Measuring Attention on Spotify Playlist


Do you want to know how much your Spotify playlist got attention? Wondering how to measure the attention on Spotify? In this article, we will tell you which parameters or metrics will help you in measuring the Spotify playlist. 

Let’s explore this article and know how much attention your Spotify playlist gain.

Types of Playlists 

There are three types of playlist 

1.     Content-based playlist 

2.     Context playlist 

3.     Hybrid Playlist

In the content-based playlist, the music is categorized according to the countries or genres. In the context base playlist, the music is categorized according to the user, for example, day of the week, gaming, and working out. The Hybrid playlist, you can get a mix of context and content based playlists. 

Parameters or Metrics to Measure Attention 

The attention on each playlist is different. You can measure attention on Spotify playlist through follower’s count, estimated listener and Buy Spotify followers to estimated listener ratio.

Follower’s Count

Spotify followers work the same way as YouTube subscribers do. If you are an artist and you have huge numbers of followers, then it means that they have confidence in you, and they like your work a lot. In Spotify, if you like a song of any artist, you will get more songs of that artist in the suggestion list. They will get alters or notifications. 

Spotify does not publically show the numbers of plays on a playlist; you can check the follower’s count there publically. If you are listeners and want to measure the attention on the playlist, then instead of play count, go for follower’s count.

Estimated Listeners

An estimated listener is another parameter to measure attention on the Spotify playlist. You can check the estimated listener by listener count. If you are an artist and have a verified profile on Spotify, then you can get access to check insights. In the ideas, you can count how many times your music has listened. You can check the monthly count on the Spotify playlist. Monthly count means how many people listened to your music in a frame of 28 –days. On Spotify, you can check the most popular playlists and their total listeners. 

You have an alternation solution to follower’s count i-e “Discover On Listeners.” “Discover On” listeners are the listeners who have listened to one song, at least, from the playlist of a specific artist in a month. 

Therefore, you can find the estimated listener by taking several artists from one or more than one playlist manually and gets an average of them. This will give you the count for estimated listeners. In estimated listener count, you need to take mean because you know that all users do not listen to the whole playlist of the artist, so when you will take an average or mean, you can estimate that how many times each song on each playlist has listened. 

Follow To Estimated Listener Ratio 

This is another parameter to measure attention on the Spotify playlist. FEL or Follow to estimated listener ratio is the number of followers on playlist divided by the estimated listener. In other words, you can make a comparison between people who have intentions to listen to who have heard the music in actual. 

You can check this ratio for all three types of playlists separately. This will tell you which playlist is getting more attention. 


Spotify Playlist attention is an essential factor in measuring the success of your music. If you succeed in finding correct figures, you can bring lots of improvement factors and can make your music career successful on Spotify.

Moreover, it is concerned with the engagement rate on your playlist. To increase the engagement rate on your playlist, you need to know which playlist is getting more attention, run an analysis that which content is preferable seen among listeners. We have mentioned three ways to measure the attention on the Spotify playlist. It depends on the artist whether to use one way or use all three ways. These ways include the FEL ratio, estimated listener, and follower count. FEL ratio gives you the most accurate results and will help you in making proper analysis. If the FEL ratio is less, it means the engagement rate is very high. If the ratio is 1:1, it’s a perfect ratio that explains that all followers listener to a specific playlist. We hope that these measuring parameters will help you to measure attention on Spotify play.


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