Finding Out About The Best And The Fastest DS Emulators

ds emulator for pc


When you are looking to get your hands on a good DS emulator, there are several choices that you can bet on for playing DS games. Since the Nintendo DS consoles are the most trending ones for players to vie for and you have amazing emulator selections for 2020, now you can pick the fastest and best that works well on your PC. You can now select the ds emulator for PC. For your emulators to work, you will have to work on downloading the Nintendo DS Roms and pick a suitable emulator that works well for your PC.

Evaluating the best and fastest DS emulators

  • DeSmuMe is an open-source emulator that works efficiently on your desktop. It works on 
  • Windows
  • Mac

It runs great on both platforms. If you have a great ds emulator for PC configuration, you wouldn’t have to worry about frame drops, which happens when you have to deal with heavy graphics in the game.

If you install the DeSmuMe emulator, as a player you,

  •  have the choice to customize the graphics and the emulation settings.
  • You have the cheat code manager
  • USB controller support
  • Save slot feature to continue the game from where you left it last time you played

Finally, the DeSmuMe emulator would be a good choice to pick from because it releases nightly and builds frequently. It is known to have great compatibility as well.

Melon DS another that works well with the DS gamers. But unlike DeSmuMe, you will not find as many emulation and graphic options. But Melon DS makes up for it for rendering highly accurate DS games that you look forward to playing with the help of this ds emulator for PC. With the support of the recent OpenGL render in the market, the emulator then helps you to utilize the extreme resolutions. Which weren’t possible initially because of the medium performing systems that you owned. The features of the emulator that you can look forward to being

    • It has local wi-fi support to the multi-player option, albeit to a few games, but it still is a great choice as a player to have.
    • This emulator too has the save slot option
    • It also has few layout options that you want to make a difference


  • There is joystick support when using this ds emulator for PC.


You could make use of this emulator as it works both on the Windows and Linux operating systems. It is an excellent choice for the player if they are looking for higher accuracy levels as high performance at increased resolution levels.

The No$GBA was first used in Gameboy advance games, but now it is one of the best ds emulators for PC. It goes very with Nintendo DS based games such because it supports

  • GBA
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DS Lite (DSi) games

The drawback that you see in this emulator, it has only a few graphic settings that you can select during play. But if you are good at tweaking, then you could try to get through the settings and make it work for you. You can also end up with some good graphic work comparable to DeSmuMe emulator kind. Now you can pay attention to why this emulator still stands on firm ground. You can pick the ds emulator for PC.

  •  This emulator works very fast, which is a significant asset, especially on underperforming desktops (read as old and obsolete ones).
  • Another big advantage of using NO$GBA  can be seen in the use of the system resource usage is minimal compared to other NDS emulators claiming to be the best.

You would have to compromise on the screen layout features as well as the multi-player option, which is still work in progress at the moment. NO$GBA works only on the Windows operating systems, but there is something you can look forward to as well

  • Joystick support
  • Save state option
  • In house cheat code support as well 

You can check out this emulator because it happens to use lesser memory and offer higher speed. They’re now a good number of choices to make for ds emulator for PC.

  • RetroArch happens to be an all in one emulator at the moment because it allows the players to play almost all the games that use retro consoles. The cores or the (several emulators found in a single software) makes it to the most popular list. It now can run all games of Nintendo consoles such as
  • NES
  • SNES
  • DS
  • DSi
  • 3DS
  • 64

as well as Atari, MAME and several others.

The user interface isn’t so user friendly, but when you get used using it, there is no looking back. Though it can run several games, the truth is running is them is tough when you are comparing with other Nintendo DS emulators. Which you possibly would have tried your hand at and known they felt much easier to do so. You can check the fastest when you know the best ds emulator for PC.

  • You could check out on the all the graphic and other emulations that you want to
  • Increase the native resolution to 4K and apply shaders as well and change the look of the game
  • Offers joystick support
  • Save slot option
  • Different screen layout option

A drawback that you got to know about this emulator is that it eats into your resources way more than other emulators.

But RetroArch still has the reputation of being one of the best emulators for your PC and is available on all platforms.

  • OpenEmu is an excellent frontend software for console emulators. It is quite similar in terms of RetroARch in supporting the consoles and providing other emulation options. The user interface, however, is the highlight of this emulator because it is perfectly streamlined. It allows the player to enjoy it. And how everything is presented and the way everything is easy to find and sorted. If you want to play Nintendo DS games, this emulator comes with the DeSmuMe emulator so that you can continue playing without any worries at all. 

