Personal accident insurance plan: Meaning, Types, and coverage


What is a personal accident insurance policy? Looking to buy a personal accident insurance plan? If so, you must get complete information on the personal accident insurance plan

This article will tell you about the meaning, types, and coverage of a personal accident insurance policy. Let us first start to understand the purpose of a personal accident insurance policy. 

What do you mean by the personal accident insurance policy?

A personal accident insurance plan is a type of insurance policy that reimburses the medical expenses that occur due to unexpected mishaps in your life.

 Suppose you have a personal accident insurance plan, are strongly hit by a car accident, and suffer significant injuries. In that case, the personal accident health insurance policy covers all the treatment and hospitalization expenses. 

On the other hand, if something happens to you after an unexpected accident, your family and dependents get compensation to secure their financial needs and future dependents. 

As you all know, road accidents are increasing day by day. Then they are leading to a higher number of deaths or muscular injuries, so everyone needs to have a personal accident insurance plan. 

Classification of personal accident insurance plan

Two types of personal accident insurance plans are covered under the best individual health insurance plan that you need to opt for. 

  • Individual personal accident cover

The individual personal accident insurance policy will help you to secure one person under the circumstances of the unfortunate incident. This type of insurance plan gives coverage to the person for the accidental injuries that they face, such as loss of limb and sight, any disabilities, and even results in death. 

  • Group personal accident cover

The group personal accident insurance plan secures the group of people and gives them coverage and benefits under this policy. The organization buys such coverage to confirm the number of employers and staff. So, if the employers are faced with an accident or any risk, then they can all claim the benefits from the group personal insurance cover. 

Coverage of personal accident insurance cover

Personal accident insurance coverage covers the needs of the policyholder in various aspects. 

  • Accidental death

This coverage provides the benefits of the lump sum to the dependent of the policyholder when the unfortunate death of the insured occurs. 

  • Total disablement

If the accident occurs to the policyholder, and they are left with the permanent total disablement, then the policy offers the entire sum of the amount to them. 

  • Partial disablement 

If the policyholder suffers from permanent partial disablement, then a certain percentage of the insured sum helps you to secure medical expenses. 

  • Temporary total disablement 

This policy provides the weekly benefits for a detailed period if the policyholder faces temporary total disablement. The insured sum is used to take care of the cost of treatment along with the household expenses. 


This article consists of all the details related to the types and coverage of personal accident insurance.


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