Apktime .apk download 2020 for android phone


The craze of using .apk files are now prevalent because they are straightforward to use and doesn’t have strict installation procedure. Google play store is the most prominent platform that streams all categories of free and paid Android apps. But still, there a lot of .apk streaming platforms that allow you to download Android apps for free. In this article, we will discuss upon Apktime app, which is a free streaming app market. With the help of Apktime, you can access the most useful free version of the premium app. You can save their .apk file and install them according to your mode of use.

What is Apktime??

It is an Android app like that if play store from where you can download all categories of mobile applications free. All the applicants have to go through the malware checking procedure before getting upload to Apktime. So, the app that you download from Apktime is free from any type of virus. The best part about Apktime is that you can get all those premium apps available in the play store free of cost.

The interface of the Apktime is quite simple, like a horizontal list. This list can help you to choose which type of app you are searching for your use. On every listing, you will get the essential apps for your android. Apktime doesn’t contain thousands of app, but, it only includes a list of that app that is necessary for an Android user. It also doesn’t consist of the app of larger sizes. Most of the app that is available in Apktime is under 100 MB size.

Highlights for Apktime app:-

  • App price:- Free of cost
  • App size:– approx 5 MB
  • Sign up:– Not needed
  • File type:– Apk
  • Requirement:- Android 5.0 or above
  • Ads:- No ads
  • Categories:- Android TV, Animations, Gaming, etc
  • Data:- Yes

How to download and install the Apktime app?

Apktime app is not available on the play store because it provides the entire premium app for free. Uploading a premium app without taking permission is illegal. For this reason, it got banned from the play store. But, alternatively, you can download this app from the official website of Apktime.

Follow the procedures for installing Apktime on your android app:-

  • Download Apktime android app from the official website apktime.com
  • After downloading it, Go to settings and allow unknown sources.
  • Now open the app file and install it successfully.
  • After installation, you can open the app and start downloading any of the premium apps of your choice.

Full Details about Apktime:- 

It contains various categories inside its interface that can help any user to find applications by category. The descriptions of each of the classes are the following:-

  • New updates:- This category contains all the latest updated premium .apk files. This option includes all the latest mods of any app. If you want some premium app for free, then you can request by sending them an email. All the requested .apk is available in this category. Some of the common examples include- Adguard pro, Antutu benchmark, Nova launcher pro, etc.
  • Top .apk:- It is a mixed category that contains the list of the top downloaded app. The entire trending app in the week or the month is available in this category.

  • Android TV: – This category of Apktime is popular for streaming all that .apk that provides web series and premium videos, including Tv shows and sports channels for free. You can find all those that offer you to stream videos without any charging any cost. Some of the popular app available in this category include: – crunchy roll, puffin TV, the TV, hunk TV, etc.
  • Anime category:- In this option, you will get the list of all those .apk that streams all the anime videos online free of cost. You can download any of the apps and enjoy watching anime video content around the world for free. Some of the popular anime apps available in Apktime are- anime DLR, comic box, Manga DLR, etc. This entire app doesn’t upload the anime videos but only gives you the server link from where you can enjoy watching your favorite anime movies.
  • Apk seekers:- This option of Apktime contains all those apps that consist of bunches of more apps inside them like app market apps and play store. You can again get a variety of .apk file hosting app that will provide thousands of .apk for free. Some of the most common app market available in this option includes- Ac market, Aptoide, Filelinked, etc.
  • Entertainment:- it contains all those apps that can make you enjoy your bore time. This category includes a different class of entertaining apps that include games, moving streaming apps, photo maker, etc. Some of the most common types of app available here are video Mixx, Viva Tv, and cat mouse, etc.
  • Essentials:- It consists of that app list that is most useful for standard Android phones. It contains pro apps that provide a stopwatch, Mind games, To-do list, etc. Most of the app available here is the mod version of premium .apk. Some of the apps that you can found in this list include- Es file explorer pro, Kodiapps, Mx player pro, etc.
  • Fire devices:- If you want to watch TV shows from your android phone to your LCD, then you need to download the Fire stick app. Most of the fire stick apps charge some membership, but inside this category of Apktime, you will get those apps for free. The most common apps under this category are- Appsfire, apps starter, DNS66, etc.
  • Gaming:- Unlike play store, Apktime also provide an option of gaming categories where you can find the mod .apk of most of the popular game. But, note that only those games having a size of less than 150 are only available in Apktime. So don’t expect to think about downloading games in GB from the app.

