Best Places To Watch The NFL


The NFL can be watched almost anywhere – on cable channels, online services (like FuboTV and SlingTV), and free streaming sites (like USTV GO and 123TV). While many NFL streams are available only to US viewers, international NFL fans will not be able to watch them.

The only way to access geo-restricted content is with a U.S. Internet Protocol address. A 30-day money-back guarantee coupled with fast US-based servers makes NordVPN a great choice for unblocking sports streams.

Here are a few free sports streaming sites where you can watch NFL games. You must use a VPN before accessing these sites, whether it’s for security reasons or for privacy reasons.


Sports and television can be streamed live with USTV GO thanks to its user-friendly interface and reliability. No pop-up ads or online detours will distract you from the stream. You don’t need to know the broadcasting details ahead of time when tuning into USTV GO, as it provides a TV and game schedule.

Streams from more than just NFL games are available on USTV GO. The site offers 93 channels of American television in total, ranging from TBS and TNT to USA Network and MSNBC. The service also allows users to watch professional and collegiate sports, such as NBA basketball, NCAA basketball, and football in the SEC.

2• 123 TV

One of the most popular free streaming services among sports enthusiasts is 123TV. Free live streams of NFL games are available on an entire subpage dedicated to NFL fans, which means making your free NFL expert picks is a breeze. You don’t have to know what channel your NFL game is being aired on because the interface is organized by channel rather than programming.

The NFL Network, Fox Sports 1 and 2, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and ESPN are all available on 123TV. You won’t be bothered by ads or unnecessary redirects on this site as the streams open within the site itself. Along with these features, 123TV also offers HBO, ABC, and Disney channels.

3• Live Soccer TV

Despite its name, Live Soccer TV has access to the NFL and is another free sports streaming service. You can access NFL streams through various providers by navigating to their Free Football TV page (under American Football).

The platform offers users a variety of matches, including NFL games, soccer, rugby, and cricket. User-friendly design and easy navigation make the site easy to navigate, and it’s divided into matchup, team, and channel sections.

4• Live TV

A Russian-based website has been streaming NFL online since 2006 called LiveTV. There is no doubt that this is one of the most reliable streaming sites on the Internet. Now that it is available in several languages, including English, it used to only be available in Russian. About thirty minutes before kickoff, live streams of NFL games are presented on Live TV.  

Initially, users may find the website difficult to navigate, but it’s relatively simple to understand. Users can select a sport from the Upcoming Broadcasts section. Clicking the soccer or boxing icon, for instance, will take them to the list of upcoming broadcasts covering American football..

5• Stream2Watch

A website called Stream2Watch allows users to stream live NFL games through a TV stream. It has long been proven that Stream2Watch provides high-quality and reliable streaming links. It is necessary to create a free account in order to access them. 

Instead of listing links from other websites, Stream2Watch gathers them from other platforms. There can be broken links or redirects to illegal NFL streams when a website isn’t actually hosting the content.

There are some invasive advertisements on the site at times, and some broken links, but the site still provides high-quality NFL streams. Additionally, you’ll be able to watch baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, boxing, and cricket.


We have tried our best to include as many ways as possible to watch the NFL in this short article, but we are sure that we haven’t covered all of them. We would appreciate it if you would let us know if there are any other ways to watch the NFL that we have missed.


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