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best firestick apps

Undoubtedly, the Amazon firestick is the most popular source of entertainment devices and a great money saver for all. The amazon fire stick, in particular, is shaped like a USB drive and can instantly plug into your TV’s HDMI video component. In this article, you will find the best firestick apps that will work flawlessly on your Amazon fireStick. Furthermore, these updated apps can also perform on fire tv, fire tv cube, Nvidia shield, android TV. 

The list for the best firestick apps are

  • Cinema Apk 
  • CatMouse Apk

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How to install ExpressVPN or Surfshark on Amazon FireStick?

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Best Live TV app for amazon firestick

Cinema APK

Cinema Apk is a freeware developed for constant movie hosting, TV shows, live streaming, and more. The software has a highly user-friendly layout and interface. Features of the Cinema APK include tons of channels, auto-play button, automatic play option, etc. 

CatMouse Apk 

CatMouse Apk is undoubtedly the best choice for cord-cutters. Similarly to the Terrarium TV app, CatMouse apk offers the same interface. However, Contents of CatMouse are more up to date and improved for all users. Install it today on your amazon firestick or fireTV and enjoy it. 

HDTV Ultimate:

HDTV Ultimate is the crowning software of all Live TV apps. Initially, HDTV allows users to check out channels from the USA, UK, India, etc. HDTV Ultimate enables users to watch from all servers and, as a result, decreases buffering problems. And finally, you can also use HDTV on other media devices. For example, fireTV, Android TV, firestick, and more. 

Media Lounge

This Media Lounge is an entertainment-based software that lets you watch movies, TV shows, Live TV, etc. Media Lounge is simply the upgraded version of the Live lounge with a more enlarged content catalog. You can also introduce a pin for the security of your Adult based videos. 

Nova TV APK:

Nova TV is kind of like the newest streaming software of streaming. So, all the viral videos, including the most-watched, can be found here. In the end, Nova TV has the most excellent user interface, just like any other modern movie software. 

Sofa TV:

Are you looking for a collection of multimedia content you can watch in your laser time? Sofa TV is here to the rescue. The only drawback of Sofa TV is that it doesn’t support TV serials. In this case, you can shift to other software that will suit your amazon firestick’s needs. 

Theater Plus APK:

The Theater Plus APK is just as good as any other amazon firestick software. This software will enable your amazon fire stick live tv and enhance it. This firestick app has a decent one-click feature but doesn’t support multiple links. 

Best FireStick Apps to Stream Movies & TV Shows

We have neatly analyzed the best firestick apps for streaming movies and TV shows. Here is a list we thought will help you find the best apps for your firestick.  


Kodi is basically an android software that can source multimedia content. You can install Kodi on your fireTV, firestick, FireTV cube, etc. Install multiple software for add-ons that lets you hold content for watching with the Kodi software. Unfortunately, Kodi is not found anywhere in the Amazon app store, and so you need to install it by side-loading it. Kodi features a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, and everything else related to multimedia. 


Stremio is one of the most popular streaming apps for your firestick. You will get a stable update every month from the developers of Stremio. It lets you organize your content and enables you to save them for future use. Finally, you can also customize Stremio as you wish and forget about crashing the software. You can always reset it if you like. 

Typhoon TV APK

Typhoon TV Apk is built especially for online streaming lovers. With this software, your streaming experience is sure to burst out. Never miss out on any of your favorite shows or movies with the Typhoon TV APK. In fact, this software is quite popular in the year 2020 due to its regular updates and simple interface. You don’t have to search for amazon firestick free channels as you will have everything you want with Typhoon

Best Amazon firestick apps in 2020 update

Unlock My TV 

Are you searching for a cinema HD fork that gives you the most satisfying alternative to terrarium TV? The Unlock My TV can surely interest you with its thousands of movies, serials, and channels. The unique feature of this Unlock My TV software is its smart navigation system. Find anything you want to watch and also get multiple links to choose from it. Unlock My TV gets regular updates from its developers and, as a result, decreasing hassles and errors. 

