Types of Minor Accidents That Could Ruin Your Week

Minor Accident

Types of Minor Accidents That Could Ruin Your Week. Car accidents can be both life-threatening and a sure hassle. If you’ve been in a car accident as a result of another individual’s fault or negligence, it is most likely that you felt afraid for your life and annoyed at the same time. Minor vehicle accidents can grind your gears, most especially if the other party is at fault.

Accidents involving vehicles in Australia are fairly common, unfortunately. Every year, thousands of people are killed due to major traffic accidents. Major car accidents are not only the problem of the driving-public as minor accidents also post some threat and risk to individuals even delivery driver. Minor accidents may not cause severe injuries or trauma to victims, but they can be annoying and inconvenient as victims would be prompted to pay for expenses for your car repair or would have to spend some time negotiating with the other party and contacting their insurance company. Simply put, it could be time-consuming, stressing, and frustrating.

There can be different types of minor car accidents in Australia, and this article will introduce and discuss these types for the benefit of all drivers and passengers alike.

Rear-end collision

This type of minor car accident is quite common throughout Australia, especially in crowded areas. This typically happens when a driver fails to leave enough room for the vehicle in front of him/her. It is recommended to leave at least a four-second space gap to have enough time to react when the vehicle in front of you abruptly stops. Rear-end collisions may cause significant car damage and minor injuries, depending on the gravity of the impact. In order to avoid getting involved in this type of minor car accident, it is advised that you leave sufficient gap between your car and other vehicles, as well as to avoid speeding so you will have enough time to react when the vehicles in front of you get involved in an accident or abruptly stops.


Fender-bender is an umbrella term used to describe any minor or non-life-threatening car accidents. Fender-benders are very common in key cities and states in Australia where there is medium to heavy traffic flow. This type of accident may include side collision and door ding. Causes of fender-bender accidents may vary, from speeding, drunk driving to disregarding traffic signs and laws. Although fender-bender accidents don’t cause so much danger, it may easily frustrate the victims as instead of having a normal day for driving, they would have to deal with accident-related inconvenience like having the car repaired and contacting the insurance company.

Car park accidents

Auto accidents do not only take place in major roads and freeways but in more secure and secluded areas as well as parking lots. Car parks are not free from accidents. Fender-bender or minor car accidents may happen inside parking areas due to human error and poor safety features of the parking space. This is why it is very important for drivers to be vigilant of their surroundings while parking. It is also vital for car park management to install safety features to guide drivers.

Minor car accidents are definitely frustrating and annoying. If you’re a delivery driver and you don’t want to waste your time dealing with such an accident, it is important that you follow all traffic rules, observe traffic signs, avoid speeding, and practice defensive driving. Remember however that while you are driving safely, you can still become a victim of a minor accident since not all people you share the road with may not be as responsible as you; hence, it is always wise to mind the vehicles around you.


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