10 Websites Other Than Social Media to Upgrade Your Life

Social Media

We recognize how addictive social media can be. We unconsciously spend several hours on social media without even realizing. Undoubtedly, social media has been a great contributor to healthy economic and educational discussions, but it has been quite a waste of time as well. If we have to use social media for learning purposes, we have to keep a check on the time that we spend using it, which surely can be a bit hard.

We have a list of websites other than social media, which can upgrade your life without getting you into the trap of social media. Get your hands on a black leather jacket and cherish luxurious wear. Check out the following 10 websites to live a life full of knowledge while escaping the addictive trap of social media:


Coursera offers you Massive Open Online Courses – which means you have access to hundreds of courses with on-demand video tutorials, lectures, homework exercises, and discussion forums. You can gain knowledge and experience from the experienced instructors and lecturers. As the course ends, you will be rewarded with course certification. You can now help yourself to earn valuable knowledge through Coursera online. Other than regular courses, you can master a career skill by enrolling in the Specialization that Coursera has been offering. The group forums and online lectures will enthuse you and would make you invest your time in something valuable.


Udemy is one of the liveliest Online Learning Platform which offers Massive Open Online Courses, focusing on real-world skills. They have the focus of improving lives by providing learning and experiences to you online. The courses that Udemy offers range from photography to playing piano and even get certification in building an e-commerce site. Udemy offers hundreds of courses online, which may benefit you along with fulfilling your dream. The best instructors are hired by Udemy, who ensure to connect with their students online for a better learning experience.


The platform of Quora is built to share experience and spread knowledge online. You can indulge yourself in gaining knowledge from experts, amateur and even not so known people. Quora is more like a question-answer platform, where you may drop down your query and random people may answer them. The profiles of users are authentic and verified. You may learn and gain knowledge from someone’s experience.

Stack Overflow

This site is the most beneficial website for programmers around the globe. Whether it be the basics of programming or you want to expertise in programming, Stack Overflow has all that you need. The website is based on a question answers format, where you may submit a query that you have, and people will respond to your concern according to their knowledge. You can put any inquiry about computing problems and learn from others. You can ask any question about computing difficulties and learn from other people. Stack Overflow is full of knowledge, all you have to do is find the query that you have.


If you want to learn the way of doing things, Wikihow is where you must go. You can learn an organized manner of doing things, be it baking a cake or resizing text with Javascript and HTML – the site has several categories with hundreds of tutorials to help you do what you want to in a well-organized manner.


The mission that TED has been focusing on, is to spread ideas that are worth spreading. No matter your region or culture, you can expose yourself to the understanding of the world with the ideas that TED has to spread. The site provides videos with talks on several topics by certified experts, sharing their ideas, opinions, experiences, and visions. You may expose your mind to new learning by listening to these talks and develop perspectives and insights which have been hidden to you since always.


Duolingo is a platform that offers you the opportunity of learning new languages with minimal effort. You can learn Spanish, German, French, and English with an advanced syllabus to improvise your skills and have expertise in the language of your interest. The learning exposure to several languages is free of costs, which makes it more exciting and fun.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is an important platform for the photographers, whether you are a newbie or an experienced one, this site is beneficial for every one of you. You can grab onto the opportunity of connecting with other fellow photographers and embrace the connectivity of the community. The site offers multiple tutorials which may help you to improvise your photography skills, be it for a photography blog or a profession – this would be beneficial for you.


If you seeking any help related to finance, Investopedia is the site where you need to go. The site offers every bit of knowledge related to financial trends and even embraces your personal finance in good shape. Be it share markets, accounts, investments or anything related to financing, the site has several videos and tutorials which might end up being useful to you.


A human brain needs to be active and lively to function properly. Lumosity is the site that offers training programs to improve your mental facilities. Memory, analytical skills, thinking perspective or attention, Lumosity will be training your mind to stay active with fun activities and training programs that could sharpen your brain capabilities. The aim of Lumosity is to make your brain intelligent and clever and make it act fast. You can keep the record of your training procedure. Train your mind to be efficient and active, with fun activities and games and go-to wheel of fortune cheats answer for best games. 

Let your life be full of positivity. Get yourself freedom from the addictive trap of social media and embrace yourself with learning new experiences. Treasure the phase of gaining knowledge through useful websites rather than wasting your precious time scrolling down social media, judging people and being addicted to something useless.


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