Top Attractions In Sundarbans – A Brief Introduction

Attractions In Sundarbans

Top Attractions In Sundarbans – A Brief IntroductionBeautifully situated in the heart of the country of West Bengal in India, this is one of the top tourist destinations if you are looking towards coming closer to nature and wildlife. The entire place is a mesmerizing picturesque of natural beauty, lush greenery, flora, and fauna as well as exotic wildlife animals.

These are some of the major reasons why a lot of visitors consider this as a perfect holiday spot. The interesting wildlife will give you innumerable reasons to click it in your camera and make it a memory of a lifetime Pubfilm. Along with a hub for a huge National Park, the place is internationally known for having the largest Tiger Reserve under the same roof.

The place is also popular for the River Ganga that flows through it. There are a lot of ways how you can pass some quality time at Sundarbans. However, it is imperative to shortlist your priorities and plan your trip so that you can extract maximum benefits. This travel guide here will help you know what the main attractions of the place are and some of the things to do in the striking Sundarbans. You can help yourself out with this itinerary depending upon the time you have in hand and your interest levels.

Must-See Places in Sundarbans

Sunderban National Park

One of the topmost tourist attractions and something that the entire state is proud of is the Sunderban National Park. No one can come back from Sundarbans without visiting this destination. A five star rated place, it is one of its kinds in the country of India. The place provides a beautiful scenic beauty of two of the most significant rivers of the country, Ganges and Brahmaputra. The mangrove forests are another eye-catching view here at Sundarbans National Park.

One of the very exotic and rare species of animals that you can get to see here is the Royal Bengal Tiger. The entire place stretches up to 10 kilometers and calls for at least an entire day from your travel guide. The park is situated in the Piyali region of the place.

Along with tigers, you can get a great view of the Ridley Sea Turtle here at the Sunderban National Park. May and September are two of the most significant months when the place calls for thousands of tourists. Situated on the banks of the two rivers it also calls for some out of the box photography experiences. It is also tagged as the largest mangrove forest in India.

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project

If you are someone who has some great love for reptiles especially crocodiles, then don’t miss out on this place situated within the region of Sundarbans. It deserves to be one of the attractions of the place without any doubt. Along with being a sanctuary to hundreds and thousands of crocodiles, it is also considered as a hatchery. It is a hub for estuarine crocodiles and is one of the biggest ones not only in the state but also in the country of India.

Piyali Region

If you are looking towards some great natural beauty and exquisiteness, then Piyali is the perfect place to spend some time at. The peaceful ambiance and the cultural outlook are two of the major reasons why you should include this village in your travel guide. The love and care of the locals will come as a surprise package for the tourists!

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Just adjacent to the Tiger Reserve of the place, you can easily visit this bird sanctuary for a couple of hours. Situated on the banks of Malta and Gumdi rivers, it is also known for its pictorial image. In simple words, the place can be called a kingdom for thousands of rare and unique species of birds. From charming pelicans to kingfishers and sea eagles to plovers and sandpipers you will find them all here at Sajnekhali. Along with these do not forget to catch a view of whimbrels, curfews, and lap-wings.

Make the most out of this destination by giving good amounts of time in viewing birds and capturing them in your camera. Some other birds that you can easily find here are the Asian dowitcher, gulls, seals, heron, stork, flycatcher, and ibis among many more. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is also a home for the Mangrove Interpretation Center and a shark pond.

Holiday Island

If you want to see some beautiful Barking Deer then, this is the ultimate place in the region of Sundarbans. Spend some quality time here by making a stay over the plan. The place is also known for the Wildlife Sanctuary and Lothian Island Wildlife Sanctuary. The latter is known for rare and unique birds and hundreds of species.

Boat Riding in Sundarbans

Since Sundarbans is covered with water all around, one of the best activities that you can follow as a recreational hobby here is boat riding.

Kanak Region of Sundarbans

The place called Kanak is especially known for its beautiful beaches. Olive Ridley Turtles are another striking view here at Kanak. It is the resting region for these species. Include this place in your travel guide depending upon the time you have in hand.

Kaikhali Island

If you are here for a family holiday and is visiting Sundarbans with your children, then Kaikhali Island is the perfect spot for picnics. The scenic beauty around is another benefit for those who include Kaikhali Island on their trip.


An ultimate place for architectural beauty and art as well as for a religious environment, Netidhopani should be checked out. The temple is now in ruins and was constructed centuries back. The place is also known for a tower from where you can get a good view of the tigers around hbogo com activate.

The mystery and aura of the place will take you off your senses! Include these tourist destinations of Sundarbans in your itinerary and you will see how well you can extract maximum advantages from your tour. Also, it will help you make good use of your time without any waste.


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