How to Install Crown Molding

how to install crown molding

If you are trying to give your home an aesthetic look, you should know how to install a crown mold. Crown molding is an excellent idea for your home bedroom or living room decor. The crown mold on the ceiling of the house looks very modest. You can create a regal design for your home at a low cost. A beautifully designed crown mold will help decorate your family how to install crown molding.

The beauty of the crown mold usually depends on its color and design.  So when installing the crown mold, should pay attention to the selection of the perfect colour because dull colours can detract from the beauty of your home. Again, the dull-colored shading makes the room dark without illuminating it. Brightly colored crown molding gives the house an aesthetic look. However, the colour of the mold should be chosen to match the colour of the walls of your home. If it doesn’t match the colour of the wall, it will look messy.

The idea that crown molding is only necessary to create a protective covering is not correct. Instead it is a complete overhead part that is applied to the surface of the original material. An authentic design mold is used for visual purposes.  It is so popular with users for its beauty. Most people like to decorate their house a little differently.

You should be careful while designing the overhead part so that it is not damaged in any way. The coating on top of it is perfectly matched with the film. However, if some components are damaged, a new line must be installed in place of the damaged pieces. The whole process has to be done very carefully. In today’s discussion, we will talk about how to install the crown mold.

How to install the crown mold

At the junction of the ceiling and the walls of the house, the mold should be trimmed depending on the correct measurements during crown molding.  The crown mold should be placed at a 45-degree angle between the walls and the ceiling.  However, some crowns are placed at an angle of 36 degrees to the ceiling surface and 52 degrees to the walls. 

If you spend a little extra on the artwork, it will give your home a sophisticated touch.  Many people are decorating the house by installing a crown mold. So it is essential to know how to install crown mold. You need to collect some crucial tools for crown molding in advance.

Necessary equipment

  •  Speed ​​Square
  •  Cordless drill
  •  6-foot stairs
  •   Electric meter saw
  •   Measurement tape
  •   Bubble layer
  •   Carpenter’s pencil
  •   Air hose
  •   Pinter tape
  •   Electronic nailer
  •   Knife

  Instructions for installing the crown mold

Step-1: Measure the house accurately

Measure the room in which you will make the crown mold first with measuring tape.  Suppose the height of the walls of your space is 18 feet, and the division of two adjacent walls is 13 feet.  Then for the whole room, the mixture of two crown molds measuring 169 square feet should be cut into 14 feet.  And if you want to build a mold for a long wall, you have to use two parts of 10 feet.

Step-2: Cut the crown mold

You have to be careful when cutting the crown mold so that no part of the mold is damaged. Good results can be obtained by using a manual meter box. Cutting molds using an electric meter saw gives the perfect shape and makes the cuts more precise. With the horizontal part of the saw, the crown should be trimmed horizontally without cutting it directly. To do this, bend the saw at a 45-degree angle and cut. In this way, the part of the crown that will meet the ceiling will not have any problem. Be sure to cut the crown mold to match the ceiling and walls

 Step-3: Cut the inner corner

 Measure the 45-degree angle facing each other to cut the inner wall of the two parts of the crown mold.  If the two parts are placed face to face, then there will be no possibility of any gap inside.  When cutting the right side of the mold, cut off the left side.  Be sure to measure the 45-degree angle and cut to the left.  Cut the cutter 45 degrees to the right and leave the left side.

 Step-4 Cut the outer corners.

Now you are ready to cut the outer corner. The process of cutting the extreme corner is a little bit similar to the inside corner. Keep in mind that the outer corner has an angle of 45 degrees. It is identical to open outwards like a half-open book. In short, it’s like a halfway corner. Keep the saw 45-degree left and cut the right part and discard it. Similarly, while you want to save the right amount, keep it at a 45-degree angle, and toss the left leg as well. The outer corner must be combined perfectly. Another doesn’t look better.

Step-5 Place the crown molding.

This is an essential part of placing the crown molding. After cutting inside and outside the corner, it’s time to put both legs at the wall. This time you have to need a ladder and an assistant who helps you to place the crown mold correctly. You can’t do this all along. Now focus on the center of the room wall and start putting. Take the crown at a 45-degree angle according to the ceiling and wall.

It is essential to precise the angle before placing the crown mold. Another way of placing is, take a 52-degree angle and 32-degree angle according to the wall and ceiling, respectively. However, the real mess occurs when you try to join two individual parts of the mold. Although the pieces are finely cut or not, this problem happens all the time. It is quite challenging to match the inside corner and the outer corner.

Step-6 Join the two pieces of crown molding.

