Will Furniture Companies Remove Old Furniture?

Remove Old Furniture

Have you decided to buy a new dining table set? How amazing would it be if the store where you buy it, would haul away your old one? It’d save you time and effort to manage your furniture removal. Home appliance stores usually take your old appliance when your new one gets delivered for a small fee. Of course, a furniture company should do the same. While there might be some options, you should still consider other alternatives. Readout this article to know whether furniture companies remove old furniture.

Furniture removal services by furniture companies

There actually are some furniture companies that would do your removal when you buy new furniture with them. However, it’s unfortunately not a regular case. Those furniture companies that do offer removal services often have strict requirements. For example, IKEA would take your old furniture, but only if the old piece is by them and you buy a similar item. As they do collaborate with third-party service providers they don’t offer that service in each US state. Thus, its fees also vary quite a bit. A similar rule is applied by Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture and Sears. They only haul away your sofa when you buy a new sofa from them. You wouldn’t be able to let them take a sofa as well as two chairs if you don’t also buy two new chairs from them. Also, their fees vary and they don’t offer furniture removal in all states. 

Mattress Removals

Since there’s always a bit of a hassle when it comes to removing mattresses, several stores have moved to at least take your old mattress – when you buy a new one with them. The following stores take your old mattress and sometimes also the old boxspring for free upon delivery of the new set:

  • Rooms To Go
  • Raymour and Flanigan
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture
  • Mattress Firm (only with gold, platinum, or diamond deliveries)

Slumberland Furniture and the American Furniture Warehouse charge a small fee for hauling away your old mattress.

What Happens With My Old Furniture When a Furniture Company Hauls It Out?

The disposal methods for furniture companies vary greatly, which may also be due to their individual principles. Most of the companies mentioned above actually recycle the stuff of your furniture removal. Only Bob’s Discount Furniture sends your old stuff to the incinerator. Incinerators are used to burn junk to generate power energy, for example. Slumberland Furniture and Rooms To Go dispose of mattresses in the dumpster.

You Might Need an Alternative

Seeing that neither all furniture companies offer furniture removal nor in each US state, you need a plan B. It’s great if you can at least get rid of your old mattress with them. But you probably have a little more you want to let go of. And what if it’s not a mattress you toss out? Or if you don’t like the range of the furniture company to buy a new item? To be honest, most of us are happy when they’ve grown out of IKEA and wouldn’t necessarily buy more new furniture from them. It’s a matter of age. All furniture companies have their target group of customers. At some point, you’re not amongst it anymore. You’re getting older like anyone else and make more discerned decisions for new furniture.

Here are a couple of alternatives for your furniture removal:

You Can Always Try To Sell It

A lot of people live on a budget these days and don’t even browse furniture stores anymore. Some of them may look for a certain style that’s too expensive to buy as a new piece. Some styles are simply out of fashion but still loved by some. Additionally, there’s always someone who’d love to take it for an upcycling project. Selling your stuff is a great idea. There are several platforms on the internet you can take advantage of, such as eBay, Kijiji, Craigslist or even buy and sell groups on social media. Remember to mention the buyer would have to pick it up.

Collect Karma Points

Any item of your planned furniture removal that you can’t sell or get rid of with a furniture company can be donated. Well, not any item. It’d still have to be in a good condition and somewhat usable. Ask at the Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Habitat for a Living also takes your unwanted items. The difference is, that not all charities can offer to come around for removal. Some generally don’t do it, others don’t have the capacities in certain areas. Thus, you will need to come up with a way of how to bring it to them.


Contact a Furniture Removal Service

Depending on how much furniture you intend to get rid of, you will probably not be able to sell or donate it all. It furthermore depends largely on its current condition. The easiest way to handle furniture removals would be to hire experts. They’re just one call away to be at your service and provide you with the following conveniences:

  • No heavy lifting for you
  • Collection from the curb or direct hauling from your home
  • Donations and recycling are taken care of
  • White glove treatment to leave bo dirt behind

A furniture removal service is unfortunately not for free. But if you looked at the furniture companies that are happy to perform a removal, there’s also a fee involved. A furniture company doesn’t naturally also offers it. Of course, they will have to engage a third party. However, in that case, you could also engage a service yourself. For furniture removal with the pros you have two options:

Parting Words 

Which option you’re going for depends entirely on your budget. If you sold at least some of your unwanted furniture or gave some away upfront, you’ll be able to lower the fees. Furniture removal fees are furthermore influenced by the living standard in your area. The distance the experts have to travel to your place also plays an important role.


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