Six Skincare Tips by the Best Dermatologist during COVID-19 Pandemic

Skincare Tips by Best Dermatologist

Undoubtedly, now you would have mastered taking precautions during the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic like frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks, etc. When everything is under lockdown and dermatologist visits are not possible, how can you do your skincare routine? This blog will tell you Six Skincare Tips by the Best Dermatologist during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Maintaining proper skincare routine can give you great benefits during this COVID-19 Pandemic”, says Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Rhinoplasty Toronto Surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson. Several skincare products are available in your own vanity that can help you in clearing your complexion and obtain a flawless skin. A few of skincare tips by best dermatologist are elaborated here:

1. Build A Perfect Skincare Routine

If you’re skipping your makeup, it doesn’t mean that you forgo your skincare routine. It is a perfect time to add some additional steps in your skincare regimen like applying sunscreen or antioxidant serums, face cleaning two times a day or gentle messaging with a moisturizer. 

Build A Perfect Skincare Routine

2. Avoid Makeup

There are plenty of Convincing Reasons to Stop Wearing Makeup. One of the primary reasons is makeup don’t let your skin breathe properly, resulting in skin issues arise like clogged pores, oily skin, blemishes, or pimples. It’s absolutely fine to say that you should separate your skin from the application of regular makeup. The tone and texture of the skin can be enhanced just in a few days a week by skipping the foundation.

3. Try Face Masks And Facials

Although a professional skin treatment cannot be replicated entirely at home, several skincare products are available that deliver enhancing, clarifying, and rejuvenating effects. Like a saying,” practice makes a man perfect”, it is important to build and sustain a routine that will work for you and your skin like applying face masks once in a week or doing facial at home. 

4. Use Smart Beauty Devices At Home

Usually, all individuals have at-home devices, but they forget to use them as every skincare therapy is available in almost every beauty salon. Now, it’s time for your skincare tools to be recharged and used to tone, tighten, and lift your skin like LED, microcurrent, ice rollers, and gua sha.

Beauty Devices At Home

5. Avoid Touch Your Face

Before the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic, the virtues of keeping your hands away from your face have been extolled by aestheticians and dermatologists for a decade. It will not only help you keep safe from COVID-19, but also will potentially make you healthy.

6. Control Your Stress Level

The quality of your skin doesn’t just reflect on what you put on your skin. But, Hormone imbalances, diet, and stress also show itself on the skin, and it would be more important to learn how to handle depression under this lockdown period. So practice taking a deep breath, home workouts, and yoga can keep you away from the depression. Of course, how can we forget a smile? Many studies have shown that smiles can alone release serotonin in the brain, which stimulates happiness.

To Wrap Things

Folks are experiencing mood swings under this rigid situation. So, why you don’t build a skincare routine that doesn’t only offer you flawless skin but also remove some of the monotonous moments from your daily life. So, it is the perfect time to follow the above-mentioned skincare tips.


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