One drawback that players may not like is the lack of graphic settings options that you get in several emulators but not OpenEmu.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the internal resolution as well. but what you can get is listed below

  • Screen layout options
  • Save states
  • Cheat code support
  • Huge list of controller support( DualShock, Switch, Pro, Wiimote, etc.) 

This emulator can be used only on Mac and not on other platforms. It would be great to go the reviews and ratings for ds emulator for PC.

  • Citra is a Nintendo 3D emulator, which is quite useful to play Pokemon games on your desktop. Even when you have a mediocre system, this emulator works great for all the 3DS tiles with excellent graphics and high resolution as well.

The internal resolutions can be set up to 4K which makes the gaming experience with games like

  • Pokemon games
  • The legend of Zelda

By taking the game to another level. When you check on the emulator’s website, you will find a list that tells you precisely the Nintendo 3DS games compatibility with this emulator. the emulator has so much to offer

  • Joystick support
  • Screen layout options
  • Cheat code support
  • In house screen recorder
  • Can emulate local 3DS wi-fi ( allows multi-player support as well)

You can pick this emulator because it works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux and provides ten times more internal resolution than other emulators. There are several choices, and you can make a pick for ds emulator for PC.

  • DuoS emulators work well for your desktop, though it may seem a generic emulator. It has a great processing speed and easy for the player to understand as well. Even beginners can understand the working of the emulator because it doesn’t come with any complexities that other emulators seem to possess.

Player need not be bothered with 

  • Bugs
  • Malware
  • Technical issues

The drawback of this software that it doesn’t have any advanced features to boast about. It’s a plain emulator. it doesn’t have 

  • Quick save and load features
  • Doesn’t have a turbo button
  • Doesn’t have the cheat options as well
  • NeonDS is great for advanced players. If you switch from the DuoS to the NeonDS, it may take some time to get used to this emulator and but once you get familiarised with the settings. You will see how things can function as you want them to. The processing will be fast as well.

The advantage of using this emulator comes from the fact that it has some good features that were missing out in the previous emulator such as

  • Save states
  • Supports cheats

The user will not have any technical issues as well problem of bugs as well. You have to know and learn more about how to use the settings for the memory space and the sound drives so that you can make better use of the emulator. several emulators have made a mark, and the choice can be the best ds emulator for PC.

  • iDeas can be used easily. The bonus of this emulator would be an impressive performance that can be a great start to your gaming spree. The player need not make any additional settings as such to use this emulator. If you possibly want to change something, you can do it easily. This emulator allows you to separate the lower and upper screens, which not all emulators that we get to see can do. If you happen to use this modification, you will notice that it does not affect the game whatsoever. The lower part is the touch screen function will work as before.
  • Split screen
  • Make changes in the resolution
  • Add the turbo speed feature

The shortcoming of this emulator is that it doesn’t support any cheats. You would want to pick the right ds emulator for PC.


The above list has the best and some of the fastest DS emulators that you have searching for. These have been used and tested by several avid players, and they have formulated the best of which can be run on a desktop. Presenting their features as well drawbacks to put things in perspective for those who want to know which to pick and download on their desktop and get ready to play their favourite games.



  • Which are the emulators which support multi-players?


Ans. Citra has great multi-player support, which is enjoyable when you play with many players. The emulator works well on old systems as well, which makes it an excellent choice for those who still want to play the latest games with their old PCs.


  • Which are the emulators that can be used for playing not only DS games?


Ans. Retro-Arch is one emulator having all the other emulators in one software so that you can play not only the DS games but others as well. You will also find amazing graphic emulations and be able to change the resolution to 4k. 


  • Which of the emulators uses the least of resources?


Ans. NO$GBA uses the least amount of resources, especially memory, also the fastest emulator too. But this emulator works only on the Windows operating system of your PC.


  • Which of the emulators supports all platforms?


Ans. RetroArch works on all platforms, such as the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Hence a great choice as an emulator for your PC. But a drawback of eating into the resources may make you change your mind of installing this emulator to your PC.


  • Which is the most trending DS emulator at present?


Ans. The DeSmuMe is the most trending Ds emulator at present. It is popular because of the several features it encompasses to give you a great gaming experience. It is an open-source emulator and works well both on Windows and Mac operating systems. The emulator is popular that has all the advanced features and can deal with all the heavy graphics in the game.



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