  • Free VPN:- Most of the VPN app available in the play store is free, but they show popup and irrelevant ads. In this category, you will discover some premium and cracked app to access VPN from any of the places. It consists of the list of most popular VPN categories of the app on the list which is free to download. Some of the VPN apps that you can get inside the file are Atom VPN, Easy VPN, Hotspot shield, etc.
  • Sports:- Apktime also carries a list of naming games that consist of all the free sports streaming apps. You can also enjoy watching live sports matches’ like- basketball, football or cricket matches for free. If you are a sports lover and have an interest in watching sports live, then you get inside this option and download a free sports streaming app. Some of the examples of such apps are- BOBO live TV, MobiKora, NFL stream, etc.
  • Audio list:- This category of Apktime app contains all those apps that provide free millions of audio. You can download apps from this category if you want music for making intros or to your videos. All the audio streaming apps also provide you to listen to your favorite cinematic music. You can also get free karaoke music providing app from this list. The most popular pro music app available here are:- Audio rave, Deezloader, Music all, etc.
  • Tools:- With the help of tools app, we can make our work more easily fly. But it is quite challenging to find the best means according to our way of working. This category of Apktime consists of most of the online app tools like:- All in one toolbox pro, Az-screen recorder premium,  Cast to TV, etc.
  • Adult:- This category of Apktime is only for adults. It is a private portal, and you can access these options if you have a security PIN. If you are above 18 years, then you can search for Apktime adult PINS on Google to find any working PIN to access this option. You can find all the adult video contents inside this portal. Some of the universal premium apps that are available in this portal include:-  CumTube, HentaiBox, MileVids, etc.


Benefits of using the Apktime app?

You can get the following benefits for using Apktime app:-

  • All types of apps:- You can find all categories of the app from Apktime that are also not available in the play store. Sometimes Google play store displays an app based on the location and IP address. But, in Apktime, you don’t get any issue of finding any app.
  • Premium .apk:- You can get the entire premium app streamed on play store for free. Most of the Android app charge money on play store for installation. So you need to pay some bugs for installing it. But, Apktime allows you to download those apps and install them your smartphone for free.
  • All versions available:- The demerit if using play store is that it only displays the latest version of any app for download. But Apktime can help you to get all the versions of the app, including the starting version. Sometimes the upgrade version of the app doesn’t give you more comfort ability. So if you are missing to try an old version of any app, you can download the Apktime app to find them.
  • No ads:- The app doesn’t show annoying ads and doesn’t irritate you while accessing it. You will not get any popup or full-screen app while using Apktime.
  • No signup required:- Apktime doesn’t require any registration process like giving email id and mobile for using it. You just need to install it on your phone and start using the application.

Final words 

Nowadays, most users prefer to buy premium .apk because they are free from ads with amazing unlocked features. Searching for premium .apk over the internet is a tough task. But the pastime app has made this easy for you by availing the entire premium app in one place. You just need to download the app and do a search to find the app of your choice. The app is like a gift for those who spend money to buy a premium app from the play store. 




  • Which type of Android app is available in Apktime?


It holds a collection of the latest premium apps that have a high demand on the web. The applications in Apktime are available in the form of different categories like- Top app, Android TV, Animations, sports, torrent, etc. It also contains adult apps on its interface.


  • Is the Apktime app safe to use?


Till now no serious complaints about safety have been observed till yet from Apktime. But as it is a third party app so we can’t give a full guarantee about its safety. But all the apps are made virus-free before uploading to Apktime. The app doesn’t ask any permission like contacts and Gmail Id. But, it asks permission for accessing media files for saving the downloaded app to your smartphone. But, till now no complaints about legality came out.


  • Can I install Apktime on Amazon Fire-stick?


Yes, you can also install Apktime on your Fire-stick. Install any downloader app on your Fire-stick then enter the download link of uptime inside the download box. After completing the download, you need to turn on the green button on the Fire-stick remote and allow permission to install .apk from unknown sources. After doing this setting, your downloaded app will be ready to work on your Fire-stick.


  • From where should I download the Apktime app?


Apktime app is not available on the play store because of the violation of some polices. So, you can download it from the official website apktime.com and follow the installation guide.


  • Can I get 18+ apps on Apktime?


Yes, you can download all adult .apk apps from Apktime. It is the reason why most people use Apktime. You can find an option for adults on the last menu. Click on it and enter the pin code to start accessing adult apps.


  • Why am I not able to open an adult app section in Apktime?


The adult app section can is available for adults only. So, you need to enter a PIN for accessing the page. If you want to download adult apps, then search on Google for getting PIN for accessing the adult section. You can enter the portal with the help of a 4-digit PIN. The most commonly working PIN for entering the adult section is 1212 and 6969. Inside the adult portal, you will find the latest collection of adult web series and short adult films.


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