Which types of injury cases have the largest payouts?

types of injury cases

Personal injury can be a tremendous set back in life. While these situations are never ideal, they are and should be fought in the court system. Whether it is a personal injury sustained on a worksite or in your personal life, you are eligible to receive compensation that can reach up into the millions (and on some occasions have reached up into the billions). In this article, we’ll go over the top four types of injury cases with the largest payouts.  

1. Medical Malpractice

According to studies from a 2018 US Department of Health and Human Services report, there was over $4 billion in payouts distributed amongst plaintiffs in medical malpractices throughout the entire year. That went up again in 2019 and is trending upwards in 2020. There are several different kinds of medical malpractice claims and they can involve a violation of standard care procedures, negligence on the behalf of staff and physicians that can lead to injury of the patient, as well as damages that can result in pain, loss of income because of the inability to work, suffering that is beyond normal, and long-term medical bills that would not have been necessary had such an injury occurred as a result of the malpractice. If you have sustained injuries as a result of medical malpractice, it will be important to find a skilled lawyer in this area as hospitals are equipped with lawyers that are trained to defend their own physicians. 

2. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are just a part of life when you have so many cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other forms of transportation on the road every day. Vehicle crashes can take a physical, mental, and emotional toll on victims. These crashes can lead to financial obligations in the form of medical bills from potential surgeries that may be needed as well as prescription drug costs that may need to be used for the rest of the victim’s life. While the average car accident settlement is $21,000, you need a skilled lawyer that can negotiate for the most amount of money that you can get during a settlement. If you are still not satisfied with what you are being offered, your attorney should have the ability to also represent you in court in front of a judge and jury. 

3. Product Liability

When your household products, kitchen appliances, electrical equipment, and children’s toys don’t work out as expected and cause damage or injury, you have a right to pursue the manufacturer for certain physical or financial damages that have resulted. According to a report by the Insurance Information Institue (III) from 2017, product liability cases resulted in an average of $5.1 Million dollar payout. In some cases, a defective product can cause grave danger or even death to the individual that is using it. While you do take on a certain amount of risk when you are using a product, you are entitled to reasonable expectations of the product safety due to the rigorous testing procedures companies place on their products before they are put into distribution. Obtaining a faulty product is a failure on the part of the manufacturer and you are entitled to pursue legal damages as a result. If you or a loved one have been injured, you should file a claim as soon as possible while reaching out to a trusted firm that can help you during a negotiation with attorneys of the product manufacturer or company with ownership of the product. 

4. Negligent Security Injury

If you are working at a certain location, there is a reasonable expectation that you should be free of harm or violence in that location. While this should always be the case, unfortunately, there have been situations in the past where security did not react appropriately or there was not a system in place to prevent harm to the employee. Jury verdicts in these cases have previously awarded plaintiffs hundreds of thousands of dollars from damages sustained as a result of a lack of an appropriate security response protocol in restaurants, apartment complexes, shopping malls, and hotels. If you feel that you sustained damages as a result of negligent security, contact a lawyer to file a claim as soon as possible. 

When it comes to sustaining a personal injury as a result of medical malpractice, motor vehicle accident, security negligence, or product liability, it is well within your rights to pursue a claim as soon as possible. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer with years of experience in handling these as well as other cases can help you receive the financial compensation you are entitled to as a result of the suffering that you have undergone. To get results as soon as possible, contact us today to discuss what you will need to win your case. 



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