10 most rated laundry room decoration ideas.

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Our house is based on so many types of rooms. One is different than others. These rooms are using different purposes. If we want to explain it, we can say, the living room is the shared laundry room decor room for all family members and all kinds of people as well. Guest, neighbors, friends whoever come to visit our house; we generally tell them to seat in the living room. Our living room consists of a sofa, chairs, and a table too for sitting and gossiping there.

We decorate this room with some fresh flowers, lights, and of course, garnish with some designable furniture. On the other hand, when we think of our bedroom, the first thing comes in our mind that that is a private room for all of us and random people cannot access there easily.

The main ordinary furniture in our bedroom is, of course, the bed. People love to decorate it with some small furniture like a coffee table, dressing table to get ready, etc. All the paint color of all kinds of the room is not similar to others. The different room needs different types of design so that it looks unique and memorable. These kinds of places are essential for our living. A house is not considered as a complete house with those.

This kind of essential room is the laundry room. Almost every house has a laundry room. A laundry room is a place where we can keep our clothes. The function of a laundry room is mainly to wash and dry the clothes. People are keeping their clothes and some other washing types of equipment there. For this, they use countertops, cabinet attached with wall, or a rack also.

Many people keep there a mini sewing machine and iron too. Whenever we need to go outside of the house, we can eliminate the wrinkles and shrinkage of our cloth by ironing it. People are used to keeping an iron table in a laundry room so that they can quickly iron their clothes. The functions of a laundry room are so many. Let’s talk about some parts of a laundry room. These functions will be given below.

Functions of a laundry room-

  1. Wash the cloths.
  2.  Dry the clothes.
  3. Keep the cloths there.
  4. To keep the laundry products safely there.
  5. Keep the sewing machine.
  6. Keep the washing machine safely there.
  7. To keep the iron board.

Here we have given some functions of a laundry room. We can decorate the laundry room to provide a fantastic look. Now we are going to discuss all of these briefly below-


  1. Wash the clothes- We can wash our clothes inside the laundry room. We don’t need to ruin our bathroom floor. 
  2. Dry the clothes- When we are outside of the home, we can let our clothes dry there. This is a very secure space.
  3. Keep the cloths there- Don’t need to create a mess in our bedroom. We can easily keep our clothes inside the laundry room. We can also support our dirty clothes there.
  4. To keep the laundry products safely there- Sometimes we cannot find the laundry stuff. We forgot where we kept it. So we can use our laundry room to keep the laundry stuff safely there.
  5. Keep the sewing machine- We are worried about keeping our sewing machine because of space and the right place to keep it. We can use the laundry room for this purpose.
  6. Keep the washing machine safely there- Most of the bathrooms doesn’t have a socket inside it. It is annoying to keep the washing machine outside the bathroom. So we can maintain the device safely in the laundry room.  
  7. Keep the iron board- We can keep the iron board inside the laundry room that saves our space.

The one more thing we have to keep in mind that we should attach a laundry sink in the laundry room. So that we can clean the cloths by hand easily there.

Where should we put the laundry room?

It is a critical issue to select the right place for the laundry room. We should not put it in any random places like beside the guest room or living room. We should locate the laundry room beside our bedroom or kitchen. There must have reasons for finding the laundry room beside the kitchen or bedroom. That is-

  1. Easily transport the dirty cloths- If we locate our laundry room beside the bedroom, we can easily transport our dirty clothes there. We don’t need to face any problem with keeping our dirty clothes. Also, locating the laundry room beside the bedroom can help us to clean our bedroom. We can see that we create a mess in our bedroom with dirty clothes. But if our laundry room is close to our bedroom, then we can keep the cloths easily there without making any mess in our bedroom.
  2. Find out the cloth easily- We can easily find our cloths from the countertops that are in the laundry room. It is a very common scenario that we are in a hurry to go to work, but we cannot find our clothes easily. We need to search for it for a long time. That makes the problem in our daily life also it is a waste of time. We feel so anxious too. But if we keep our clothes in our laundry room countertops, we can easily access those clothes and find our required one. That is a time-saving and smart way to keep the cloths.
  3. We know immediately when washing machine cycles have ended- We have to busy all day in our house for different types of work. We are preparing food or take care of our baby or family members. So we should locate the laundry room beside the kitchen or bedroom because we can do several works at a time. For example- when we are cooking in the kitchen to let the cloths into the washing machine that is in the laundry room, we can hear easily when the cycle is done. The sound of the washing machine buzzer can hear so easily while we are doing in the kitchen or taking a rest in our bedroom. It is a very easy way. 

