Fantasy Cricket A Game Of Real Earnings


India is a cricket mad country, people are too attached to this sport and for most of them it is more than just a game. And why not? A game that takes you to the edge and brings joy and sorrow hand in hand it is almost a perfect scenario for the fans to sink in. It was as if the fans were not closely connected to cricket now they have got the fantasy cricket to themselves, and this has made leaps and bounds in terms of how fans interact with cricket. 

Fantasy cricket is nothing but an avenue for cricket fans to express their opinion and expertise in building a cricket team. Here teams are formed and submitted and depending upon the results of the actual game and the performances of the individual players, points are allotted. The more points the players score the higher the rewards they reap. Moreover, with a huge chunk of reward money on the line, the space has become more and more competitive. 

The question then arises, why has fantasy cricket had such a profound effect on the fans? 

  1. Passion Is Rewarded With Earnings 

What has seen more and more cricket fans flock to fantasy cricket websites is that these games offer them to earn real money. Yes, all the players do link their bank accounts to these apps and once they have enough earnings in their pockets they cash out on them. Not only, that many cricket enthusiasts have now turned into full-time fantasy gamers and gurus focusing solely on fantasy games to make a living.

2. Players Can Make Build Their Dream Team 

If there is one thing that you can tell about cricket fans is that they are never satisfied with the player’s selection in the team. Different personalities have contrasting opinions on their selection, prior to fantasy cricket one could have not been able to prove his/her choice better than that of others. With fantasy apps in the play, now everyone gets to make their dream team and therefore can identify who has better skills in selecting the best players. Not to mention, they do get rewarded handsomely if their pick of players and the team performs really well.

3. Fans Have Never Been So Close To The Game

Not only the fans but the players themselves have not joined in collaboration with various fantasy gaming apps as their ambassadors. Considering how huge the pool of cricket fans India has to offer every website is looking to attract more and more players and this is why cricket players are often the face of that particular brand. It is as if the line between the players and the fans has been blurred and they work in tandem to entertain and bring out the best of their beloved sport. 

4. Bragging Rights Are There For Taking 

Gone are those days when you could not have settled an argument over the player’s selection in the cricket team being justified or not. Back then there was no way to find out who had the best set of 11 players and whom they were banking on to be their star player. But today, with fantasy cricket all your quarrels and dispute can be solved, all you need to do is to rank higher than your friend in the league standings with more points, and just like that, you will know who reigns supreme when it comes to player’s picks and predictions.

However, all these traits do encourage players to play fantasy cricket online. But what are assured ways to keep on winning big?

5. Research & Knowledge 

Just like any area of interest if you are to make the right decisions and calls you need to have good knowledge. Gathering more information on players’ statistics, recent performances, and head-t-head data will help you identify a pattern in players’ gameplay. Find out key player battles, and get to know what is the state of the mind of the current team players with their possibility of getting picked in the Playing X1. 

6. Captain’s Pick 

If there is one thing you need to get spot on while building your fantasy cricket team is captains. The captain gives you 2x more bonus points while the vice-captain adds 1.5x points to the team’s total. Be careful about your captain’s pick and choose an individual who is in his prime and not on his past records. The player you assign as the captain needs to play well in order for you to score those extra points.

7. Practice Is The Key 

Fantasy cricket is no easy feat by any means, there are players who often put in a lot of grind and hard work to reach where they are now. Do not expect great results if you are making the team for the sake of doing it, make sure you are interested and invested in the entire process, more importantly, you need to have a passion for the game. The best way to keep getting better at fantasy cricket is to main consistency even if you make mistakes. 


With fantasy cricket now taking a centre stage, these games have spread in every corner of the country. More and more players will now participate in these games providing it a competitive edge which in turn is entertaining. Calibration and determination is the mantra to be successful in playing fantasy cricket online. The choice is yours which way you want to play the game.


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