In this step, try to join the two pieces of crown molding. Continuously the crown can not extend the full height of a wall. The nearly invisible direction of weaving two vertical chunks is the combination of the coat.  Trim the left portion 45 degrees, that’s can set the left angle of any inner elbow. Surrounding, trim the right-hand part so that the right bend of an external elbow is reduced. Match the two-part jointly and nail in their position.

Step-7 Nail the crown mold to the straight runs

In this step, use your electric nailer and sprint the pin nails along the angle to the crown panel. You have to note the pillars on the wall.  Alternatively, the crown in a touch which is bright, plenty that you can operate some average nails only on the drywalls. After that, progress some stability from there.  Try a stud finder to observe foam.

Step-8 Draw the crown molding.

You have to color your crown before or after circulating it. On the other point, the colored crowning, which already includes means painter tape with a dusty cabin and the color pertained with the maintenance of reasonable bleeding under the painter tape.

Consider a practical way you can install without fussing about scarring the painted texture of the edge. Another way if you pull the crown molding inside or outside in a workshop when you start the installation. There is no difficulty in drawing the crown molding. Subsequently, when you install the crown molding, the layers will be accurate without bleeding.  But you have to brush the dye, always so quite.

The painters and trim installers always have various explanations. So the only density is that the crown should be motivated while starting the installation and to ensure it from surging and shrinking.

When take to help from professional

In the case of installing your own crown molding looks like a bit difficult. When do you think to call a professional? Several companies work to install crown molding. However, big metro sectors, particularly those with grown-up residence products, most retain people or minor corporations that barely do trimming, molding, installation, and manufacturing facilities.

Most of the carpentry enterprise is a bigger common sector for the sort of specialists who can help you to install the crown molding. On the other way, you can survey for matching assistance along with an online service, especially as HomeAdvisor, particularly as Interior Trim or Molding Installation. Still, if you can’t discover how to install crown molding, then you should call a professional.

How to installing crown molds on plunged ceilings

Each angle is 90 degrees while installing crown molds on the plunged ceiling. Suppose you can guess that the wall angle from the ceiling is more than 90 degrees. Then it clarifies the complication of installing the crown in cabins with plunged ceilings.

But you don’t have to worry about it because it is not that difficult, rather of attempting to adjust a 90-degree angle border that is not more than 90 degrees. You can also build a running crown, particularly as a panel crown installation, which is at the top of the ceiling. Rather it can provide the space with the desired color impact.  Also, you can settle a radiant glimmer on the back of the crown in the evening.

Prevent complicated cuts with corner areas

When you’re facing a tough moment molding crowns and don’t want to take off in the early position, the corner areas are the only direction to prevent nearly all meter scrapes. Corner areas are portions of edge that are installed internal or outside elbow.

They are rather capital connections of 45-degree corners or two crown lines. When you are trying to join each strip to a square area at a 90-degree corner. The corner areas not only create installation simpler. Although, they also expand a garnishing, gorgeous and immense glimmer to your cottage.

The easier and faster way to make crown molding.

Electric meter saw sets to work an option to crown molding.  The crowns are grown and reduced so that the significant meetings do not unlock the joints of the pieces. Imagine you have an entire crown molding compartment in front of you, purchase a crown molding support first.

Where a prop that grips the trim firmly and goes against the ceiling. Purchase the extended reasonable crown mold. As a result, it will benefit you flatten the total panels without fixing up the two chunks together with the scarf connections. Use a painted cover to wrap holes between crowns and the ceilings or walls. If you discover how to install crown molding, you can do it by yourself.


How to cut crown molding?

You have to use an electric miter saw to cut crown molding. It is the best way to cut crown molding angles. Before cut the angles, you can adjust the saw into 45 degrees for one side. This is applicable to a standard 90-degree corner. You can also set the saw at 45-degrees to the left or right.

How to cut crown molding inside corners?

To cut the crown molding inside corner, you have to put the corner is one with an interface at a 45-degree angle between the wall and ceiling. If the two parts are placed face to face, then there will be no possibility of any gap inside.  When cutting the right side of the mold, cut off the left side.  Be sure to measure the 45-degree angle and cut to the left.  Cut the cutter 45 degrees to the right and leave the left side.

How to peel and stick crown molding?

After cutting the inside and outside corners you have to peel and stick crown molding. The nearly invisible direction of weaving two vertical chunks is the combination to the coat.  Trim the left portion 45 degrees, that’s can set the left angle of any inner elbow. Surrounding, trim the right-hand portion so that the right angle of an external elbow is reduced. Match the two-part jointly and nail in their position.

What is a foam crown molding?

Foam crown molding makes a unique style and adds personality to your home. If you are planning to decorate your bedroom or living room, the foam crown molding can be the best choice. It is affordable and makes an aesthetic look to your home.


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