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Google Play Store is one of the most prominent market places for applications pure apk, and there are some instances where you cannot find an app you are looking for. There are several reasons why some applications are not available in the store. One of the main reasons why some apps are not allowed in the store is because the developers go against Google Play Store developers’ policy. Some developers can even go ahead and add several permissions that tend to access and steal the data of the users. These kinds of permissions on an app are therefore not accepted by developers’ policy. The developers, therefore, use other sites to let the users download the applications. The other reason is that Google does not accept apps with adult content because they are trying to maintain good morals.

So, what is an APK, an APK in full stands for Android Package Kit, which is a format that Android uses to distribute and install an app. APK contains all the necessary files that an application requires to install properly. Different sites allow you to be able to install these applications on your phone if they are not available. A pure Apk refers to applications that are safe from malware or any app that can access your phone and steal some of your data. There are different kinds of sites that we will discuss, which offer you the latest and safest Apk to download on your phone.




APKMirror is one of the best examples of pure Apk for you to download to your phone. This APK is one of the best because it’s been in the business for a long time, and the founders have a site that talks about Android stuff. There are other reasons why I do recommend this site as you will not be able to experience APK with malware or viruses that can affect your phone. Also, APKMirror has outlined its several policies, which make it even safer. Firstly, the site ensures that they have to verify that the new apps are matched thoroughly with the other apps of the same developer to ensure they are totally legit.

They do ensure that the staff verifies that they have to check the APK to ensure that it’s pure before they publish it. If there are speculations that the APK is not pure, they will not publish it on their site. The pure APK available on this site is what makes it an awe-inspiring site to visit if you want to get an APK manually.  Also, APKMirror allows you to easily upgrade the APK that you downloaded if there happens to be another new version that Google releases. All these features are what make APKMirror stand out as one of the best examples of pure APK.




It is a giant when it comes to APKs, and there is no single day that you can find an unsafe APK there. Aptoide is one of the best pure Apk that you can find for several reasons. Firstly, it’s evident because they offer you the best applications with no malware or viruses, and the APKs work pretty well with the Android framework. Apart from that, Aptoide apk has several features that make it an excellent application. Some of the features are; Aptoide has a straightforward user interface that you won’t find any problem navigating through. There is no wasting time trying to figure out how to download an APK here.

The other feature that stands out is that you are able to receive updates to the downloaded applications just like you do in Google. This is so awesome compared to those APKs that don’t allow you to download updates when they are available. The other fact is that you don’t need to create an account to start downloading any APK. Also, you can choose any language you want to use if it’s available there. There are around 17 languages that are available in this Apk, which is impressive. This is one of the best examples of Pure Apk that I can advise anyone to get any day.


Just as its name, it does not fall short in giving its users the best pure apk that they can download to the devices. APK PURE is one of the biggest competitors of the significant pure apk providers in the market. APK PURE came around the same year, and time APKMirror came, and it has successfully ensured that it gives its users the best. Just like APKMirror, this site, too, employs lots of security measures to ensure that users download pure apk only. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of looking for anti-virus to clean up your phone after downloading unsafe apk, then you should use this site.

Before APK PURE publishes any APK on their website, they first ensure that the developer of the app is legit, and the APK is legit too. There are cryptographic signatures that are on new apps, which APK PURE must ensure match those of previous versions, thus ensuring all the apk on their site are pure apk.

The site has a straightforward user interface, and you can easily get around quickly and make your first apk download. There’s a description of the apk just like Google, and you can upgrade to a newer version of apk if one is out. The good thing about the site is there are no pirated apk or ones with viruses as APK PURE does not list them on the website if they find out it is not legit.




The other example of pure apk is APK STORE, which meets all the standards of the other predecessors. APK STORE has been around for a long time, and it changed its name from APK DOWNLOADER, and its praises are unlimited.  There are several reasons why this apk is loved by many; one, the APK STORE has a straightforward user interface that allows you to get around even if you are a first-timer easily.

