A Comprehensive User-Friendly Guide To Install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold

A Comprehensive guide to download, install or reinstall AOL desktop gold on windows 7.8, MAC on the various systems as per their requirement and needs.

America Online, AOL is a New York-based company that provided a variety of services that includes services such as web portal, email, web browser, instant messaging service, and dial-up service. AOL Desktop Gold, an AOL product is a user-friendly desktop that provides a comfortable experience of mailing, browsing and searching that comes along with some premium features and automatic updates. The present write-up has been written to help our readers with the download and installation process of AOL Desktop Gold on Windows, Mac. It also guides the reinstallation process along with the troubleshooting guide if AOL Desktop Gold stops responding. So there is a lot of support you have in this one article. Keep reading!

A quick list of benefits of AOL Desktop Gold

Premium security for its users: The two-step verification plus the added encryption feature ensures the safety of the user’s account. The personal information is sure to be safe and is at the least risk of being compromised at the hands of the hackers.

Smart automatic updates: The AOL Desktop Gold’s smart automatic updates from old to the latest versions saves a lot of user time and most efficiently manages the software’s space on the computer.

Easy to operate: The software’s easy to operate features make it a comfortable experience for the users.

The facility of live support: Users are provided with the facility of 24*7 live support by the technicians offering support services such as installation, toolbar customization, desktop connectivity and many more.

System requirements to download AOL Desktop Gold and the process to download and install the same!

The first section talks about the process of downloading and installing AOL Desktop Gold on your system. But before the process let’s look at the system requirements to be able to download the same.

System requirements:

  • The computer processor should have a device speed of 266 MHZ or more than that.
  • A steady internet connection and a RAM of 1024 MB.
  • Hard Disk with a space of 512 MB.
  • 1024*768 or higher screen resolution.
  • The latest version of the web browser.
  • User’s AOL Desktop Gold credentials.

Process detailing about how to install AOL desktop Gold

The downloading process if you are AOL Advantage plan member:

  • As the first step, sign in to your “My Benefits page”.
  • Click on “AOL Desktop Gold”, under the “All Products” link.
  • Now click on the option “Download Now” and follow the on-screen installation steps.

The downloading process if you have an AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription

  • First of all, sign in to “My Accounts page”.
  • Hit click on “My services/subscriptions” link.
  • Now under the “AOL Desktop Gold” link, click on the “Get Started” option and follow the onscreen installation steps.

Installation process.

  • First of all, open the File Explorer icon present on the desktop bar icon.
  • Hit click on the “Downloads Folder”.
  • Double click on the “Install AOL Desktop” icon and proceed to the last step.
  • Hit click on “Run” and thereafter on “Install Now “ and you are done with the installation process!

Moving forward to the second section let’s look at the process of installation of AOL Desktop Gold on Windows 7,8 and 10. But firstly, let’s have a look at the system requirements to be able to install the software on Windows 7,8 and 10.

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Pre-requisites for AOL Gold install on Windows

  • Firstly you have a space of at least 512 MB on your system’s hard drive.
  • To be able to install AOL Desktop Gold, your system should be working on Windows 7 or a later version.
  • Your system should have 1GB RAM along with a steady internet connection.
  • Ensure that you have Internet Explorer 7+, Safari or Chrome.
  • The system’s screen resolution should be at least 1024*768. A higher screen resolution is always an advantage.
  • Your system should have 266MHZ or a faster computer processor.

Procedure detailing about how to install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows 7,8 and 10

This procedure will work on Windows 7 and higher versions, be it 8 or 10

  • First of all, download the AOL Desktop Gold file from a reliable source or from the manufacturer’s official website.
  • Once the downloading process finishes, click on the AOL setup file. Thereafter by following the on-screen instructions, complete the process appropriately.
  • Now enter AOL credentials as and when asked of you.
  • After finishing filling the form, click the “Next” button. You will then be taken to the “All products section”. Scroll the screen and hit click on the “AOL Desktop Gold” link.
  • Here click on the “Run” button after which you will be asked to “import your email” and “Uninstall older version”.
  • As the last step, click on the “Install now “button and the software will be installed on your Windows computer.

Let’s quickly get to the third section those talks about the installation/download procedure of AOL Desktop Gold for MAC.

The installation procedure of AOL Desktop Gold on your MAC

Here is a quick guide on how to install AOL desktop Gold for Mac

  • First of all, make sure your AOL setup Gold file is not corrupted.
  • Now double click on the AOL Gold setup.exe file and click on the “Continue” button to begin with the software installation process.
  • Now keep clicking on the “Continue” button till the time you reach the “License Agreement” window.
  • Here tick the “Agree” checkbox and select the “Install now” option to begin the process.
  • After the installation process completes, click on the “Close” button and launch the AOL application.
  • In case the AOL Gold application doesn’t start, hit click on the “Go “ menu and go to the “Applications” option present in the drop-down menu.
  • As the last step, under the name, double click on the AOL Desktop Gold. Once the software launches sign in by putting in your username and password.

We hope this guide on installation of the AOL Desktop Gold for desktop, windows, and Mac along with the reinstallation process and the troubleshooting steps to be performed in the times of issue will come to your maximum advantage. 


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