Best Graphics Tools to Use in Social Media Marketing

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Best Graphics Tools to Use in Social Media Marketing. The picture to perceiver is as similar as a therapist to the patient – this sums up everything about the importance of a creative image. Nowadays, people are becoming pickier in choosing what’s interactive and what’s not. This behavior is natural – it is a human psyche to connect with objects that soothe their perceptions and healthy emotionally. 

Social media marketing is entirely a different phenomenon compared with mental and emotional therapy. Here, the marketer has to consider likeness and creativity to penetrate the online community easily. However, the basic element is on the forefront, and that is creativity. Did you know? Social media marketing needs exclusively designed graphical content to communicate the brand, its products, and services. 

You may find many techniques to design a picture for social media posts. But wait – how about optimizing your image creating talent? Today, several paid and free graphics tools are available for the ease of social media marketers. Just a few clicks and you are ready to say, “Wow!” 

This post will guide you about trending graphics tools that are must-have in today’s social media marketing. 

We have listed down some of the most hyped graphics tools that you should not say no to it. 


Want to make your social media look impressive in the China B2B marketplace? Canva is the best tool for offering thousands of graphics solutions in no time. The tool has custom-designed templates that allow the user to drag and drop features upon choice simply. 

Canva much raves in the online community. You just need to add little efforts to produce high quality and unique images for social media content. The platform has several exciting templates and layouts for every niche – you just have to pick from thousands. In today’s social media war among businesses, Canva is playing a leading role for many internet users. 


Just like Canva, Over is another mind-blowing application often used by social media specialists. The go-to app provides innumerable options to graphic designers for turning their mobile devices into a spectacular design studio. 

China B2B trade sites can take many benefits from Over – creatively design an impeccable image to increase the number of followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. Get pro with Over and produce eye-catching graphics that match buyers’ perceptions on the go. 

Adobe Spark 

 Adobe Spark is the name of adding minimalistic balance for a perfectly designed image. Here, you can find tons of professional templates categorized on industry, design, and size basis. You can also access a royalty-free library to replace template images in the software. 

If you wish to change the layout of the template, Spark gives you ease in choosing from multiple menu lists and adjust the layout accordingly. Other than these, the software has also pre-installed preformatted text styles and designs that can be browsed within just a few clicks. Adobe Spark is not entirely free – you have to purchase the software to get your hands on premium features. 

Pablo by Buffer 

Social media presence and finding no luck with precise graphics tool? Pablo, by Buffer, has its name enough to tell about what’s best for social media marketing. The tool has minimalistic features to design images for social media posts nicely. It has limited drop-dead components that every social media marketer will need. 

Pablo limits image customization. It has a few but interesting filters, providing the right contrast between images and texts. It is not merely amazing to design impressive graphics with Pablo; China B2B trade sites are getting pro benefits from the graphics tool. 


Wish to design graphic posts quickly? Choose from top mobile-friendly applications to give the best high-end results in less time. Desygner is a truly-felt best mobile app for designing creative images for every business type. You can simply opt from several templates according to choice and download eye-catching images that are surely engaging for target clients. 

The identical application is perfect for your social media marketing. Now, you don’t have to worry about immediate posting because this mobile app is way too interesting and handy that you could ever ask for. The versatile tool is really quick in creating images of your choice. 

Gravit Designer 

Were you looking for a specialized and advanced tool for graphic designing? Gravit Designer has everything best than any other visual tool. It is composed of diverse classical graphic features and impressive functionalities from Photoshop, Sketch, and GIMP. You can now take benefit from its simplified and easy-to-learn interface in just a few clicks. 

You don’t have to switch between applications – Gravit Designer has ideal controls and effects perfect for all social media types. From the blogging experts to business promotions, everyone can get a handy solution. 

Final Thoughts 

Social media marketing has become the most paid service in the online community. Although content itself has importance in many aspects, creative and eye-catching images add the perfect blend to social media content. These fantastic graphics tools are not only cost-effective but time-efficient. Now, you can make your social media posts more enthralling than before.


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