Why Do Adults Enjoy Disney Movies?

Enjoy Disney Movies

From Mulan to Beauty and the Beast, there is no shortage of Disney movies that adults still find entertaining. But why? In this blog, you will know everything about Why Do Adults Enjoy Disney Movies.

Adults are supposed to be watching thrillers, horrors, or playing Netent slots – not watching movies for kids. Today, let us uncover several reasons why adults still enjoy Disney movies. We are not going to include movies from Disney’s purchases such as Star Wars and Marvel movies.

Adult Humor

Disney movies are known to have innuendos, which adults enjoy. Children catch these jokes in an innocent way, but adults know better than that. Examples of these are: 

  • Girl groupies in Cars
  • Promiscuous dogs in Lady and the Tramp
  • A hooker in Toy Story

While children may not know about this, watching the films as they get older will certainly give them a few laughs. Given that Disney is putting in some innuendos in their films, which are for children, grown-ups love to see these animated films because they know that there is something there for them, too.

Grown-up Themes

If you watch movies like Up, you will realize that Disney is not just for kids. Even Mulan is not about kids. Disney always has a theme that fits adults, even if the storytelling is watered down for children.

Another great example of this is the Lion King. While the story follows that of Simba’s, adults can fully relate to the life of Simba’s parents, and how your own blood can betray you because of their greed.

In Beauty and the Beast, grown-ups understand that what Belle felt for the Beast is leaning towards Stockholm Syndrome. This is a situation where the captive develops feelings for her captor, including romantic ones.

Timeless Lessons

Disney Pictures films are great because they always impart messages, even to adults. Snow White is a story of love and kindness, Cinderella is a story of perseverance, and Mulan is about searching and fighting for who you are. These are lessons that we need to stay motivated—not that adults have to be reminded of them, but rather to give context to these important lessons in life.

As adults, we focus on other forms of entertainment, like Netent mobile games because we want to escape the difficulties we are going through. Watching Disney pictures keeps us firm in our belief that good always triumphs over evil.

Educational Value

We also love watching these animated films because there are tidbits of information about history. Although the history was altered to fit the storyline, adults still leave the cinemas with new knowledge. For example, Mulan showed us how it was to be a woman in ancient China. Hercules introduced us to Greek mythology.

Adults also know that these movies are great in introducing their children to the world of the academe. Adults watch them not only because they learn something new but because they open doors for new interests.

Great Songs

Adults love the songs in Disney movies—from Aladdin to Frozen—these are hits that no one can deny. In almost all of Disney pictures, the soundtrack is impeccable. These songs became cultural hits and will always stay in popular culture all throughout the world. 

The songs are great, and they give us new hope to face a new day because they are always associated with happy endings, and adults look forward to happy endings more than anything else.

They Reflect Life

Disney is great at showing the audience what life is about. It has themes about romance, fighting for what you believe in, getting in trouble, losing the ones you love, staying true to yourself, and so much more. 

One of the many reasons adults love watching Disney movies is because they reflect reality. We all have had our fair share of injustice, the movies give us hope that one day, we will find ourselves in a better place. 

Escapism is also one of the things that Disney offers to adults. Even if the pictures reflect real life, they allow adults to view these circumstances in alternate realities. As grown-ups watch Disney movies, they think of their lives in a different light, and they feel a lot more positive as they come out of the theaters.


The Walt Disney Company has been around for decades, and it has not changed its formula of making animated films. Despite this, it still works like a magnet that attracts both adults and kids. The movies offer a variety of themes, and yet all these are relatable.

Disney movies are here to stay, and as they acquire more and more properties, we can expect the company to expand its offerings over time and appeal even to a wider variety of audiences.


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