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If you have not remembered your Google account password. So, don’t worry you are reading the correct article for google account recovery. In today’s scenario, google gives us very simple and easy changes where we can easily able to change the password. Now, you will not face any problem, because we are giving you simple steps to recover your password. To recover this password you need to follow some steps. Those steps are given below: If you have forgotten your password to your Gmail account or if you want ‘Google account recovery for android’ Then you need to use one of the recovery options. We have many options to recover your account like account recovery using the phone number, recover the account using alternate email. You can easily recover your account with the help of these techniques. 

To get back the google accounts data easy steps for recovery is here:

  1. Create a replacement account for recovered data that can be moved to.
  2. Then you will Use the cross-user reestablish function in Spanning Backup to reestablish the data from the deleted account. for this, you should be log into Spanning Backup as the super-admin and explore into the user account that has been deleted.
  3. You will go under restore then you need to go on the Gmail tab then you will choose all the messages for restore in the new google account.
  4. After this step, you need to choose a new google account for data to coast.
  5. You need to repeat the same procedure under Drive, Calendars, Contacts and Sites segments until all that you need has been reestablished to the new account.

Steps to Recover Google account for android:

As we know security questions are the main part of the google account recovery, If you fill the correct answer so you can easily do account recovery or change the password. But if you have not remembered the answers then you can choose two other options the first is a primary phone number or registered email id. In this process, you will not need to face any security questions. Here I am giving you some steps for google account recovery for android:

  • First, you will open a browser then you will go to the sign-in page of your account.
  • Then you will click on the blue link “forgot password” then you will click on continue.
  • Here you will choose the option by which you want to recover your google account, it can be your alternative email address as you do not remember your security answer.
  • Now you need to type your another google email address.
  • Then you would get a verification link that will verify your Google account.
  • Then, you will get the password reset option, then you need to enter your new 

password for google account.

  • Here you can see two input boxes, in these boxes you need to type the new password in the first box and the same password in the second box so you will get a new password for google account.
  • Now you need to click on the finish option.

Best Steps To Fix Google Account Recovery Issues  

Step 1: For google account recovery, the very first step you need to open the browser on your Android device, after that you need to go ‘’ page.

Step 2: After that, you need to follow the instruction, then you will be asked some questions for confirming it is your account and an email will be sent to you. If you have not got an email.

  1. Then you will check your spam or mail folders.
  2. After the first step, you need to add in your address list.
  3. For recovering the password you have to request another email.
  4. After that, you will check all email address that you might have used to signup or for sign in the account. 
  5. If you haven’t added an alternative email address, then we have an option to reset your password by phone. You need to put the number then Google will send a verification code to the registered phone number. Then that number you need to put in the input box and click on the next. This is why it’s important to always keep your restoration email and phone number updated. That’s why it’s important to always remember your restored or alternate email and updated phone number.
  6. Then you will choose your new password. Please don’t choose that password, that you have already used with this account.

I hope you have recovered your google account password. If still, you have any problem. So you can contact customer care or you can again attempt steps. You can do google account recovery by phone call. Google account is very useful part for the user because most of the person using google account. Google account gives us help to connect with the websites and emails. It is very useful for us. Some time users facing lots for the problem when they, you are changing your password, that time you can also use Google account recovery phone number. If someone locked his or her google account so we can recover deleted Gmail account.

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