How Social Media Platforms Helps to Grow Your Business

Social Media

Social media platforms engage the audience better than websites do. Being a marketer, I have learned it through hit and trial that social media presence is essential for a brand to succeed.

While I operated from home, I helped to launch successful campaigns for various clients. I relied on Spectrum TV and Internet bundle to help me operate from home (bundling is an economical option).

Here are all how brands and companies can use the social media platform in their favor:

Driving Traffic to E-Commerce Store

Social media platforms can be a perfect place for e-commerce sites to drive traffic to their pages. It is indeed a very liked platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs. From paid Facebook advertising to engaging with the target audience, various social media platforms can help e-commerce sites gain success.

You should use Facebook’s targeted advertising feature to earn your business more customers. Thus more revenue. You can just imagine the market that you can tap by advertising on that platform.

However, the problem does not end with the 1.4 Billion people scrolling through their Facebook feeds every day. Your message or your brand’s name should appear before them. Unless this happens, those people won’t be able to turn into paying customers which is your ultimate goal. You have to up your marketing skills and convince them that they should buy from you. This can only happen through targeted marketing where you target the right people at the right time.

Resort to Videos

You should prefer video content over any other form of content on social media platforms if you want to engage your audience. This is human nature; they prefer videos more than they like text or any other form of content. You have to use this as an opportunity for yourself and promote your brand through videos.

Even the algorithms now suggest and prefer brands or pages that use videos. The algorithm will give preference to any page that uses video as the main source of communication with the audience. Businesses have already taken notice as around 77% of the businesses employ videos in their content.

There are sufficient of ways by which you can use videos to involve your customers or potential market. For example, you can consider sharing a behind the scenes video with your target audience that they can relish watching. Or you can consider documenting your company’s launch party for a particular product. You can go live in certain instances as well.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is the next big thing. It is already taking the marketing world by a storm. Prominent brands resort to influencers to promote their products. If influencers vouch for a product and tell their fans that this product is worthy of trying, the fans are quick to respond. People try products that their favorite influencers recommend. These influencers are not necessarily celebrities. They include bloggers, vloggers, and other social media sensations.

Therefore, partnering with influencers can prove to be very fruitful for your business and brand. Because you are resorting to someone who already has a huge followership. Imagine those fans spreading the word further. If your product is that good, the endorsement would prove to be a success as well.

Provide Value

Keep in mind that the customers or the target audience want something before they can make a move in your favor. You cannot ask the target audience to go and purchase your product when you are not offering them any value first. Consumers hate being ‘sold to.’ They love to go and buy products out of their own choice.

Keeping that in mind, you should first provide them with some value or promise something good to them. And that value should not come at a price. It is hard to digest but a large number of ads asking the people to take immediate action bombard their newsfeed every day. And it annoys them too. Therefore, your ad should not look like you are forcing something on your target audience.

You should also avoid making annoying calls to the target audience. Just because your business has access to affordable Spectrum phone packages or the like, you should not use it for sales marketing. People these days find it annoying. Stick to social media marketing and see how the magic works.


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