How We Can Include Instagram on Our Website


Do you want to generate more traffic on the website via Instagram? Wondering how to incorporate Instagram on your site? We are here to provide you the solution. Explore this article and learn how to include Instagram on your website.
There are three ways to incorporate Instagram on the website. These include.

  • Link an Instagram page to the website.
  • Give the option of sharing your content with the users.
  • Start embedding Instagram feed on the website.

Link an Instagram page to the website

If the businesses have their websites and social media pages, then they should link them. Most e-commerce businesses connect their social media pages to their websites to increase traffic on sites. This process helps the customer to find your brand on social media easily. You can get a variety of social media icons from different authentic website builders such as GoDaddy, SquareSpace, and Wix. To link Instagram to the website, link the social media icon to the web address of Instagram. Cheapest Smm Panel.
If you do not make the website on the website builder platform, no worries; you can still have the option to link Instagram page to the website.

For this, you need to follow some steps

  • Start with searching for free Instagram icon download. You can get many options.
  • Download the Instagram icon, which is according to the website design.
  • After that, move to the website’s backend or content management system. If you do not understand, then you can get help from the webmaster.
  • Then link that icon to the website address.
  • Before uploading icons to the website, ensure the accurate use size of a social media icon.

Give an Option Of Sharing To The Users

You might notice a share button on different social media platforms below a blog or web-article. This share button allows people to share the content which they like the most. You can share the content via Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. Contrary to this, such a sharing feature is missing on Instagram. The terms and conditions of Instagram services do not allow people to use this Instagram share button on their websites. Therefore, Instagram should add sharing options to the website and allow users to share the content further. This is the most desirable way to include Instagram on the site.

Start Embedding Instagram Feed On The Website

Embedding Instagram feed on the website provides you the option to include Instagram on the site. If you want viewers of your website to look at your profile on Instagram, then you should add the Instagram feed to your website page. When a person clicks on an image, it quickly takes him to the Instagram profile. This is a great way to draw the audience’s attention towards your Instagram account.

You need to follow the instructions of the website builder company to add an Instagram feed widget. Before this, you must know the web address of your Instagram.

For a WordPress or custom website, there are three types of widgets to add an Instagram feed on the site. These widgets are snap widget, Juicer, and POWr. For these three widgets, you need to follow the same directions.

  • You should add an email and password, and sign up on the website.
  • You will see the option of Embed on the website. Click the option and generate embedded code.
  • After that, copy-paste the embedded code in the website’s backend on the webpage where you want to add your Instagram feed.


Instagram is the most powerful tool for marketing and increases engagement in the content. It provides options to businesses to generate huge traffic on websites. The purpose of including Instagram on the website is to create brand awareness among people and allow them to know more about you. You can include Instagram in three ways. These three ways are Link Instagram with the website, adding the sharing button on the site, and embed Instagram feed on the website. We hope that these simple ways will solve your issue of including Instagram on the website. 


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