A user interface is something essential to any apk, as you will not have to experience a lot of trouble figuring how to use it.  Also, APK STORE has a wide range of pure apk that you can probably think of downloading. If you are a game lover, e-book reader, or just anything, this is the store that will get you most of that. The reason why this site is popular also is that it has put up several measures to ensure that any apk that’s on the site is legit.

Some developers tend to make apps that have some malicious content or virus or some permission, which tends to collect a user’s data, and that is an offense. What APK STORE does is it ensures that it thoroughly checks any apk that the developer submits. They check if some bugs or viruses can be of danger to the user, and if the developer is legit, then they can publish the apk. One thing that you are sure of when using APK STORE is that it only has pure apk, which cannot harm your device. This apk is so awesome, and that’s the reason it makes it to our list of best five examples of pure apk.




I decided to keep this apk the last example on the list because it is different from the other kind of apk we have talked about.  Yalp Store is the best pure apk that you can find, and this apk can replace your Google Play Store. Firstly this app is different because it’s not a web version apk; thus, you need F-Droid to install it. When you install this apk, you will have the ability to install the apk directly to your phone without having a fear of malware attacking your device.  There are lots of awesomeness of having this pure apk on your phone firstly you don’t need a Google account to download an application.

For those people who don’t like Google monitoring them, this is the best apk that you can get your hands on. Privacy is a significant issue, and Google has had a hard time trying to explain to a lot of people where their data goes. Also, the user interface of the Yalp store is so fantastic and easy to use, meaning even a newbie will comfortably work with it. Yalp also has its policies concerning all the applications that are on their store, which they do ensure are thoroughly checked to avoid pirated apk or apk with a virus. There’s a lot of things that make the Yalp store a go-to site for pure apk as the site offers it, users, a lot of things which makes it awesome.



One of the main benefits of having a pure apk is that you are sure that your device will not be affected by viruses or malware. Most pure apk ensure that they have the safest apk on their site. There is a different set of regulations that are set by the pure apk, which bar developer with malicious intentions from having their apps there.


All these examples of pure apk listed here have a straightforward user interface, which makes it very easy for most people. An excellent user interface ensures that even a newbie can navigate through the app easily and download other pure apps. Some APKs have a very hard user interface, and using it is very difficult to use.


The other thing that makes most pure apk so good is the fact that you have a simple registration system. When you compare the above pure apk with Google, you will note Google has a complex registration system.  There are other pure apk that does not even require you to register at all, and once you download them, you can start using them immediately.



I know we did state earlier that this pure apk has legit applications only published on them, but there is a high chance you can download a fake app. You need to be very cautious when downloading any apk from this site, as there can be malware that can affect your device.


The other thing that I noticed with this pure apk is that there is a high chance that most of the apps on these sites are outdated.  Most app developers want to make money, and they don’t want to give the app for free. Therefore, most developers are adjusting to most Google policies so that they can monetize their apps.


This article has tackled a lot, and anyone who had a problem of finding the best pure apk to use on their phone finally has a solution.  Apk is essential as they allow you to be able to get the application that you are not able to get on Google play store. Also, we have seen some of the advantages of getting a pure apk on your phone. I love using pure apk since I can access a lot of applications that I cannot imagine. However, there is also a drawback to getting this pure apk on your phone as you risk getting your data stolen by apps that they don’t inspect keenly.


What is pure apk?

A pure apk refers to an application that is safe from malware or viruses, but you can also download it from the web. This apk is often given to the public free by the developer or through a third party.

Is it safe to download APK?

There are some APK that are safe while others are not. You need to use a secure site like the pure apk examples give above to minimize the chance of downloading APK with viruses and malware.

What is the safest APK site?

There are several APK sites that you can use, but there are chances you can end up downloading malware and viruses on your phone. The safest APK site is the APKMIRROR, which I highly recommend.  


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