How to Audit Backlinks with Google Search Console

Audit Backlinks

On this particular article, we’re literally connecting the dots. A full connection usually provides a link. But in this instance, we’re not talking about just any link. We’re going to study the algorithms of backlinks, and how to audit them. Alternatively known as income or inbound links, backlinks significantly make their connection through external websites. They transpire when one website mentions another website. An action of series of mentions from other websites forms the SEO miniature version of a chain reaction. After all, there’s no better digital interpretation of a chain than a link. Backlinks contribute towards shaping your search visibility to come full circle. In this blog, you will know how to Audit Backlinks with Google Search Console.

The amazing Google Search Console

The best things in life are for free. The oxygen that you breathe keeps you alive, and Search Console helps to keep your brand alive. There’s life in freedom, and a good search party has always been reliable to bring the target home. Search Console offers you a helping hand to carry the progress of your site. It’s a monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting tool for your site’s presence in Google’s search results. Your company is often referred to as your baby, and Search Console is your online babysitter. It serves as a detector for any on-goings that occur on your website. From updated content to spam reports, and other websites linking to your site. Search Console is present as a watchful eye for your site.

Backlink Audit Reports

The mere fact that inbound links are referred to as backlinks doesn’t mean that they creep in through the backdoor. But even if they did, they wouldn’t escape the Search Console. The two form a marvelous combination because Search Console serves as the relevant tool to audit the backlinks. An analysis of your search engine performance is often formed through a report of links on the Search Console. The report is essential in aiding you to identify parts of your content and designs that could achieve better results if given the necessary enhancement. The Google Search Console acts as an auditor for the backlinks, thus helping you to stay informed about your site, and everything related to it. You can click on any page on your site to check which other sites link to it.

Tracking Linked Websites

The Links page on Google Search Console is made of four fairly similar sections. Three of them are external pages and sites that have been detected on your platform. Top linked pages are links from other sites, but with pages on your site. Top linking sites are sites from the outside, but somehow linking to your particular site. The last fraction of the external sections is; Top linking text. It acts as an anchor text on external sites that connect to yours. The only internal section is called Top linked pages, which boasts of pages that have the most internal links on your site. It has the same name as its external counterpart, but the difference is in how it operates.Search Console also outlines the totality of links that Google has crawled from your site. 

You can click on any page to see which sites link to it. Scanning is a vital operation for Google Search Console to garner the correct information, and determining how many linking domains are worthwhile. This helps you to monitor your site, and develop a better understanding on how to direct the right traffic onto your site

Search engines make use of backlinks — the links from other websites to yours — in their algorithms as measures of value as well as authority. Google’s original PageRank algorithm created the notion that links are like citations in, for example, a research paper. The more citations that it receives, the more valuable the site is. To attract links, a website’s content needs to be valuable to others. Link equity — which is the aggregate value of backlinks — is an algorithm factor of every main search engine. Analysing the links which contribute to that equity can assist with focusing your efforts in acquiring links.


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