How to Increase Sales by Working with Micro-Influencers


‘Micro-influencer’ is by all accounts the buzzword of the day, with influencer marketing becoming always well-known with industry experts. As campaigns with bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagram characters become increasingly prevalent, more research and knowledge into this kind of marketing is popping up on the web, and the possibility of an online influencer is getting more defined and deconstructed.

The inside scoop on influencer marketing

In case you’re new to influencer marketing, here’s a fast definition: it is a type of marketing that depends on identifying social media influencers for marketing campaigns to advance a brand or item.

Frequently you will see this as bloggers who were made up for giving an honest review of an item on their webpage.

Does it work? In fact, it does. There’s a reason why 81% of marketers who have forayed into influencer marketing thought that it was viable. In 2016, 94% of marketers revealed their influencer marketing tactics were compelling. With such a high success rate, what’s preventing your organization from utilizing this technique?

If you’ve been keen on bringing micro-influencers on board to help your marketing campaigns, presently is your opportunity.

Why you should work with micro-influencers

One of the top reasons why it’s engaging work with micro-influencers is because it’s practical.

Take a look at some of the costs you can hope to pay influencers to have them post your items on various platforms.

These numbers will change depending on which you’re working with, the number of followers they have, and the kind of post you’re asking for. However, this is as yet a decent value check.

Generally, micro-influencers are simply standard individuals. They’re not famous. They have ordinary jobs however simply happen to have enormous online networking followings.

If it’s the first time through a brand has contacted them, they may acknowledge your offer and be excited to get some free stuff. You could likewise send them a gift card or something different of comparable worth.

Most micro influencers won’t have an agent, so you’ll be speaking with them directly. This should make negotiations a lot smoother.

Another reason behind why it’s smarter to work with micro influencers is that the commitment with their followers is exceptionally high.

As should be obvious from these numbers, individuals trust micro influencers. This trust and commitment add credibility to your items and lead to purchasing conversions.

That is because individuals can identify with micro influencers. They don’t see them a similar way they see a celebrity.

Research shows 70% of buyers check social media before settling on a purchasing choice. It makes sense for you to work with individuals who as of now have a strong presence on these channels.

How to Create a Micro-Influencer Strategy

Here is a breakdown of the most significant steps associated with making a micro influencer marketing strategy.

Set Your Goals

Objectives are significant because you have to know where you are going. Let’s say your style influencer utilizes videos for its marketing campaigns. Here is a case of objectives:

  • 1% active clicking factor
  • 10% conversion rate
  • 1 month

This implies in one month’s time, from the 300,000 views, you will get 3,000 leads in your shop. Out of these 3,000 leads, you are hoping to acquire 300 conversions. If you pay $1,000 for this marketing campaign, it implies that it’ll cost you generally $3.33 per conversion. That is a not too bad sum!

Use campaign-specific hashtags

Campaign-specific hashtags are probably the most ideal approaches to spread brand awareness and drive sales.

They permit specialty micro influencers to connect easily with your image.

They work with huge amounts of micro influencers to advance their items and add more clients.

You’ll see that the influencer in this photograph has scarcely more than 1,000 followers. However, that particular micro influencer gets huge amounts of interactions, which makes the organization justified, despite all the trouble.

Be Proactive

It’s critical to be proactive, that is the reason you should allot somebody to deal with your audience. That individual needs to respond to their questions and carry them closer to your business.

Make supported posts

Supported posts are similar to UGC in that you focus to find your influence to post the content all alone records.

These posts drive up commitment and make an increasingly real brand vision.

They likewise enable your influencers to make point by point videos or content pieces encompassing your item.

This publicity reinforces your brand to the audience and gives you important traffic and interest.

Supported posts are one of the most common approaches to use a gathering of influencers, and it works incredible for micro influencer campaigns too. Perhaps the most ideal approaches to do this is by connecting with your ideal influencer and offering to send them free products in return for honest reviews.

It’s an obvious fact that influencers hold significant power to drive conversions. Individuals trust them, and they will believe what they prescribe. Utilize this to further your potential benefit by having your influencers make supported posts for your brand.

Advantages of Cooperating with Micro-Influencers

Like we said, a powerful brand implies that your customers will purchase your items rather than different organizations. The change rate will increment and your business will start booming.

Here are a couple of advantages of having micro influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Builds trust
  • Boosts your brand’s visibility
  • Generates content for your social media channels
  • Increases your conversion rate

Sales are significant for your organization. You have to utilize creative methods to draw in with your customers and stay ahead of your competition. These sorts of micro influencer marketing campaigns are intended to arrive at your customers by utilizing people with high impact in your niche, people who can contact your audience.

With micro influencers, the procedure is somewhat trickier, yet there are influencer marketing and blogger outreach platforms on the web you can use to find them for you. Bloggers likewise will in general structure a network and will frequently promote similar blogs.


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