So, it will be a wise decision to locate the laundry room beside the bedroom and kitchen. It will help us to reduce our problems, save time, and so on! 

In many bathrooms, we can notice that there is no electrical socket inside the bathroom. So better we keep our washing machine inside our laundry room. It is safer than keeping the washing machine inside the bathroom. 

After all these discussions, we come to know that the laundry room is very important for our house, and the functions of a laundry room are so many. So we should find out some ideas to decorate it. This is the main task of decorating the laundry room properly. Generally, we decorate all the rooms with our favorite colors, textures, furniture, etc. The laundry room is also this kind of special room laundry room decor. A beautiful laundry room can increase the value of any house too. So we should decorate it perfectly.

We always look for the best one for our house in the entire item. Whatever it is a showpiece or furniture. We are looking for a unique and different one for us. That can bring the value of our house. Before finding the best one for our house, we have to know all the things about this item. It is an essential part. In this fact, we have to know how we can décor our laundry room perfectly. Also, not all houses laundry room is similar. You have to choose a laundry room décor idea that is preferable for you and will match with your house too.

Now we are going to discuss some best laundry room décor ideas. 

10 most rated laundry room decoration ideas-

  1. Paint the wall with light colors.
  2. Use wall attached cabinet.
  3. Use a wooden alphabet to write something.
  4. Write an inspiring quote about cleanliness in the wall.
  5. Using some artificial lights.
  6. Design the floor.
  7. Consider a small place for a pet washing corner if you have a pet.
  8. Keep a countertop to keep the fold cloths.
  9. Use a table with multiple drawers to keep the washing stuff.
  10. Select a room for a laundry room with one or more windows.
  11. Add wall art for your laundry

Here are the best ideas about laundry room decoration. The brief discussion of this idea of laundry room décor is given below 


  1. Paint the wall with light colors- You should apply warm colors on your laundry room to décor it. It will look clean and warm. You can décor your laundry room decor with yellow, green, off white or ash color. That will look amazing. 
  2. Use wall attached cabinet- To décor your laundry room, you can use an attached cabinet. That can save your space. If you are worried about your shortage space, don’t need to worry about it. a wall attached cabinet can consider some free space to keep other equipment in the laundry room. You can keep your clothes there.
  3. Use a wooden alphabet to write something- To give an aesthetic look to your laundry room, you can use the wooden alphabet to write something like’ LAUNDRY’ to décor your laundry room. You can give a bright color on your alphabet. It will look very unique in your warm painted wall.
  4. Write an inspiring quote about cleanliness in the wall- Writing an inspiring quote on the laundry room wall can increase the beauty of your laundry room. That is a very unique idea of laundry room decoration. If anyone comes to visit your laundry room, you will get compliments from them for it.
  5. Using some artificial lights- Natural lights are important for a laundry room, but for working in the night you can use some artificial lights there. You can use some designable light to decorate your laundry room.
  6. Design the floor- To decorate your laundry room decor, you can design the floor too. You can use an eye-popping texture floor in your laundry room. Black and white color suits the most on the floor. 
  7. Consider a small place for pet washing corner if you have a pet- We know that we shouldn’t wash our pet in our bathroom in the outside too. So we can consider a small place in the laundry room as a pet washing corner so that we can do it very easily.
  8. Keep a countertop to keep the fold clothes- We can keep countertops to keep the fold cloths and we can find them from it very easily. That can keep our cloth perfectly.
  9. Use a table with multiple drawers to keep the washing stuff- Decorate the laundry room with a table with multiple drawers is a very useful thing. We can keep all the stuff there and use the top side of the table as an iron board.
  10. Select a room for laundry room with one or more windows- When you are decorating your laundry room, make sure that the laundry room decor has one or more windows so that air and sunlight can come easily and keep the environment fresh.
  11. Add wall art for your laundry. Use wall art to add a unique touch to your laundry room. Do not limit yourself in ideas, show your personality and style. Check out pro tips by professional interior designers on how to decor your laundry with wall art.

A laundry room plays a vital role in our house. If our laundry room is decorated with these ideas, it will look very amazing and that also increase the beauty of any house. 

FAQ of laundry room décor ideas.

Question- Can I paint the wall with bright colors?

Answer- You shouldn’t do so. You should choose a warm color for your laundry room.

Question- How can I organize my small laundry room decor?

Answer- You should use wall hanger to hang the clothes, use wall attached cabinet, and keep the washing machine under the cabinet.



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