What are the 2020 lead generation tips for estate agents?

lead generation tips for estate agents

While being an estate agent is quite lucrative, we can all agree that it is a somewhat competitive industry. Your ability to get new clients is what determines your success as an estate agent. If you don’t have clients, it doesn’t matter how good you are! In the earlier days, if you ask a real estate agent how they get new clients, the answer was usually cold calling or going door to door. Some might even put an advertisement in the newspapers. However, now times have changed, and real estate agents need to change their sales tactics accordingly. Putting it simply, marketing is everything. Lead generation is everything in this day and age because the only thing that sells is your market! Be it estate agents in South Kensington or estate agents in Oxford, here are some essential tips for lead generation of 2020 that every real estate agent needs to know!

It’s all about the videos

Research has shown that videos are a very effective way to increase consumer awareness and create engagement. Most real estate agents don’t bother with videos, or maybe they don’t realise the importance of videos. By creating videos, you will be able to sell yourself and your services as a real estate agent to millions of potential buyers and sellers within minutes. After all, you can present so much more information via a video instead of using a flyer or a poster to deliver the same message! Real estate agents, it’s time to get those video cameras out.

Social media advertisements to the rescue 

The best way to market yourself is thigh advertisements on social media. Be it Facebook or Instagram, or even Google advertisements, and you can use these platforms to sell your services. Create separate advertisements for potential buyers, potential sellers and real estate investors. Use these advertisements to target a certain demographic, a particular audience, an age group or even based on financial status to target the kind of buyers and sellers that you want to cater to. Put aside a monthly budget that you will use to promote these advertisements, and just wait for social media to work its magic!

Use the power of SEO

Write articles and blogs, using SEO keywords to attract specific audiences. For example, if you are trying to find potential sellers in a particular area, write an informative article about setting up a home for open houses to attract more buyers. Make sure to use SEO keywords in these articles so that your target audience reads your article. Potential sellers in the area will read this article to gain information, and this will lead to calls from these very sellers to hire you as a real estate agent.

Make the most of the live feature

When you’re at an open house or property viewing, go live on Instagram or Facebook. That way, people interested in purchasing a new property, or even those who are just thinking about it, will get a fair idea of the kind of properties you deal with. Just by going live, you can pique the interest of potential buyers and interested parties who might contact you about that very property or might solicit your services for other properties. However, your live video must be high quality, and with good lighting, otherwise, viewers may lose interest.

Have a call to action button

This is very important for your website as well as your social media pages. Once a potential client reaches your website or social media page, there must be a call to action button so that they can get in touch with you. The best call to action button is a ‘click to call’ button as most people would prefer to pick up the phone and have their queries answered as soon as possible instead of writing an email or message and then waiting for a reply.

Feature lots of testimonials

Testimonials are excellent reviews and word of mouth references that have a great reach among potential customers. When clients visit your website or social media page, they like to read testimonials and client feedback. By including testimonials on your website, you boost the client’s confidence to choose your services. By adding a reviews page to your website or features images with testimonials on your social media pages, you will be able to engage customers very quickly.

Content is king

The content you post on your website, your blog page, and your social media page must be educational, engaging, and enjoyable. A person who is reading your content must feel like they have learnt something; they must feel that this content was valuable. This shows that you are a very knowledgeable real estate agent. The better the content, the more customers you will be able to engage.


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