tips with ease and a genuine joy to help you create optimal lighting for such a bedroom, in which you will plunge into a sweet dream at night and wake up effortlessly in the morning with a wonderful mood. By the way, you can easily find chandeliers that fit perfectly into the space of bedrooms on our website using a convenient filter.


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