What is Putlocker and How To Access It?


What is Putlocker and How to access it? If explained in the simplest way putlockers is a website that indexes and hosts files of different movies and TV show episodes. It is basically a simple and handy website that can be used to stream movies and TV shows online. It has all the TV shows and movies you need to watch on the internet.

This site is originally based in the UK and it was created back in 2011 when the internet was gaining a lot of popularity among people. It gained popularity quickly and millions of users worldwide accessed it to watch their favorite content and videos. Mostly attracting millions of users because it offered thousands of free movies and TV shows to watch so the High court of the UK ordered it to be shut down effective immediately. It was on the list of 250 that received the most traffic worldwide and topped the charts of popularity.

What can you watch?

It has been stated that Putlockers new site offers a lot of offers for movie lovers and TV shows’ admirers but the real question is what they exactly have in store for us and to answer that you can just search Putlockers watch free on the internet and then see the magic. You can watch Game of thrones putlockers for free on their website and many of the other content like Thor Ragnarok putlockers on their site. It is a very useful platform for movie and TV show lovers and because it is offering its services for so it is just a cherry on the top for movie lovers. Putlockers movie as one of the most searched keywords on the internet for many years when the put lockers were active on the internet.

If you want to see the Avengers movies then you can find Black Panther putlockers on the internet search. You can find the most popular TV shows like game of thrones, Sherlock, Narcos, Money Heist, the western world, and a lot more putlockers movies and TV shows. Moreover, you can see your favorite genres being listed and you can then choose from your favorite genre and watch the favorite movies or TV shows’ episodes from your respective genre. This is the best feature of putlockers. Their wide variety of movies and TV shows is also loved by the users of this website. We strongly urge everyone to be vigilant while using putlockers because of the hoaxes and pirated hacking websites.

Is it Shutdown Permanently?

Unfortunately, Putlockers has been a great threat to the American Hollywood cinema because Putlockers movies are free and that proposes a major threat to major cinema industries who hate pirated content like putlockers watch free content. The put lockers sovereignty has been threatened by a lot of major cinema bosses. One of the main movie buffs including the Motion Picture Association has sued them in court and made various attempts to shut down their website.

The original putlockers has been shut down since the 2016 but you can still access it because there are almost 50 sites that are providing the putlockers new site functions through different proxies and mirrors. You can access it through using these proxies and mirrors available on the internet. The Internet is a very vast place and you can always find alternatives and different ways to do what you want to do.

How is it a threat?

There is not an issue with Putlockers Ch. It is indeed a very good website to watch TV shows and movies but for cinema geeks only. If we talk about the major movie industries you will see that most of the stuff they create by investing millions of dollars and time is available on putlockers to watch for free. This is the main issue here, the movie industries hate this and you can’t escape their wrath when it comes to the loss of millions of dollars invested. It is a piracy site and it has no license to stream all the content online and that too for free. Movie industries became vigilant and they decided to man up against them so they took Putlockers down because of this.

Shutdowns of Putlocker

It has been shut down by various movie associations quite a number of times. The main reason for its shutdown has always been it piracy. You can find a lot of other pirated websites but the one that has been affected the most by these threats and shutdowns is put lockers. Throughout the years, put lockers have been accused of copyright infringement and their users are also seemed guilty by the jury and many lawyers and legal professionals condemn the usage of these websites which don’t have any license to stream this content online.

The put lockers website is very determined and they keep coming back with new designs, hosting, and domains. They launch their pirated services again and again and they don’t stop. The MPAA has been very hard on them and has used many methods to keep them out of their business.

The main thing that keeps them coming back is the full support of millions of users worldwide who keep visiting their put lockers new website. It is almost impossible to keep them out of this operating system because they don’t care about being shut down by big fishes since they got the overwhelming support of millions of users worldwide.

Is it okay to use Put locker?

It is a bad idea to use putlocker without any Adblocker because the ad junkies will bombard you with hundreds of pop-ups and ads from all over the internet. These ads are not always malicious but sometimes they can be and it is very unsafe for your device to get infected by it. Because there are various hackers who will steal private information from your laptop and it will cause you a lot of distress if the information gets in the wrong hands. So be safe and vigilant while using putlocker new website.

Is it legal?

Most of the content posted on the put lockers are copyrighted and posted without permission. So using it can be a problem but it only depends on the area and country where you live. Most of the time, the person who uploads and manages the infringed data and content is held responsible by the law. In this case, the putlockers website managers will be responsible and it leaves you pretty much in the gray area.

You can use it but ethically and morally it will be considered very wrong because the moviemakers and producers have invested a lot of time. The money in their projects and watching it for free will cause them a lot of financial and moral loss. So be a good citizen and buy licensed movies and other media content online.

Is it legal in my Country?

If you live in the UK then it is illegal to access the putlocker because you can be held responsible for the breach of licensed content. You should check the high court rulings that were issued in the name of the put locker website. You can be sure about the legality of this website by just following a few steps:

  • Go to Google.com
  • Search Putlocker banned countries
  • Find your country in that list
  • If your country is not listed in the banned putlockers list then you can use putlocker without a worry in the world since no legal action can be taken with you.

Can a VPN hide my Identity?

If you are thinking about using VPN to protect your identity while you enjoy free movies and shows on put lockers then it is a very risky idea especially if your country has legally banned put lockers. It could land you in a number of problems so be sure when you access putlockers ch featured contents. First of all make sure that your VPN hides your identity properly because it can be quite a risk if it doesn’t. Always use a trustworthy and paid version of the VPN because free versions usually suck and are not suitable for doing important and sketchy stuff like accessing a piracy website.

Do I have to create an Account?

 There is no such thing as creating an account on put locker. All you have to is visit that site and enjoy the contents available on it. You can also find 25000+ movies with 25 genres available according to your movie taste on this site.

How to Use it?

You just have to follow mere and simple steps to access this website.

– Go to google and Search your favorite movie name with putlockers. For example, Wonder woman putlocker 2017

– You will get the desired results and the choose the proxy or mirror which you think it not a hoax

– You will get your favorite movie and watch it for free


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