What are Nicotine Salts and Are They Good for You?

Nicotine Salts

In the past few years, we can see many new innovations in the vaping industry. A Lot of new vaping tools have been introduced, every other day we heard about new flavors and new vape kits. Recently, We have seen some new innovations in e-juices as well, they are named as nicotine salts (NIC Salts). Let’s see what are nic salts and what are they used for? 

What do you mean by NIC Salt? 

Nic salt is different from the nicotine, that is used in regular smoking or in e-juices. Nic salt is the combination of nicotine with one or multiple acids. It is created with the intention to fulfill the nicotine cravings of chain smokers. The nic salt gives you less throat hit yet meeting all your cravings. 

If you are confused after reading the combination of “base (nicotine) with acid then don’t worry, actually regular tobacco also has a fine proportion of Nic salts. 

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Advantages of Nic Salts: 

Smokers who crave more nicotine, nic salts are invented for you. Here are some of the benefits of nic salts. 

High Nicotine Proportion: if you want to smoke a high level of nicotine then nic salt is the right option for you. Nic salts enable you to inhale 50mg of nicotine which is higher than regular e-juices. Nic salts are best for the people who have recently switched from regular smoking to electronic cigarettes. 

Less throat Hit: Nic salts are much smoother as compared to regular e-juices. It has a mild throat hit, but this hit is enriched with flavor and taste. A major shift from e-juices to nic salts has been seen, once nic salts came into the market. 

More flavors: E-liquid flavors can be intensely influenced by the flavor of freebase nicotine. but on the other side, Nicotine salts permit you to enjoy a superior flavor that is perfect for the taste buds. So if you love trying new flavors oftenly, nic salts are going to be a perfect choice for you. 

Low Watt devices: another advantage of using nic salt is that they are created especially for low watt devices. It means the liquid consumption is less as compared to regular e-juices. So nic salts are not so heavy on your pockets as well. 

Is it safe to use Nic Salts? 

As I have mentioned already, nic salts have a higher ratio of nicotine. Also, they are prepared by combining an acid with a base. Many people, especially doctors, are in debate whether it is safe to use nic salts or not? If you are also worried about it, then relax. According to some medical reports, it is totally safe to use nic salts. They don’t have any deadly impact on human health. But as you know, the excess of everything is dangerous. The following are some major cons of using nic-salts.

  • You must buy some high strength devices to use nic salts. 
  •  Excess use of nic-salts could be dangerous for health. 

Wrapping up: 

So above I have mentioned all the important things regarding nic-salts/. In short, we can say that nic salts are safe and easy to use. Nic-salts are easily available in the market. Also, you can buy them online as well. Nic-salts are far better than regular e-liquids. So what are you waiting for now? Just visit the Next Day Vapes and explore a variety of nic-salts within reasonable prices. 


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