Why Cosmeticium in Turkey is the Best Place for Hair Transplant?

Cosmeticium in Turkey is the Best Place for Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is indeed a surgical process for permanent hair removal from the back of the skull and replacement of missing hair in front of the head. The basic theory of hair transplant surgery is recipient supremacy – that perhaps the occipital region comprises asrogen-resistant hair and therefore is permanent – and then, when transplanted to several other places, they maintain the property. Thus, even after transplantation, such hairs are maintained and therefore do not drop off. Keep reading to find why Cosmeticium in Turkey is the best place for hair transplant.

Why Turkey?

The possible explanation why Turkey is now the most significant spot to get hair transplantation is that it has several advantages to people that are going to have hair transplants. You will find it a cost-effective source for hair transplants. Turkey also provides the highest quality service at reasonable rates, making hair transplantation amongst favored countries because it will cost you too much in your native country.

Istanbul is undoubtedly the most significant attraction in Turkey to get hair transplantation and is a perfect place to enjoy while having hair transplantation. You may visit several historical sites in Istanbul while recovering from the service. There are other towns in Turkey where you’ll have hair transplantation and have the opportunity to see several great places.

Why Cosmeticium?

Everyone wants to attain a beautiful and attractive look by overcoming hair deficiency. So, you are in the right place because of several good reasons.

  • Cosmeticium (https://cosmeticium.com/) provides the necessary assistance to the hair transplant clients.
  • Cosmeticium ‘s primary aim is to bring forth sophisticated hair transplant modern technologies with a high level of surveillance.
  • Being one of Turkey ‘s finest hair transplants, Cosmeticium in Turkey provides insight regarding hair transplantation that helps individuals recognize the correct healthcare for hair falling.
  1. Free Consultation

Cosmeticium provides a free online Consultation where specialized doctors help the patients as soon and as efficiently as possible.

  1. Experienced Specialist Team

Cosmeticium in Turkey has highly qualified and experienced doctors to assist the patients through hair transplantation. One of the most prominent and experienced doctors, like Dr.Caglar and Dr.Batu, is part of the specialist team.

  1. Advanced Health Service

As Cosmeticium, while offering world-class healthcare facilities, their mission is to offer high-level, state-of-the-art technology and health care and management solutions to the patients through the trained and skilled professionals and their advanced technical equipment.

  1. Latest Technology Equipments

With qualified and experienced staff, Cosmeticium in Turkey also uses the latest technology types of equipment to assist the patients through the hair transplantation efficiently.

  1. Best Hair Transplant Methods (FUE and DHI)
  • FUE

Using FUE method, micro gaps/holes are opened throughout the hair’s loss area known as “canal.” The procedure is then conducted with grafts planted that the FUE obtained in the exposed holes. 

Throughout this manner, a sequential scar doesn’t occur throughout the extraction region, and the disposal wasn’t even noticed for the first weeks after extraction. Cosmeticium in Turkey appreciates the FUE system for allowing the hair transplant surgery naturally and cleanly.

The most significant phase of FUE hair transplant surgery is the phase of the canal having opened. This stage decides the naturalness of the method and its density. Canals should be in a right-angle allowing hair to fall out, and the width must be similar to traditional hair as well as the size of the channels must be optimally balanced. When these considerations are factored into the equation is when canals are opened, good outcomes are obtained.


The sharp component attached to an object that’s used to access the canals called the “hook” is unique to the individual and needs changing for each patient. For the client’s grafts, the most suitable cutting size is being used.

  • Through localized anesthesia, 100% natural, correct angle, density equal to that of a normal, scarless procedure is performed painlessly.
  • The hair surgeons have been the only ones who perform the operations.
  • Cosmeticium also guarantees that transplanted hair would not be lost in an entire life.
  • Possibility of a significant proportion of grafts being planted.



The grafts will be erased by a “micromotor” resource, which will have a hole as well as a jagged point, one about the scalp. For this procedure, the points differ from 0.7-1.25 of widths that can be used, relying on the graft width of the client. The grafts, where sides are isolated from the hairy tissue, are separately collected by technicians.

Canal Stage

Micro-sized instruments termed “handle” are used during this point, which is suitable for heights and thickness of the grafts as well as show a bit of sharp surface. When the recipient region is sensitive to no discomfort and pain, the angle, width, direction, and intensity of the micro-lateral sutures should be made of particular interest.


The grafts obtained during the collection process are planted within holes that were created at the canal phase. The stage of planting is quite critical too. Hairs are put throughout the canals, which have been adequately prepared for the grafts collected, each one with the utmost treatment. This is of the highest priority at this point, like our healthy hair, that perhaps the grafts, which comprise one piece of hair, be planted at front.

  • DHI

This is the hair transplant process in which hair transplant is done without shaving the head. In about one to two minutes, hair follicles are transplanted after the extraction procedure so these cells remain outside of the body. 

It is an easy to transplant process between all the strands of hair if the patient has no patches or bald area on the scalp. In this way, patient can get higher density of hair if there is not space on head. Most of the people find it easy and safe to go for this procedure. 

The DHI is the most delicate and authentic hair implant technique. It is good because there is no detectable scarring, stitches, scalpers and wounds. It is a trouble free procedure that is done under local anesthesia. Patient can go to work on the same day. Doctor can complete the entire procedure with minimum scars as well as patient recovers instantly. 

  1. All-Inclusive Treatment Package

Cosmeticium provides all the facilities to the patients throughout the hair transplant surgery, which include hotel stay outs, All VIP transfers, aftercare health services, all medical procedures. No doubt, this is a cost-effective package. 

  1. Price Advantage

With highly-skilled, internationally experienced, and competent medical professionals, they also provide reasonably priced-cost hair transplant medications comparison to other European nations. However, they are entirely controlled by the Turkish state.

  1. Many Happy Patients

Cosmeticium has successfully served a lot of patients. Client satisfaction has always been a top priority. So, the team ensures its patients are getting the best treatment and care. Even upon the medications, they ensure the patients are comfortable by regularly contacting to check back on the outcomes of the medication and check whether they require any further help. 


It will be a wise decision to choose this clinic for a successful hair transplant. For offering a variety of safe and cost-effective treatment and facilities, this is the right option. 


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