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Situated off the southern tip of Malaysia, Singapore has an unmatchable magnitude of beauty, advancement, and wonder. The city-state is amazingly vibrant with the magnificent mix of English, Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian cultures. Often referred to as the “Lion City,” Singapore is home to exquisite food and exhilarating nightlife. If you wish to take out time from your hectic daily lives to travel abroad, Singapore belongs right at the top end of the destinations you should plan for. Here are things that you should know before you plan a trip to Singapore:

What to expect –

Currently enjoying new heights of prominence, Singapore offers a fresh version of a travel experience compared to other Asian countries. Here are some facts about Singapore you should know:

  • Language: A large number of locals in Singapore are bilingual, meaning they hold great prowess in two or more languages. The common languages spoken are English, Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay.
  • Currency: The official currency of Singapore is the Singaporean dollar. Currently, one Singaporean dollar is worth approximately 53 Indian rupees. Moreover, you should remember that Singapore is more expensive compared to other countries in the region like Indonesia and Malaysia. We suggest you research the prices for accommodation, airfare, and general expenses among many others and budget your trip accordingly.
  • Payments: While cards are accepted as a mode of payment, you should always have some cash-on-hand. While you can pay in malls and large stores with your cards, smaller shops, food stalls, and cafes may not have any other mode of payment except cash.
  • Climate: Singapore experiences consistent temperatures all year long.  The typical temperature range for Singapore is between 24 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius. You would be smart to bring an umbrella along as Singapore is highly humid with an average of 167 days of rain each year.

Getting around –

Even though Singapore is just 17 miles long and 31 miles wide, it has a lot of things you can see and do. Some of the most prominent neighborhoods of Singapore include Sentosa Island, Little India, Marina Bay, Bugis, the Financial District, and Chinatown. To visit all these places in a short amount of time, you need to how to get around. Here are some ways you can navigate through Singapore.

  • Public transport: One of the most affordable and easy ways to travel through Singapore is the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). The cost of the tickets is an average of 4 Singaporean dollars, but it depends on where you are traveling to.  If you have plans to explore most, if not all of the city, then you should consider buying a Singapore Tourist Pass. Doing so will grant you unlimited travel for a fixed period of time.
  • Taxi: While traditional taxi rides are available in Singapore, locals and experienced tourists prefer an app known as Grab. Similar to Uber, it is highly popular due to cheaper prices. On the other hand, traditional taxis charge peak prices after 6 in the evening.

Singapore Visa

Many times people get lost in the awe of visiting a new country and momentarily forget one of the most important things about traveling abroad. If you need to make a list of everything that you have to get for your trip, the first thing on the list should be nothing else but a Singapore Visa. A Visa, as known by every traveler, is mandatory for every visitor in Singapore as per the instructions of the Singapore Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Eligibility criteria for Singapore visa

If you wish to procure a Singapore Visa, here is a list of conditions that you need to fulfill:

  • You should hold a valid passport
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months more than the final date of your Singapore Visa.
  • You should be able to present a copy of your completed application form for your Singapore Visa.
  • You should be able to present a copy of the Letter of Introduction for Visa Application/Form V39A, issued by your local contact in Singapore.
  • Your local contact in Singapore should be a minimum of 21 years of age and should be a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. If you do not have a local contact in Singapore, you can request your Embassy to provide you with a letter of introduction for your Singapore Visa application.
  • If you provide the letter of introduction, you must also present a photocopy of your local contact’s Singapore Identity Card.
  • You have to show proof of confirmed flight bookings, travel itinerary, and hotel reservations for your entire trip.
  • If you have an onward journey through Singapore, you have to present proof of confirmed tickets for said onward journey or your return journey.
  • In case of an onward journey, you should provide confirmed tickets for said journey along with proof of entry facilities to your destination, like a visa.
  • You have to present proof that you have the ability to financially support yourself for the length of your stay in Singapore and your return journey.
  • You should have sound mental and physical health and must not be suffering from any contagious illnesses.

Attractions to visit

While documentation and eligibility are incredibly important, the essence of traveling is to have a memorable time. Enjoying your travels not only makes all the effort rewarding, but it also ensures that you made the right choice to travel to Singapore. Hence, here are a few key destinations in Singapore that you should visit without fail:

  • Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is widely considered as one of the best attractions to visit in Singapore. Many travelers dub it as one of the most mind-blowing things they have ever seen. In addition to having exquisite Supertrees, it is home to two magnificent conservatories called Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. If by any chance, you have time to visit one attraction in all of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay should be a top contender.

  • Universal Studios and Sentosa Island

Universal Studios holds worldwide recognition for multiple blockbusters they launch in theatres each year. The movie studio has a world-famous theme park situated on Sentosa Island. If you are traveling with your family, especially kids, you have to allocate one whole day to visit the park. The major attractions at Universal Studios are breath-taking rides like Transformers and Jurassic Park.

While Universal Studios may be the crown jewel, it is by far not the only attraction you should visit at Sentosa Island. The island is home to fun places like action parks, 4D theaters, beaches, the Trick Eye Museum, golf courses, S.E.A. Aquarium, and watersport facilities.

  • Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer holds a distinction among all of Singapore’s attractions. It offers the most mesmerizing views of colorful Singapore. While you can take the standard flight, we highly recommend opting for one that offers additional services like drinks, etc. This attraction is perfect for couples as it offers packages with a four-course dinner for two with the most romantic view.

Hope this blog was helpful to you!


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