ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike Review


Telling You What It Is:

Heard of Ancheer’s Folding Mountain Bike? It’s alright if you haven’t. We tested out a different product by the same company with almost the same features and some more additional prospects. Testing out bikes is pretty hard, we need more appreciation for this kind of art, honestly. Meaning, come on, we have to risk our precious lives to check if the bike is safe or not. Wait, no, that’s motorbikes and mobility scooters, not electric cycles. Ah shoot. In our defense, bicycles are pretty dangerous too. Sigh. We just made a mess of this. Let’s change that, shall we?

Like the other electric bike reviews, the Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike (with Removable Lithium-Ion Battery), sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Rightly so. It’s a pretty cool bike, if we say so ourselves. Mostly, that’s all you need to know. Details are history. You can get it now, it’s a good one. But for those looking for a more detailed insight to what this thing actually is, we have given it a trial run and have figured out what to say about it.

A Little Insight Into It:

On a more traditional product review template, writing a pros and cons list sounded about right. Here’s our list:

Pros Cons
Long Battery Life           Long Charging Time
Higher Speed compared to regular bikes            Slower compared to other electric bikes
Affordable price Not foldable
Pedal Assist Function Garbage Instructions
Removable Battery Uncomfortable Saddle
Two Working Modes  
Brake & Gear Shift System  
Louder Horn  

Now here’s the thing. The bike arrives in this beautiful black color and looks glorious right off the bat. The design screams a traditional-modern hybrid and gives off the mountain bike feel. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bike performs perfectly on off-road terrains or unreliable mountains. It has a removable battery which takes a little longer to charge, about 5 hours to charge fully if you drain it completely. That could be inconvenient at times but overnight charge works wonders and since the battery is removable, it’s easier to charge than their Foldable Mountain Bike.

This Power Plus performs well, after you’re done assembling it which can be a small inconvenience for some who do not know their ways around standard bikes because the instructions are pretty unsatisfying. But a little bit of research knowledge on bikes in general, the assembling is easy breezy.

This little guy performs at 25 mph maximum speed which is slower than some electric bikes but it is pretty much faster than regular bikes which is an added bonus. The battery that comes with the bike is a removable 36 volts, 12 AH lithium ion battery with a battery charger provided upon purchase. That’s pretty convenient. It lasts around 40-45 kilometers on electric mode and if travelled through with pedal assist can last up to 6-65 kilometers. This is better than a lot of electric bikes and easier than regular bikes, in general.

The tires on the Power Plus we got worked great despite some people reviewing theirs as shaky which could be a manufacturing problem on their part. The seat, however, was just as if not more uncomfortable than people described on the web. But it was an affordable fix. You can get it replaced and adjusted as you like. We didn’t find that a big issue with the price and the bike being a good one overall.

The bike weighs around 22kgs which is a little heavier than regular bikes but much lighter than electric bikes which again, is a convenient aspect. It comes with a front and rear brake disc system that makes it easier to control and maneuver around even with higher speeds. The louder horn and LED light makes it noticeable and easily identifiable to avoid accidents.

The bike is not foldable so it takes space for storage and carrying it in a trunk or other vehicles is much harder than the foldable electric bikes.

The ride on this thing is pretty smooth, overall. The bike, even when not on motor assistance, brakes easily, maneuvers easily and is generally, a standard set versatile electric bike.

It’s not the fastest in the market or the most mountain-friendly but for longer terrains and regular use, the bike is excellent in quality. The bike most probably will not take on the steeper and rougher terrains like more rugged mountain bikes but it performs quite well in general.

The Result:

For the price point, the Power Plus bike is a versatile and good quality bike. It performs great, looks great, is durable with the right care and handling. We suggest not overcharging the battery to make it last longer. The tires might need to be replaced for some because of the manufacturing issues some have faced but on average, the bike does not have any fault as such. It’s worth the price. Just keep in mind to research up on bikes to get rid of the few kinks here and there.


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