10 Best Free Things To Do In Phoenix in 2020


Phoenix is a place that will never cost you a fortune. This place is one of the less costliest cities in the world. Where most of the services are for free or are at a very low price.

Here people enjoy there live and want others to enjoy it as well.

Here are the 10 best free things that you do in Phoenix in 2020.

Hiking camelback mountain

Phoenix is a place that treasures several mountain and valley for you to explore. Its natural beauty is counted among the best. The sunset here one of the visual delicacies that you need to look for yourself.

The journey to conquer the peak of the mountain can give you thrills and can increase the adrenaline rush.

Most of the trekkers conquer mountains just to feel the adrenaline rush. If you are one of them you can try to visit this and can see for your self that is this place holds the value worth to its praises.

Phoenix public library card

If you are a book lover and love to read stories, novels, poems, etc. phoenix has free services for you.

You can make a library card and can enjoy unlimited books at your disposal.

History of the ancient human, mistake the mankind made, achievements that made this where it is. 

Books are the gatekeeper of vast amounts of knowledge. So what you are waiting for write down in your to-do list to make a library card.

Museum admission

Phoenix is the place for many museums holding the secrets of the past worlds. This museum can be very much informative and can help you gain knowledge about past history itself.

You can visit this museum free of cost on certain days of the weeks. Some museum allows free visits on weekdays and some on weekends. There are some museums as well that free for the whole year.

Make sure to visit one if you ever visit phoenix.

Motorcycle event

If you are a motorcycle buff and love to drive you two-wheeler soulmate then phoenix can be a dream place for you to live in. Every year this city holds two events that are directly related to the motorcycle.

You can come here with you one only soulmate (two-wheeler) and can take a long ride on her.

Rookie baseball

There are baseball matches that you can enjoy with your family and can feel the excitement that you once felt during your childhood days.

Phoenix is a place where everybody loves playing baseball and is crazy about it. Every youngster wants to be a professional player, hence, they try very hard to achieve their dream. To support their dream, every year national tournament is held.

You enjoy the matches and can be a part of their excitement.

Orpheum theater

You must have watched many movies where two cowboys fight with guns. The classic way to present the gunfight between two-men.

It may have been possible that on eof that scene may have been taken here in the Orpheum theater.

It is located in the downtown phoenix. The place looks like a rundown bar of the old movies. You can go and enjoy the first-hand experience for yourself.

Trek to Piestewa peak

Are you a person who loves adrenaline rush in their veins. Then Piestewa peak is where you must head after landing in phoenix.

Piestewa Peak is the place of trekkers paradise. Its peak is 2600 feet in terms of altitude. It is a visual delicacy if you can reach to the top.

The visual appetizers start from a height of 1200 feet. And then just keep walking and enjoy the charismatic nature beauty.

Bat cave

Please do not get your hopes high for visiting the Batman cave. Here I am talking about the free-tailed bat that takes flight in the sky.

If you visit phoenix in the month of May to October, you can see a swarm of bats in the sky.

If you want you can visit their tunnel that is situated in the camelback road and the 40th street in phoenix.

Watch free movies

If you are a movie lover and can go to any extent to watch your movies. Then Phoenix is a place that can hold your dream together. Here you do not have to go such lengths. MOvie after dark is a place that provides free service to all.

Here you can watch movies without buying tickets. It is located in the district stage and the movies that it plays are mostly movie nights or DRM.

Grant street studios

Grant street studio is like a phoenix that emerges out from its ashes. This studio was once a cotton factory. This studio provides space for the beginner artist to showcase their art in the form of a gallery.

Student of the art graduates treasures their artwork here in the Grant street studios.

This studio is located in the warehouse district of the downtown phoenix. It has more than 60 studio that showcases the art of the graduates MFA candidates.

Take away

A phoenix is a place that holds several paths to a happier lifestyle. Here people are very welcoming and the cost this as very pocket-friendly. Not only this place is full of lively people but they are living an easy carefree life as well.

If you ever got a chance to visit Phoenix, make sure to visit the places that I have mentioned.

Do not worry visiting phoenix will not you a fortune, instead, you will save you money here. As they provide many of the services for free.

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