How to Cure Vertigo Permanently?


Experiencing spinning sensations? Abnormal jerking in eye movements? Does movement in the position of the head make you feel dizzy? Or you are unable to accomplish daily chores due to sudden bouts of dizziness? If yes, you may be under the scan of vertigo. A large percentage of the audience is likely to experience vertigo conditions once in a lifetime. A recent survey reports that vertigo conditions can develop with age without any particular cause. It is commonly found in the age group of 30-60 years. Vertigo conditions can affect anyone but are most common in females when compared to males. The prevalence of vertigo makes it difficult for a person to live with it as it causes hindrance in accomplishing daily chores. Simple activities like walking,  driving, crossing the road becomes a life-threatening task if a person is experiencing vertigo. First of all, before we start, don’t consider vertigo as a disease, it’s not a disease, rather a symptom of various underlying causes. Several factors are responsible for causing vertigo conditions in a patient. 

A spinning sensation where a person feels dizzy or off balance and the nearby surroundings seems to spin around or the person may experience he is spinning himself is known as vertigo. Sudden vertigo attacks can last for a few seconds to minutes & for hours, depending on the underlying cause. There is a myth that vertigo conditions can’t be cured permanently. But that’s not always the case, mild vertigo spells can be treated well at home with certain natural home remedies for vertigo, it is counted as the best vertigo treatment.

Recurrence of severe vertigo bouts every now and then makes it necessary to seek medical help. Consulting an expert neurologist is recommended as he will carry various tests to diagnose the underlying condition and would suggest right vertigo treatment.  Vertigo is commonly caused due to inflammation or injury in the inner ear or vestibular nerve. Apart from this, head injury, migraines are some of the common causes of vertigo. Apart from spinning, nausea, vomiting, sweating, headaches, abnormal jerking of the eyes, etc is some of the common symptoms of vertigo.

As soon as you start observing symptoms of vertigo, start treating it on time to prevent the symptoms from getting more complex. Vertigo can be treated well with some home remedies. Regular practice of some vertigo treatment exercises can do wonders. Practicing repositioning maneuvers regularly for up to 3 weeks helps in alleviating vertigo symptoms. If the case gets complex doctor may advise you some vertigo medications along with vertigo exercises to treat the case. In very rare cases where symptoms get complex, doctors may recommend undergoing surgery.

Here are some ways through which you can cure vertigo permanently

Mild vertigo spells get resolved over time by altering lifestyle habits and following a healthy regime. Repeated episodes of vertigo seek medical attention. Your doctor will prescribe you with the right vertigo medications and vertigo treatment exercises that help in the fast recovery of vertigo conditions. Some home remedies and medical treatments can be used together to cure vertigo conditions and resolve the case of spinning sensations. 

Let’s have a look at some vertigo home remedies and medical treatments that are used to cure vertigo permanently.

1.  A well-balanced diet helps in curing as well as preventing vertigo

Giving up on an unhealthy diet is the first step towards being fit. A well-balanced diet helps in curing vertigo symptoms. A diet rich in vitamins helps in treating vertigo spells. Almonds are a rich source of vitamin D and are well known for their health benefits. Eating a handful of almonds daily helps in combating vertigo issues. Grinding and mixing it with milk increases its goodwill.  A diet rich in vitamin D helps in reducing sudden bouts of vertigo and is considered as a natural and best vertigo treatment. 

Including the rich sources of vitamin D in the daily diet helps in treating vertigo. Orange juice, milk, fresh meat are some of the rich sources of vitamin D, it is advised to include it in your daily meals. If you are diagnosed with a more severe cause your doctor may recommend you to go on a low salt and no caffeine diet completely for preventing vertigo bouts from triggering. 

2.  Ginger tea counted as an effective vertigo treatment

Ginger can work magic in curing vertigo symptoms. Ginger is a beneficial ingredient that is well known for its curative properties. It is used in treating various health issues and is readily found in the kitchen of every household. The flavor of the ginger boosts the taste of the tea or food, but it’s effective properties have various health benefits. Roots of ginger can help in alleviating vertigo symptoms to a greater extent. Ginger roots are counted as one of the effective natural treatments of vertigo. 

Boil ginger roots in hot water and allow it to settle for 5 minutes before sipping the tea. Drinking ginger tea twice a day regularly helps in combating vertigo symptoms. Nausea and dizziness are eased with ginger tea quite effectively. It prevents the further triggering of the vertigo spells. A recent research report that ginger roots are found to be more effective in treating bouts of vertigo spells more than repositioning maneuvers that are used to treat vertigo in patients. Regular intake of ginger tea is even more effective than certain vertigo medications.

3. Vertigo treatment exercises

Practicing repositioning maneuvers daily is considered to be an effective treatment for vertigo bouts. Your doctor will suggest and guide the right techniques of maneuvers as per the diagnosed underlying cause. Epley maneuver, Brandt-Daroff exercise, Semont maneuver, foster exercise are some of the most common vertigo exercises prescribed by doctors for curing vertigo permanently. Regular practice and maintaining the right postures while performing maneuvers resolve the vertigo conditions within a few weeks. It is counted as one of the best vertigo or dizziness treatment.

4. Vertigo medications

If the condition is quite severe your neurologist may prescribe certain vertigo medications if the condition does not resolve with vertigo exercises and vertigo home remedies. Medicines like Vertin, Stugeron, Stemitil, etc. are generally prescribed by doctors to treat vertigo conditions. Your doctor will recommend you to follow a dose for 3 days if no improvement is shown don’t increase the dose by self, as it may make the condition worse. 


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