The Secret to Creating Awe-Inspiring Instagram Story Posts

Instagram Story Posts

The Secret to Creating Awe-Inspiring Instagram Story Posts. Social media has made it easier for companies to connect with their customers. It has made marketing much easier, as compared to traditional methods.

However, an important milestone to consider during this journey is choosing the right social media platform to reach your target audience. It is here that Instagram comes out on the top.

With more than 25 million businesses using Instagram to reach out to potential customers and clients, it is no wonder the social media platform has gained a huge fan base. From beauty products to real estate, they’re all in the Instagram world now.

Instagram offers users what is known as the Instagram story template to share with others more authentically.

The story templates are premade layouts containing graphics, color, and sometimes, even animation.

However, those who have just joined the bandwagon might get a bit overwhelmed, as it is a bit challenging and time-consuming.

It is time we take a look at how you can design the best Instagram story templates without breaking a sweat.

But, wait! We have a great surprise for you. It will help you create super-awesome Instagram stories.

Super-Awesome Apps for Creating Out-Of-The-Box Instagram Story Posts

We have come up with the complete guide to help you create the most excellent Instagram stories without too much hassle.

Those who are not familiar with the different Instagram story template applications; it is time to pay a little bit of attention!

In a shorter version, these applications help make things a little better when searching for the most exceptional Instagram stories templates and posts.

Moreover, many major brands utilize Instagram story templates for creating aesthetically pleasing content. They add the brand experience to the story, along with brand fonts, color, and logo to help the consumer become familiar with it.

Now, check out these awesome apps, which help everyone and anyone to create visually engaging and mesmerizing Instagram stories or posts.


Anyone on the lookout for “made-for-you” Instagram frames need not look any further than Kapwing. The functionality of this application is as impressive as its name. You can select from basic frames and colours to more elaborated features and effects. Not to forget, you can also add text and create customized timelines. But, the bonus is that you also get to upload images and videos to entice your business customer into visiting your business site.


The Storeo application permits the users to upload images from the phone, capture video using the app, and convert images into snippets for uploading to Instagram. It is the perfect choice when you want to create Instagram story templates for videos in the form of a story. Do you want to know the best thing about this application? It is entirely FREE.


Without a doubt, if you want the social media team to move on with their creativity without any hiccups, we recommend you try Planable. Planable is your one-place to not only create the best Instagram stories but also get feedback.

With a rich variety of emojis, page tags, and easy Giphy integration; you get the best platform to create content for multiple social media pages. All you need to do is just move the media to the page, and witness your social media stories come to life in rich details.


Offering a more extensive choice of Instagram layout, Easil is pretty much an impressive Instagram story template application. The best feature of this application is the availability of multiple page story templates. In short, you can easily customize every story page to keep up with the business client’s branding. For a small fee of $9, the application provides added functionality, which also includes customizable colour palettes, and inviting team members to collaborate.


Do you want your Instagram profile to have more variety? Over is the answer. Over categorizes their templates into different sections, for example, quote, quizzes and videos. It is the perfect choice for using promotional pictures and text graphics. Moreover, this application also stores a wide selection of animations, which you can easily use for your Instagram stories. For a monthly fee of $21.99, you get access to unlimited images, fonts, and templates on Over.


Are you more interested in an Instagram profile template that permits videos rather than images? Well, you need not look any further than Mojo, which provides you with easy customized animated templates. You can easily add videos and photos and then choose from popular text options. The application is free to use, but you can choose from the various plans starting from $9.99.


In case you are more inclined towards Polaroid and aged photographs, then Storyluxe is the thing for your Instagram stories. It comes with neon graphics and line art, which is a significant feature within this Instagram story template application. You can quickly choose from a variety of backgrounds, textures, and hues. Also, for a small fee of $2.99, you get the benefits of premium membership.


If you are into creating tutorials using a few clicks, then Jumprope is the perfect app for your Instagram story creation, especially as a business owner. Moreover, you can easily add links to an available product and use a time-lapse feature, filter, and even voiceovers.  In short, it is one of the recommended Instagram post generators for businesses and individuals.


Do you fancy yourself as a graphics expert? Well, then Canva is just the thing for your Instagram story template creator. It offers pre-made layouts with plug-and-play images and texts. You can easily convert an Instagram story into a GIF.

With Canva, the free accounts offer much functionality, including a wide range of fonts, creative layouts, and free stock images. However, we recommend you pay a fee of $12.95 per month to upgrade to Canva Pro, which lets you upload fonts and colors.

Hype Type

A recommended Instagram post template creator for you to create social media posts without hassle. With Hype Type by your side, animating text and adding music is a cakewalk. Lastly, you also get a signature soundtrack with the template for the Instagram story. For a small fee of $28.49 every year, you can remove the Hype Type logo from the story.

Adobe Spark

If you have a bit of tech knowledge, then we are sure you have heard about the Adobe Suite. How about you try the Adobe Spark, which makes creating Instagram post template a walk in the park? The best feature of this app is that it’s free to use and provides millions of free photos, fonts, and filters for making the best stories.

These were the top applications to help you create excellent Instagram posts and stories for maximum attention.

However, it is not over yet. We believe in providing proof of what we believe in, and therefore we will present a great example of a brand utilizing these templates.


SHOWPO is an Australian fashion brand, which has a strong social media presence, especially on Instagram. Their choice of Instagram stories includes a collage background and branded color swipes.

The brand is the best example of how using the right Instagram template is quite simple, and at the same time, quite useful.

What we learn from this use of a branded background image and choosing collages is that SHOWPO believes in using Canva.

The app provides the best way to include branded elements into Instagram stories without too much customization in each post.

It is how a brand can utilize the various applications to post impressive Instagram stories and posts, but there is a little more to know.

Best Instagram Templates to Share Your Stories

Now, see below some of the best Instagram templates to share your stories with the world.


The storytelling template on Instagram is of great value to those looking to introduce their target market to a story. It is most commonly used to show behind-the-scenes content, whether it is about how a restaurant prepares dishes, or how sports teams interact with their fans.

Blog Post Promotion

The blog post promotion template helps the person know the main points of the Instagram story. It allows one to reuse the content across multiple channels to make sure the post covers the maximum audience.

Data and Stats

Are you aware of any interesting stats about the industry you work in which your target audience might also show equal interest? If you want to share remarkable statistics to bring the most attention from your followers, this is the Instagram post template to choose.

Quotes and Inspiration

With millions of social media influencers providing motivational content, Instagram stories have to be a part of this ever-increasing circle of optimism.

It doesn’t need to be a motivational quote from a famous historical figure but can be one from your blog or a fellow employee working with you. However, the only catch is it’s relevant to the target audience.

 Lists and Countdown

The best example of this can be none other than Airbnb who shares a complete list of all the places to live, workspaces, and Airbnb homes. It is highly recommended if you want to share information on how to use a product.

With that, we would like to conclude that creating the best Instagram posts or story templates might be a bit difficult, but with the right guidance, it is possible.


Without a doubt, these were some of the best applications to create the best Instagram post template, whether it is for a business page or an individual. These applications are the best option for you to not only share your creativity with the world but also to make a mark on the social media scene. These would help you gather the right amount of audience. In short, these are your ticket to Instagram stardom.


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