Top Career Options for Software Engineers in 2019

Career options for Software Engineers

If you’re a software engineering graduate or already a software engineer, it should give you immense pleasure that there more career options now than there were before. New and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity are expanding. Companies are adopting these technologies as a business –enabling and a means for strategic business growth.

Traditional business functions like sales, marketing, operations, etc. are increasingly dependent on emerging technologies. Therefore, jobs related to these technologies is growing.

Apart from web development, technically more challenging and more rewarding careers have emerged for software engineers. Starting from data science, perhaps the most in-demand job in the context of the present time, to cloud engineer – software engineers have an array of career options. Equally challenging, equally rewarding.

  1. Data Scientist – Software engineers, after equipping themselves with the knowledge of statistics and high-level mathematics, can step into data science. Demand for data science professionals has increased in the past few years.

Using statistics and knowledge of software engineering, Data Scientists gather and analyze large amounts of data. The dependency of new-age companies – eCommerce, software-as-a-service, etc. has increased on Data Scientists. Data science is a broad domain and therefore requires multi-disciplinary knowledge. Data Scientists are handsomely compensated. The average salary of a Data Scientist is $120,495 per annum.

  • Data Engineer – Knowledge of data warehousing and more advanced skills of designing, building, and implementing data processes combined with software engineering skills make a Data Engineer.  Data engineers are essentially architects of data processes within an organization. Their responsibility is to make data accessible to various stakeholders.

The data science industry is flourishing, growing demand for data engineers. Companies are building agile teams, where software engineers are entering equipped with skills.

The average salary of a Data Engineer is $127,679 per annum.

  • Cloud Engineer
    In the past few years, the cloud has become a crucial part of business operations. The expenditure on cloud computing services has increased to $141 billion in 2019, according to Forbes. Cloud security is a shared responsibility between cloud providers and clients that leverage its capabilities. As the use of cloud increases, demand for cloud engineers will increase.

    According to Indeed, the average salary of a Cloud Engineer in the U.S is $123, 929 per annum.
  •  Scrum master
    Scrum methodology increases the pace of development, faster market, allows greater flexibility, higher quality products, and greater customer satisfaction. To deliver a project, scrum master breaks down the project in smaller projects, which can be completed by the team and shipped in time. The scrum master manages everything in the meantime – customer interaction, coordinating between different teams until the project is shipped.

Scrum master takes on multiple roles and serves various responsibilities. So companies see a high ROI on hiring a scrum master. A scrum master can earn as much as $106,791 annually.

  • Full-stack developer
    So far developers worked on front-end or back-end technologies. Full-stack developers can work on both—frontend as well as backend. As companies see the benefit of hiring a full-stack developer instead of two developers, full-stack developers are increasingly in demand.

As companies are increasingly moving online, the demand for full-stack developers is increasing. The emergence is software-as-a-service has pushed the demand for full-stack developers.

Software engineers jobs and skills are versatile. Coupled with other in-demand skills it can be implemented to perform various jobs. Presently, the technology sector is inundated with various jobs and in the coming future, there will be more. Get ready


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