How to Make Use of Your Spare Bedroom

Make Use of Spare Bedroom

Spare bedrooms are a waste of space most of the time. All they do is sit there gathering dust, waiting for someone to stay a night every few weeks. It’s no way for a perfect room to live, so why not repurpose it into something useful? Repurposing your spare bedroom is easy, and you don’t need to get rid of the guest bed to do it. Let’s see how to make use of the spare bedroom. Try transforming your spare bedroom with these ideas. 

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Bed ideas

Firstly, if you want to unlock new uses for your spare bedroom while keeping a bed spare, you’ll need to ditch the traditional bed. 

Day beds are half-bed, half-sofa combos that free up space, or you can use a sofa bed to free up space. Our preference is for day beds because they can be used as a sofa but are much comfier when converted into beds. 

If you want to ditch the wardrobe and chest of drawers but keep the traditional bed, try an ottoman bed. Ottoman beds have storage under the base. The storage is not only concealed but spacious enough for all kinds of things. 

Spare bedroom ideas

Now that you have your bed sorted let’s talk alternative use cases for your spare bedroom. 

Create a home office 

If your spare bedroom has space, transforming it into a home office is one of the best transformations. You could get rid of the traditional bed for a day bed, a half-bed, half-sofa combo that frees up space without sacrificing guest comfort.

Make a study corner

If you don’t want a bonified home office in your spare bedroom, create a study corner instead, using a corner desk and a computer. Corner desks take up little space, and this setup won’t ruin the form and function of the bedroom. 

Make a reading corner

If you don’t want to make a study corner, make a reading corner. Reading corners are easy to make with a corner bookcase and a comfortable chair. Make your spare bedroom a place for quiet reflection, so you have somewhere to unwind. 

Use it as a dressing room

If you don’t have much space to get dressed in your bedroom, your spare bedroom will serve as an excellent dressing room. To use your extra bedroom as a dressing room, all you need is a mirror and a dressing table. 

Turn it into a closet 

If your bedroom closet is too small, move your clothes and shoes into the spare bedroom. Use space-saving storage solutions like an ottoman bed, open clothes racks, and shelves to increase storage without sacrificing space for guests. 

Transform it into a playroom 

Playrooms are safe spaces for kids to unwind. Remove the bed from your spare room and install a sofa bed or day bed to free up space. Put foam floor tiles over the carpet, stick a toy box in there, and your kids will be good to go. 

Set up a games room 

If you have older children or guests to entertain, a games room is an excellent use for a spare bedroom. We’re talking ping pong, foosball, pool, and games consoles. Use a day bed to free up space while keeping an extra bed available. 

Turn it into a home gym 

You won’t beat any powerlifting records in a spare bedroom gym, but you can put an exercise bike, treadmill, and essential equipment in there. Install a solid floor like wood or vinyl for stability and protect it with rubber interlocking floor tiles. 

Turn it into a sitting room 

If your spare bedroom is relatively large, turning it into a sitting room – a place where you can sit down and relax – will do wonders for your psyche. Everyone needs somewhere quiet, and your spare room could be the perfect place. 

How do you use your spare bedroom? 

Perhaps you have a massive TV in it and a minibar for the football? Or maybe you use it for remote working? Share your stories in the comments section below. 



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