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I think it’s safe to say that as a society we have hit a dip in high productivity. No matter how much we try, burnout and busy schedules can interfere with our levels of willingness to be constructive. However, there are a plethora of productivity apps in 2022 that concentrate on app user experience to help you regain some sense of gusto and replenish your productivity. 

This article will detail some of the best high-productivity apps in 2022, and enlighten you on the benefits of implementing them into your everyday routines. 


Forest is more than just a high-productivity app. It is an interactive user interface that provides the user with appreciation in the form of more than just digital rewards as most apps do. The reason why Forest is considered one of the best productivity apps in 2022 is that the points that you earn in-app can be used to plant real trees across the globe. 

So, as well as watching a virtual tree grow, the user is also given the satisfaction of knowing that their high productivity and dedication to their work have contributed to saving the planet. 

The app will lock the other functionalities of your phone until you press stop on the timer to encourage you to keep working for as long as possible. Although the weight of the life of a tree is in your hands, which can feel quite daunting, the rewards you could reap from this app are unmatched. 

Forest uses a CXM system to focus on customer engagement, satisfaction, and experience. This makes the app feel personal to you and not as though you’re just another user. This is otherwise known as Membership Engagement, a strategy proven by the number of users who continue to use an app because of membership benefits. Which in the case of Forest is planting trees. 

Habitica: Gamified Taskmanager

Habitica is one of the most unique productivity apps in 2022, as this app employs a virtual character collection system to encourage you to develop high productivity. This app is more fun than the others on this list, as it is completely mission-based and allows you to unlock features such as armour, pets, skills, and quests with every personal task you complete. You can create an avatar for yourself and essentially play an RPG while maintaining high productivity when it comes to your real-life tasks. 


This app relies more on gentle encouragement than exciting RPG-based task completion and guilt. Streaks is more effective for those who are generally self-motivated but would still appreciate a couple of reminders to get their tasks done. The simple app user experience is attributed to the minimalistic interface and the variety of tasks you can set yourself to complete. You can check your progress using line graphs that very effectively present your data so that you can track it easily. 


Every working person understands the frustration of trying to share documents with your coworkers, and it is not working. This is why Dropbox is such an invaluable asset to any business. Dropbox is one of the best productivity apps in 2022 due to the ease of the app user experience and the levels of high productivity that the app can encourage. Rather than spending excessive amounts of time sending documents to your colleagues and later trying to locate those files, upload them all to one easy-to-access space and watch the amount of time you waste dwindle. 


LogMeIn is the perfect high-productivity app for those who want to be able to control their Mac from wherever they are. Some of the best features of this app include simple file management, multiple-monitor support, and a whiteboard. The security of this app is top-notch and can allow you to log in and access your files without your Mac. 


A killer of high productivity is not being able to remember a password and losing all will because you’ve been interrupted. 1Password completely eradicates this scenario by syncing all the passwords on your device into the app and storing them all safely and securely. Passwords, software licences, and other sensitive data, can be stored in this app and are protected using a PBKDF2-protected master password. 


Teamwork is one of the best productivity apps available for businesses. It allows the user to pool high amounts of information into one place and provides instant access to all others in the user’s team. Rather than sifting through hundreds of folders to find the information you need or trying to get hold of your slow-replying coworkers, you can have all your files in one place. 


Mindmeister is a digital mind mapping tool that can help you to visualise data, plan projects, and brainstorm ideas. This high-productivity app has the functionality for both individual and collaborative use and allows each member of your team to access the mindmaps you create with no problems. The pre-set map themes can help you to save even more time, or you can customise your map and keep the format for future use. Additionally, all of your information will be stored in the cloud. 

We hope that you have learned of at least one more high-productivity app by reading this article, and that you find yourself more constructive each day with the help from them.



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