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reddit anxiety


Reddit Anxiety is a common disorder now among city people. A tight schedule and no liberation for life make the situations worse. This has a considerable number of patients. Anxiety is normal in several cases, like giving a presentation for the first time or for going out in some risky adventure, etc. But the continuous stress about every necessary activity of a daily routine is suspicious. It can be a warning alarm to some significant health issues like heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, etc. Reddit Anxiety has various types and symptoms, each varying from people to people. So to understand one’s actual problem, the best method is to conclude their daily lifestyle and background.

Nowadays, everyone is in continuous tension and stress of their upcoming future.

This causes them to ruin the present, too, with excessive and intense worry. Overthinking about the same situations again and again persistently helps in making a base for the home of Reddit AnxietyAnxiety. One must learn to accept and recognize their real strength and perspective to prevent stress over failures. Anger issues also work as a catalyst for the anxieties. Peace and satisfaction are the most important daily life elements after all other requirements like food and all. Moreover, that love helps in growing up too. 

The rat race era has ruined the power of values and morality. This continuously fades peace, love, satisfaction, and relaxation from one’s life. Our generation is living in a time of fast technology and services. So people are bound to follow the speeded instructions of experience to make it spontaneous. The lost connection between man and nature costs a significant loss to health too. Time by time, we all are seemed to lose our self-healing potentials and being weaker mentally and physically by sitting idle at many phases.

Diagnosis and Symptoms:-

Reddit Anxiety is really self diagnosable and can be pointed out in straightforward measures. 

The sudden increase in the intensity of fear and stress over daily routine activities within a limited time is AnxietyAnxiety. Panic attacks over several matters are the difficulty level of the AnxietyAnxiety

Continuously feeling nervous in even everyday situations or being tense about easy tasks shouldn’t be ignored. One might feel restless all the time and more tired than before for the very same daily activities because of AnxietyAnxiety. This also causes a sense of feeling of terror for unknown upcoming danger. They might feel hyperventilated in any simple situations which are troubleshooting for them. Reddit Anxiety might also cause increases heartbeat among the affected ones. Their body might be getting weaker day by day, causing tiredness and dizziness. They will find trouble in escaping themselves from tense situations. Sweating and trembling also occur a lot with them.

Insomnia is the very early stage of such cases, and the lack of sleep might cause nocturnal behavior.

They will get rapidly angry upon small issues and might act differently. Their concentration for the work or studies will also be affected. This will simultaneously lead them to be unable to control their worry about the performance. Reliable sources might help them to overcome the fear and help with the difficulties, but they will tend to keep aside in urge to avoid being triggered. 

Other than these, they might also feel some gastrointestinal problems due to a lack of proper eating habits. Their ongoing stressful situation might affect intake and food consumption habits too. Some might even feel alone and left off the world with suicidal thoughts.


The cause of anxiety disorder is not crystal clear, yet one can assume that going through thought times is a producer of such symptoms. Worst life experiences tend to hit you over time to time with agony and guilt, causing Reddit Anxiety. 

Having some severe health problems or diseases can cause stress over the cost of treatment and future wellness too. 

Low incomes can raise tension for daily life too. One might not be able to fulfill their family’s basic needs, and it’s evident for them to be worried about the situation. Peer pressure of society and performance exhibition is the leading cause of such symptoms among youngsters and office workers. 

One can face such troubles from domestic violence and negligence too. Some families fail to manage the correlation between them and tend to ruin the personal ambiance. Such situations are mostly noted among joint families.

The grief of some significant loss can make this happen too. A loss of something extraordinary of someone, whether that be the person or money. Whatever someone feels attached to create a special place in their heart for the rest of life. A sudden loss of such persons or things might lead to severe traumatic disorders.

One more very blooming cause of AnxietyAnxiety seems to be the social media interaction.

One can say the overuse of social media is leading people away from their surroundings and real life. This reel world is both harsh and beautiful, varying from person to person. Some of the users might be bully or haters who come in continuous contact with the affected person and cause them more stress.

When we are on the topic of overuse, an overdose of drugs, alcohol, or any medication can also invite such complications. Low esteem and lack of self-confidence push people to make some hazardous decisions in their life. Bad decisions leave a terrible effect on people who try to flee from it rather than accepting that and move on. Those people are more likely to fall for the need for drugs and alcohol etc. 



Reddit Anxiety alone is not a big issue to deal with, but this causes more other harms. Depression is the first typical stage of continuous AnxietyAnxiety. People facing depression gradually become prone to mental illness. Once lead to mental issues, it can spread leg over other problems like insomnia, short term memory loss, and suspicion. Those suffering from the illness might tend to isolate themselves. This can also trigger selective mutes. One might choose to not convey their problems and share the thoughts that have been worrying them. 

