Things You Should Know Before Nursery Admission

Nursery Admission

Every parent aspires his or her child to have the best career. This is because for a tree to grow big, it ought to have strong roots. So, the foundation of a child’s career is laid by giving the best school to him or her. Education is the core thing that molds the entire career of an individual. This forces parents to fasten their belts for Nursery Admission in Noida.

But with a myriad of schools in the city, choosing the best among the lot becomes quite a challenging task for parents. The situation really gets chaotic by every school claiming to have the best facilities and infrastructure. Competition is always high, difficult to believe, and nothing less than an exam which every parent wants to pass with good grades. The tension in the minds of parents remains at its peak with the number of applicants rising every year. High fees and limited seats are the biggest tests that parents have to go through. Apart from this, there is a lot of confusion and questions in their minds to understand if either an established school or a new one would be better for their wards. 

Here are a few musts you need to know before starting the admission procedure of your child:

1. Research about the schools – There are numerous things to consider before the admission of your wards, which just cannot be neglected. The most important of them all being the fees. You should realise that the fee structure of schools in Noida keeps on revising every year. So, choose a school as per your budget for a secure future of your child. Also, do analyse the academic record and the student-teacher ratio of different schools. You cannot just put your kid into any random school, so have a proper insight into all these three points to find the most suitable school.

2. Keep a track of the dates – The admission procedure in almost all schools of Noida takes place online. And the admission window is opened on the websites of the school for a period of about three to four weeks. This is done so that parents can apply to their preferred school without any hurry. But it is important that from your end you do not wait for the last day. This is because, with the maximum process done online, slow internet could turn all your efforts to be futile.

3. Know the documents needed – As parents, it is important that you have all the documents required for your ward’s admission procedure. You cannot take the risk of missing out on the chance of the best schools for your child due to the unavailability of some documents. Some of these important documents are birth certificate, Aadhar card, and passport. And if you do not have any of these documents, it is suggested that you get them made as quickly as you can, before the admission procedure gets started.

4. Know your claims – You should know that most schools offer points to the applicants if one or more of their siblings study in the same school. So, you should ensure that you have the elder one’s school documents like fee bill secured, so as to make your claim. Moreover, if you or your spouse are an alumni of the school that you are applying to, attach your X/XII passing certificate. This would help you in getting admission for your kid through the alumni quota. In rare cases, branches of the school are also considered. So, do not miss out the chance if you are one of them. 

5. Be informed about every detail- As parents looking for admission for your kids, you should know about every single detail and trends related to it. So, it is important that you stay in contact with other parents who are also looking for the same. Keep yourself notified about every new detail through the internet, most importantly by surfing the websites of different schools.  

5. Consider the commuting time – This is one point which is neglected by most of the parents. But you should understand that there is no point in making your little ones travel for hours. So, look for the best school near your locality or else your child will be exhausted and eventually uninterested in doing any other activity.

Hence, searching a school for nursery admission is no less than an exam for parents. So, gear up for the entire process by utilizing our tips to enroll your kids in the best Nursery School Franchise.


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