What is BMI, and how does it affect your insurance plans?


In today’s time, when the craze for fitness has increased, everyone seems to be talking about it. In the world of fitness, BMI (Body mass index) plays a vital role. But rare people are there who have the correct information on the BMI. Let us make it easy for you to understand the body mass index with this article. 

Body mass index (BMI) is the ratio of height and weight. It can be cleared in terms of importance in Kilograms, divided by the square of measurements in meters. The proportions of weight and height are used to determine whether the person is overweight, underweight, or obese. 

A favorable way to calculate the BMI

There are three different methods to calculate BMI. Let us further explain all the methods in detail. 

1.BMI calculation formula

It is straightforward to calculate the BMI by the manual formula of the height and weight ratio. BMI calculation formulas are equal to the balance of importance to the person’s size square. 

2.Body mass index charts

Body mass index charts are used for men and women, which are considered a simple way to know where you stand. The BMI chart lists the weight horizontally at the top heights on the side, vertically. 

You can easily calculate the BMI for the ideal weight and height. Also, you quickly know how much you are at risk for weight-related diseases. 

3.BMI calculators

An excellent method to know the BMI is by using the Body mass index calculators online for men and women that are available online. Once you put the height and weight, BMI is the calculator and appears in front of you. Also, if you put any of the values of size and weight, it will give the best figure for both. 

There is no significant difference between the BMI of either gender, or it has appeared that the BMI of men is higher than that of men. 

Impact of BMI on insurance premium

Your BMI determines how healthy you are. A higher BMI means more susceptibility to heart diseases, weight-related diseases, and other illnesses such as diabetes. Insurance companies often use the BMI to analyze your premium amount is. 

The higher the expenditure, the higher the insurance premium. You should note that these determinations are the indication of the health of the person. However, they are final and binding. If they anticipate the medical bounding is found to be more, it directly impacts your health insurance policy


This article is written with complete information on BMI. Here you learned about the three different methods to calculate BMI. Also, we tell you about the way in which the BMI affects the insurance premiums. Hope you understand how the above process works. 

It is concluded that BMI is beneficial, and the determination of your health care contains easy steps. 

Do you feel easy now to use the BMI calculators? 


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