CyberFlix TV

Most software developers tried to copy the interface of terrarium tv after the software got discontinued. CyberFelix TV has organized its interface that mimics Terrarium TV in almost all the way. But in the end, this software updates its user interface and often lets you download your desired content. 

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another great name in the Amazon firestick family. It is a free software for anyone willing to install it. This software will run pretty much on any streaming device there is including NVIDIA Shield, Android TV, Roko, etc. You can also use it as a Kodi add-on for your firestick. 

 Fully functional Old streaming software on Firestick


TeaTV has been around in the live streaming world from the time of Terrarium TV. It includes incredible features like bells and whistles, downloadable contents, real-Debrid support, and more. The latest version of TeaTV is version 10.0, and to date, no one has complained. It has a wide range of free movies, TV shows, and viral videos. You will also get multiple streaming links for the same film in TeaTV software.

 Morph TV

Morph TV is undoubtedly one of the most used software for amazon firestick. Its user interfaces analogous to Terrarium TV, and so Morph TV is super-efficient. You can rest assured that all your streaming videos are of high quality with the Morph TV. Unfortunately, Morph TV is that there is no Real-Debrid Support. However, other than that, you will not get any other issues using Morph TV. 


BeeTV is another mesmerizing name in the amazon firestick app list. It supports high-quality contents and also an added real-debrid support. Materials in the BeeTV software arrange themselves according to the Year category. It would help if you gave BeeTV app a shot, and you might like it in the end. 

 FAQs for Best FireStick Apps

What is the best firestick apps for a jailbroken Firestick?

Jailbreaking firestick can provide you with many features that normal Firesticks can not offer. After all, the standard video streaming software like Cinema HD, Kodi, Stremio, Mobdro, etc. can work bufferlessly on your jailbroken firestick. 

What app is better than Cinema on best firestick apps?

Cinema HD is an older software that doesn’t get frequent updates. For those who are bored with the laggy interface of the Cinema app, they can install CatMouse Apk, Typhoon TV, BeeTV, etc. At present, tons of streaming software can work similarly to the Cinema app.

Which apps are available on Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon firestick is a smart multimedia device, and you can utilize the Amazon store as you want. S0, you check out which software is most suitable for your needs like Youtube, Pluto TV, Tubi, etc. You are also entitled to install other software found in the Amazon store by downloading it elsewhere. 

Which is the best FireStick app for movies?

The demands for streaming software for the amazon firestick, fire tv, fire tv cube has nearly tripled in the last few years. For the best movie experience, it is better to buy channel subscriptions from amazon. But for those who want something free, they can install CatMouse apk, typhoon apk, Morph TV, etc. as an alternative. 

Which is the best FiresTick app for Live TV?

Firestick apps are a great way to watch your favorite TV shows live. OLA TV, Live NetTV, Sportz TV IPTV(Paid) are some of the best firestick apps for sports/ live TV. People may also desire ESPN for fire TV or Players Klub IPTV(Paid) to enhance their live TV experience. 

Can I use best firestick apps on other Android devices?

Yes, you can. Firestick apps are mostly based on the android operating system. To install firestick apps on other android devices, you need to search the software in the play store. If specific software is unavailable, then you can always download them the net and install them manually. 

Is it legal to sideload third-party best firestick apps?

Depending on the location you are in, sideloading third-party firestick apps can be legal or illegal. For example, sideloading is banned in some parts of China. But otherwise, in most locations, sideloading and jailbreaking both are legal. 

How to get Solarmovie on best firestick apps?

To get Solarmovie on firestick, you would need to download a software called Kodi. SolarMovie Addon is available on Kodi from any location you use it. Install Kodi, lunch it on your device, and get the Solarmovie form there.

Winding Up for the Best FireStick Apps List

The above article showed you the best firestick app list for 2020. With the highlighted software, you can easily enjoy the amazon firestick live TV experience completely free. However, jailbreaking the firestick can improve the quality of streaming, but security issues may occur. 

In conclusion, sometimes the Catmouse not working error may show. But don’t worry about it cause other streaming software can work wonders for you too. Finally, with this software, you will not need to search for amazon free channels anymore. So enjoy these firestick movie apps with or without jailbreaking firestick. Bye, and have a good day. 



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