Continuous headache causes severe pain and insomnia. Some people choose to take medication on their own. Overdose of sleeping pills can cause health problems too. Even studies say that a full pack dose is enough to kill one. 

In some other cases, people lead to become numb and show suspicious activities.

They might act immature and unpredictable. One will have problems accomplishing their daily life schedule too. If the proper medication and treatment are not done then they can go mad at an extreme level too.

This all collectively affects an individual’s life both personally and professionally.  Even if they have friends and family, the bitterness might dumb their instincts and push to overthinking some baseless thoughts. These thoughts at a peak time prove to be suicidal. 

The suicide rate is highest among students and youngsters. They are prone to such baseless conclusions over any small issue. Their lack of understanding and experience in life build up such mentality in their mind. The over expectations and inability to accept harsh truths of life lead them to suicide. 



Reddit Anxiety not just affects mental health but also physical health. A person should have a balanced diet of nutritional foods and go for regular exercise. They should maintain a proper eight hours sleep and the proverb “Early to bed, early to rise.” 

A schedule helps ease the burden of daily life struggles.

Now a person with anxiety disorders and mental health issues would probably be skipping these measures. One might not focus on any schedule when their head is not right. So they are more like to spend an idle lifestyle in overthinking about the present or future issues. This will affect their intake of medicine and food habits too. No time to time intake of healthy food or paying attention to personal grooming and self thereby. 

Those people need someone to take care of them but this is also tough as one might not depend wholly upon someone on the basis of just AnxietyAnxiety. This will cause irritation to the caretakers too and that might backfire the actual patient again.



In this overpopulated world, one needs to give continuous better performance in order to be in the position or to rise above. The pressure of doing something good and productive or to maintain is always attached to any job. In such a case, one with anxieties would obviously be giving poor performance and losing their head out of control for the unexpected outcomes. 

The jobs in various sectors are proven more stress causing than an independent one. Such employees do have to deal with clients, meetings, and conferences all the time. It requires a presence of mind and dedication. One with anxieties will probably not be able to concentrate better and give their hundred percent to the work. In that case, if one gets fired or more pressure of work, they might lose their control over the situation and will fall prey to serious health issues.


Reddit Anxiety interferes in relationships too. One facing the traumatic panic attacks and other anxieties symptoms might lose the bond with their closed ones too. Their annoyingly changed behaviour tends to form a gap with the friends and family. 

They are more likely to ruin the connection with children at their house first and then with the elders. They might develop trust issues on their own for the members of the family or other unappreciated emotions. 

Some people even tend to make space from their much-closed ones in order to not hurt them. But the situation only gets worse with misunderstanding and insecurities.

The professional relationships with the boss and clients also lead to be ruin because of the same symptoms. This blocks their growth and profitability. 

People start to cut them out from groups and themselves after feeling disrespectful or angry from their behaviour. The affected ones don’t even be able at such situations to explain themselves out.

Medication and Wellness:-

The best form of medication starts with you. Anxiety is like a pothole the more it gets unnoticed, the larger it becomes. Once the pothole becomes large enough, it blocks the path of your life and you can’t go ahead unless you fill it up. Trial jumps to across that big loophole tends you to suicidal thoughts because that’s not the way to deal it. 

When people can’t find a way to deal with anything,

they are more likely to go towards quitting it. The time you feel to quit from life, you are lost. So you must find a guide at that time rather than being alone. Asking for help is no crime. One can ask for help to anyone without hesitation. 

As we know the symptoms well so precaution is obviously better than cure. When you feel there is a pothole being formed in the path of your life? Fill it with fun, love, rest, music or anything that can give you positive energy. Yoga and meditation are the best-proven practices. Other than that you can enjoy life by following your hobbies for dance, music, painting, cooking or anything creative. If you have no hobbies of your own, join others with their favourite work. Especially join your loved ones in their daily life to help them and make them feel better. This is how it works. The more you give, the more you gain. 

The right time to see a doctor is the time when you feel the need for it. There is also nothing wrong with going for medication; intact they can assure you with trustworthy treatment. So moreover, this pervasive deadly enemy has only one therapy, and that’s to enjoy your life to the fullest and keep helping for a good cause.


Q.1 what age group of people are prone to AnxietyAnxiety?

Answer – Though it’s not related to age factor still youngsters are more likely to be trapped in anxiety disorders rapidly.

Q.2 what are the benefits of meditation?

Answer- It helps in introspection and teaches to calm and patient if done correctly.


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